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AeroGarden Grow Tips For Large Nugs of Medical Marijuana Pt.1 - The Pros

It's almost harvest time!

Aerogarden with some extra lights

Aerogarden with some extra lights

One love. In response to several AeroGarden questions that have been asked over the years, I have put together this overview on the pluses and minuses of this system.

I have completed three grows using this system with wonderful results.


1. Water Efficiency- I've never used a grow set-up that did as much with one gallon of H2O as this one. The resevoir is almost one gallon and can easily support 3 strong plants (we'll get into that later down the road). Don't neglect to fill the resevoir as required with plain distilled water.

Ease of use- This system necessitates minimal cleaning through the whole growing cycle.

3. Size- This system is small enough to suit almost any small area. The Aerogardens dimensions are about TWELVE x TWENTY x EIGHT. They do make these in different sizes also. It is ridiculously space saving for its' designed (or unintended; ) function.

Resistance to Disease/Fungus- The build of the Aerogarden helps it to be resistant to outside contaminants. It is necessary, however, to maintain the paper tops to the seeds pods. These not only protect your little girls from bad microorganisms, by not allowing excessive sunlight to hit the sponge surface of one's growing medium, they also prevent sunlight from piercing to the roots, as a result damaging them. In case the paper tops come off, a handy replacement would be to cut out a bit of duct tape the size of the paper tops and put a hole in it and your good to go.

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5. Extremely Small Cost to do business- Once the machine and seed pods are already purchased, there is very little overhead cost that will be going to the aerogarden. The seeds pods are usually reused by me by mixing with a regular old house sponge that I put in the microwave to kill any bacteria. Simply cut out some sponge that stuffs comfortably (not too tight) inside the plastic pod and pierce a ONE cm hole straight down the center. Furthermore, be sure to freshen the entire unit after each use, especially the water pump and also the sponge filter in front of it. I additionally recommend, though not necessary, cutting out underneath the ring of each seeds pod. This allows the primary root to often be larger thus escalating absorption and size. I accomplished this specific task by melting it off by using a hot pin.

6. Moveability of the Pods- Throughout the process of growing, it can be possible, though not really necessary, to rotate every seeds pod inside pod hole to permit for an even spread of the light. I recommend turning each pod ninety degrees every 7 days or so, but do not go past 180 any direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) to prevent damaging the roots.

See the CONS of the AeroGarden here -

AeroGarden CONS

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Jimmy Jones on May 14, 2017:

I just got a aero garden and i want to grow a couple nice bud plants Im worried about the stem is it going to get big in the little holes that are provided or am i gonna have to make my own holes

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