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Ambiance Eco Green, A Smarter, More Efficient Air Conditioning System For Homes

Technician's Overview

I've worked in the hvac industry since 1995, I've worked on all manner of air conditioning and heating systems commonly found in the great state of Texas, and trust me, in Texas-air conditioning techs have a lot to do, and a short time in which to get it done. In my time I've seen and had my hands and tools on every conceivable brand and style of both commercial and residential equipment. .I've written numerous articles here on hubpages about hvac equipment, including tips for tune ups and preventive maintenance ideas for homeowners, and even tips on how to prevent disasters during home improvements and repairs. I've also written about, and completely described the hows and whys concerning the sorry state of equipment being sold to homeowners in the residential market in these times of environmental crises, and energy conservation.

Then there's the Ambiance Eco Green mini-splits. These systems are altogether above the norm in many, many ways. These systems top anything else on the market today with conventional air conditioning and heating systems. Their reliability is superb, and the electrical efficiency that they offer far and away exceeds the typical central heating and air conditioning systems sold today, and when you employee the benefits of Ambiance Eco Green systems throughout your home in the manner that they were designed to be used, then you've really done yourself, and your family a favor.

Ambiance Eco Green Mini Split Systems

An Ambiance Eco Green split system.

An Ambiance Eco Green split system.

What is a Mini Split? It's SMART Heating and Cooling

So you've never heard of Ambiance Eco Green, and don't know what a mini split is. That's great! That is exactly why I'm writing this, and exactly why you should be reading this if you plan on building a new home, or need to remodel an existing home, and need a new air conditioning or heating system for that home, then this is for you.

Think of a traditional home central heating and air system, it's either got ductwork all over the attic, or all underneath the house. If the duct is in the attic, then you can't store nearly enough of your stuff up there. If the ductwork is underneath the house, then raccoons, rats, squirrels, and other critters can tear into it, or damage it. Let's not even think about snakes, okay?

When you sleep at night, or leave for work-and your central a/c and heating system is running-it is either heating or cooling the entire home. Is this not wasteful? It's very wasteful! If you are sleeping, then you don't need your kitchen, your dining room, and you spare bedroom heated or cooled, do you? NO, YOU DON'T!

Simply put, a mini split is a mini split system, or, a miniature central heating and air conditioning system-without ductwork. With mini-splits, you only run the heat or a/c in the rooms that you are using, and you've got a different system for each room.

Basic Heat Pump Overview


Nothing Like A Window Unit.

These systems are nothing like window units. Central heating and air conditioning systems sold on the market today have a MINIMUM seer rating of 13 S.E.E.R. "S.E.E.R." stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating. Window units typically come rated at 7 to 9 S.E.E.R., and are FAR less efficient than a central heating and air system.

The photo at the top of the text, and to the right is a picture of both the indoor, and outdoor sections of an Ambiance Eco Green mini split. The indoor portion does NOT go in a window, it goes where you want it to go, you only need to tell the installer or builder where in the room that you want the indoor section to go. Do you see any ductwork? NO YOU DON'T! The reason for this is that THERE IS NO DUCTWORK. If you've got Ambiance Eco Green mini splits for each major room in your home-you'll not have ductwork, or any need for ductwork-you can turn your attic in an existing home into another room, or use the entire attic space for storage.

In my article "The Advantages Of Owning a Heat Pump," I explained the many benefits of owning heat pumps-but in that article I was talking about heat pumps as central systems. The Ambiance Eco Green mini splits are also heat pumps, so besides the regular energy savings and safety benefits that you get with a home's hvac system being a heat pump-with the Ambiance Eco Green mini splits, you can multiply those savings benefits times however many rooms you have mini splits in. It totals out to a HUGE cost savings over time.

High Tech Air Conditioning and Heating

The full name for the Ambiance Eco Green mini split systems is Ambiance Eco Green Inverters. What does that mean? Well, besides being very high efficiency systems and heat pumps-these systems also invert electricity from standard a/c current to d/c current, and pulse that current based on various data to the fan motors via variable frequency drives. That means, for you tech buffs out there, that the indoor fan motor, and the outdoor fan motor are not typical fan motors. Typically a fan motor will operate a either 1075 revolutions per minute, or 850 revolutions per minute. Indoor Fan motors sometimes operate at two, or even three different speeds-condenser fan motors are almost always set at a specific speed. But not with these units, these very high tech units have fan motors that can and will operate anywhere from one revolution per minute all the way up to one thousand and seventy five revolutions per minute. These systems know what speed their fan motors should operate at for maximum energy efficiency. As if that weren't enough, they also have a two speed compressor!


