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All About the Timeless Shaker Cabinet Design

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When you are trying to renovate your kitchen, it’s always good to go with a cabinet style that will be trendy for years to come. Shaker cabinets have been going on for quite some time, but one thing that’s certain is that they won’t be going away anytime soon. Therefore, if you want your kitchen to look beautiful regardless of the day and year, the timeless shaker cabinet design is certainly something that you may want to consider.

What Are Shaker Cabinets?

Many people characterize shaker cabinets as clean, simple, and timeless. They are usually recognized by their doors, which have two flat-top rails, flat-side rails, and one flat-insert panel. The cabinet was named after the Shaker, a religious group that was formed in England in the 18th century – one that later on moved to North America. When the group moved, they began creating and selling furniture for a living, which is why these types of cabinets were named after them.

Shakers lived by simplicity, and they believed that their principles defined their surroundings. The general belief was that honesty could be found mirrored within the design of their homes – simple and minimalistic. For this reason, the focus of the shaker cabinets revolved around tidy corners and clean lines. They may have looked plain to the untrained eye, but the craftsmanship was superior.

Benefits of Shaker Cabinets

Have you noticed how most television shows tend to use shaker cabinets in their renovation projects? There is a pretty good reason for that. Shaker cabinets have several traits and benefits that are quite difficult to ignore:

  • Timeless Design

Shaker cabinets have been around for so long that it’s hard to imagine a kitchen without them. Despite the fact that kitchen designs kept changing, shaker cabinets are still strong and stylish.

  • Little Maintenance

Due to the fact that shaker cabinets have clean lines and an overall minimalist appearance, they only require little maintenance. They don’t have any additional designs, which makes it difficult for dust, grease, and other types of debris to build up. This will significantly shorten the cleaning process.

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  • Variety of Colors

One advantage of the timeless shaker cabinet design is that you may find it in a wide array of colors. You may go for paint or laminate color, as you can find them in various finishes. Plus, thanks to their wide availability, you should find them in pretty much any showroom. Moreover, due to the overall simple design of these cabinets, even if you cannot find the right color, you should still be able to paint them differently later on.

  • Affordable

One more thing that allows shaker cabinets to go through time is that while they are beautiful and easy to maintain, they remain quite affordable. This is because they are easy to manufacture, and since their design is timeless either way, the chances are high that you will not have to replace them anytime soon.

  • Versatile

They may look very simple when it comes to their style, but that does not make them any less versatile. You can work with these types of cabinets to obtain any kitchen style that you want. Paired with the right countertops and a suitable color or stain, you may make your kitchen look any way you want. Whether you are a fan of the traditional style or you want things to look a bit more modern, the timeless design of shaker cabinets will allow you to do exactly that.

  • Clean Canvas

Shaker cabinets are very simple in their overall design, which means they typically act as a clean canvas for you to work around. No matter if you use them in the kitchen or the bathroom, these cabinets will allow you to decorate around them and improve the kitchen’s aesthetic the way you want it to. This way, the aspect of clutter is prevented.

The Bottom Line

Shaker cabinets have been around for quite some time, and for the most part, this is probably due to their versatility. Thanks to their simplicity and clean lines, they act as a great “canvas” for every kitchen, allowing you to decorate it in whichever way you see fit.

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