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Abraham Darby A David Austin English Rose

Abraham Darby


The Name Abraham Darby

Abraham Darby has got to be one of the most Magnificent of all of the David Austin Roses. Of course I do say that about all of them.

If you asked me to pick, which one to be my absolute favorite ..I would probably have to say, which ever one I happen to be looking at the moment.

Abraham Darby is named after one of the founders of the Industrial Revolution, who lived in Shropshire England.

This Rose is named after the Quaker " Abraham Darby". A craftsman who in 1709, used coal to produce metal for the first time.

Abraham Darby Shrub Rose

Shrub Roses

Abraham Darby is an English shrub rose.

Shrub roses consist of single and double flowered varieties of all sizes and colors.The most important division between the roses is those that flower once and those that are repeat bloomers.

David Austin has joined the charms of the old roses with modern varieties . These are mostly pastel in color, very double flowers and most often an amazing fragrance and very hardy as well.

Abraham Darby Fully Open

Abraham Darby Habits

Abraham Darby has small clusters of large cupped flowers with an apricot- yellow- pink blend.

The fragrance is strong fruit fresh scent. The foliage is glossy green and healthy.

A rounded shrub rose with gorgeous flowers. Abraham Darby can grow from 4 to 5 feet tall and higher in warmer climates.

Her flowers are quite heavy on her thin stems, causing some of them to nod. Because so many of them do have nodding tendencies, I prefer to bring them indoors as a cutting flower. They are beautiful in a vase and their fantastic aroma will fill the entire room.

Abraham Darby is a repeat bloomer, with dazzling color and fragrance, and will keep you pretty well stocked with cut flowers.

Abraham Darby, like any other rose, will do its best in a soil that is rich in organic matter, slightly on the acidic side and well drained.

Deadheading your rose bush will help to encourage repeat flowering and keep the bush nice and tidy.

Regular morning watering will keep Abraham Darby happy. It is suggested not to water to late in the afternoon, otherwise the leaves stay wet during the night and this can cause fungal problems.

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Direct sunlight is what Abraham Darby prefers , however,some partial shade in the afternoon will help to retain the flower color.

Abraham Darby is generally disease resistant, but can be susceptible to rust.

Abraham Darby

Lusciously large, highly fragrant rose is filled with peach- pink petals and can be trained on a wall or trellis.

Height/habitTall to 5 feetOr 8 feet as a climber

Bloom size



Flower color

Apricot and Yellow

Tinted with pink

Bloom size

4 to 5 Inches


Flower type

Fully double



Glossy green


Petal Count

50 to 100




A rich fruity fragrance


Yellow Cushion x Aloha



David Austin


Rose Gardens


Rose Gardens - Stop And Smell The Roses

Listed below are some Rose Gardens that may be of interest..We probably can't own every single English Rose available. But thank goodness for rose gardens..There is nothing like actually seeing and stopping to smelling roses.

ARS Gardens, Shreveport, Louisiana

Boerner Botanical Gardens, hales Corner, WI

Chicago Botanic Gardens, Glencoe, Illinois

Descanso Gardens, La Canada, Flintridge CA.

Elizabeth Park Rose Garden, West Hartford, CT

Huntington Botanical Gardens, San Marino, CA

Matterhorn Nursery, Spring Valley, NY

Missouri Botanical Gardens, St. Louis, MO

New Orleans Botanical Garden, New Orleans, LA

New York Botanical Gardens, Bronx, NY

Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Norfolk, VA

Old Westbury Gardens, Old Westbury, NY

Portland Rose Gardens, Portland, Oregon

River Farms (American Horticultural Soc.) Alexandra, VA

Rose Hills, Whittier, CA

San Jose Heritage RoseGardens, San Jose, CA

The Richard Nixon Library Gardens, Yorba Linda,CA

If you live in one of these areas or are visiting stop and smell the roses ... I am sure you won't be disappointed.

These are just a few listings of Rose Gardens.

Do check listings in your area to see if you are blessed with a Rose garden nearby.

David Austin English Rose Gardens Stroll Summer 2011

Rose Guide

David Austin English Roses

Other Roses Of Interest

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Faythe Payne (author) from USA on April 30, 2013:

Thank You MsDora....I do love my roses....My knowledge of roses came by trial and error, ..LOL...I like the idea of naming your silk rose Abraham..When I first started gardening..I would just put a plant in any empty space I could find..not paying attention where it should go ..lost a lot of plants (not roses) that way...but most of those were cuttings from a friend , so I able to replace them easily.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on April 30, 2013:

I envy your knowledge of roses and rose gardens. The Abraham Darby in peach is breathtaking. I have some silk replicas in my living room. Now I can call them by name. Will read more articles. Thank You and Voted Up!

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