In conclusion I'd like to state that if one is willing to go outside the normal way of heating and cooling a home, then one can and will save huge sums of money with the Ambiance Eco Green Inverter mini split heat pumps. There's more advantages to having a home utilizing this technology than I even covered. They are low maintenance, in fact, their reliability far exceeds anything on the market today by any of the major American air conditioning equipment manufacturers such as Carrier, Lennox, or Trane. I hope that you've either enjoyed reading this, or learned something that you didn't previously know. As always, thank you for reading, and never hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on June 04, 2020:

Probably leave the blower wheel alone. Something has to generally be a lot of years old before there is so much caked into the blower wheel that it needs to be cleaned.

You can do a rudimentary cleaning of any condenser coil, or evaporator coil, but having a pump sprayer with strong degreaser, spraying the coils, and then rinsing with a water hose.

You do not need to ever use more water pressure than what you can achieve with a hose, and your thumb.

Mo on June 04, 2020:

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Do you have a video to help walk me through cleaning the coils and blower wheel?

Disha from India on March 26, 2020:

Nice article

Steve on August 09, 2018:

Need parts for 12whrdc2 drip pan needed where to get this part

yashua on July 28, 2018:

hi im looking for some codes for ambience eco green ac

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on November 03, 2017:

Dear Cindy,

Thanks for your recommendations. It's not every day someone takes the time to point me in what they feel is the right direction. I sure appreciate your obvious concern.

Your grammar leaves me a bit worried though, you may not be the single best person to take advice from either.

You see, when a body knows nothing about a thing, the person should say something in the neighborhood of, '...stop talking about or recommending products that you DON'T Know Anything about. '

You see, well, I hope. In any event. There are lots of people who are out of money for products I don't know anything about.

And it's true I never felt like knowing about air conditioners at all was the biggest of blessings. But I do know a lot about those things, and alas cruel world, folks are always going to be out of some money when the air conditioner needs repairs or replacement.

And no matter what, the hvac man is felt to be shady, for surely the prices for everything are just too high. Doesn't the silly thing just need some of that there freon stuff that fixed up good last time?

Ah but Cindy, you did not come here to listen to my worries and troubles - you came to give me great advice! hahah

Seriously, not having a customer service department or anyone distributing parts for your products - that's poor business planning. It doesn't speak much to the product, just the frustrations of the consumers.

Holy shiznit, folks asking me what to do with a remote control? I do hvac, or used to all the time. I don't repair remote controls.

Yes, I'm such a financial burden on the world, Cindy! I 'm like you in that I find it much more fulfilling to dislike other people.

But I bet if you imagine really hard, you could find a nice round number.

Richard Hansen on October 30, 2017:

I have a Ambiance ECO Green Air Conditioner. The remote will not stop on the heat indicator, it jumps from the fan to the air conditioning symbol. What is the problem.

Chris Kinney on June 26, 2017:

need to find bearing for ambiance mini split

Art on August 13, 2016:

Love it but would like a manual!ab

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on January 04, 2016:

I wish I could help with parts and diagrams. I was never associated with the Ambiance people, I merely was amazed at how good the units were that I'd been called to service, and repair from the unprofessional install job done with them.

I will search for answers, however.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on January 04, 2016:

Forest - if the business has failed, and that isn't something I've got a chance to verify as of yet, it doesn't mean the product was inferior to any other. Yes, the Mitsubishi is a fine product, who says it isn't?

ann on November 30, 2015:

Hi Todd, i know it has been awhile since you wrote this post but i am looking for a small part for the Ambiance Eco Green mini split and the company appears to be out of business. I need the plastic hinge to the louver front panel. Any suggestions?

Forest on September 26, 2014:

This is a total puff piece. Ambiance is a cheap product made in China and inferior to Mitsubishi which has been in the ductless a/c business much longer. Todd Shaw gave very basic mini split info and some of that was incorrect. He brags up Ambiance but can't tell us where to find Ambiance today. What's with that??

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on July 29, 2014:

I suffered the same thing, Travis. Luckily for me, I was working for a guy who is a true master of HVAC....and he could figure it all out, but it took him some time. The ONLY reason we were having problems was the contractor for the home had hired some jackleg persons who had no business installing even a simple system do the install though.

Travis on July 29, 2014:

Looks like there is no support for these systems.... As a service technician, I am working on one of these system as I write. Would love to have a number to the manufacturer. I work on Daikin and Mitsubishi mini splits all the time, but they have support. Inverter mini splits systems can not be worked on without support from the manufacturer.

Cathy on December 29, 2013:

We love our units. But we need some information. The place we bought our from went out of business. Could you respond with a # I could call to talk to you. Thanks..

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on December 28, 2013:

Well Paul, it is possible the unit is leaking at the condenser, or somewhere on the evaporator coil; thing is, I doubt it. I'd bet your unit is leaking at the solder joints linking the two, otherwise known as "the line set."

Now here's the problem, if those lines are welded together inside your walls...then in order to find and repair the leak, some sheet rock is going to have to be cut out, and I'm sure you'll want it replaced. That's my educated guess, the unit is leaking at the weld joints on the pipes between the indoor and outdoor sections. I COULD DEFINITELY be wrong, but I'm giving my guess here, obviously.

Paul Johnson on December 28, 2013:

Hi , I have an Ambiance Eco Green, 12000 BTU unit I bought four years ago. It iced up two years ago when I was on vacation. I thawed it out and started it. It has run fine since. Go figure. About a month ago I had a tech add gas because it had stopped heating. Worked fine until a few days ago. The heat pump will not come on. So I guess more gas. I got curious about parts for the unit but I find that Ductless Mini-Splits is out of business and the only lead for parts is here.

I will check back occasionally. I thank you for your consideration for others and appreciate your website.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on December 10, 2013:

Sir, in my experience we had a number to call from the paperwork with the factory equipment, and we talked to a salesman on the phone about diagnostics problems concerning the 4 units I've ever seen.

I wish I could help you, I'm sure there is a website somewhere with the information you need; and I'd start right here:

richard on December 10, 2013:

I would like to know where I can get parts and an electrical diagram for ambiance eco green heat pump mod 18 MHRDC2

george carere on November 04, 2013:

can you recommend a repair person in my zip 30506

Francesco Sortno on June 27, 2012:



Geothermal heat pumps;

Air-water heat pumps;

Exhaust air heat pumps.

They are energy efficient complete systems for heating and cooling which is both economic and environmentally sustainable.

This technology is available both for residential single/multi-family and industrial and commercial buildings.

The geothermal heat pump uses as a heat source the subsoil or ground water and allows a cost savings for the heating up to 80%.

You do not need to reside in a thermal area to enjoy the benefits of underground heat: from 10 m depth the soil temperature remains almost constant throughout the year, and around 100 meters the temperatures are around the 10-12 °C constituting a heat source for the optimum operation of the heat pump.

The air-water heat pump uses as a source of heat the outside air and allows a cost savings for the heating up to 50-60%.

It can produce hot water for heating or sanitary uses up to temperatures of 65 °C with only the compressor and work up to temperatures of -25 °C!

The exhaust air heat pump uses as a heat source stale air present in the house, allows a cost savings for the heating up to 50%.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on July 28, 2011:

These truly help out a lot because you can "zone your home."

There's absolutely no need to cool your entire home (or heat it) if you know you are going to not be doing anything in some parts of your house on a given day or night.

The problem that I've seen with these specific systems is that they've been purchased over the internet by builders who'd then hire out someone completely unqualified to install them.

There are also other brands jumping into this mini split system game - Mitsubishi, Lennox, Rheem - and others; but I've yet to figure out why they aren't being promoted more.

India Arnold from Northern, California on July 28, 2011:

I think the advice you offer here can help so many home owners discover the reliability as well as efficiency of this Eco Green AC system. In these times of economic struggle, knowing how to save a few bucks on the costly homecare items (like AC) can assist in managing our tighter budgets for sure! Again thanks WTS!


Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on July 28, 2011:

Thank You! These systems are not very widespread, but they are EXTREMELY efficient, and EXTREMELY reliable - so long as they are installed correctly.

India Arnold from Northern, California on July 28, 2011:

Great advice on economical cooling! You rock~


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