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House Cleaning Schedule Checklist : Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Don't Procrastinate

The trick to never having a messy, chaotic house is to not procrastinate. The more you avoid cleaning and organizing, the more it is going to build up. After enough procrastinating, you're going to have a huge mess and be even more unlikely to want to tackle it.

Keeping your house clean and tidy doesn't have to be such a time consuming task. I spend about 30 minutes per day on my daily cleaning tasks and about a couple hours on weekly activities. My monthly cleaning tasks are done on a chosen Saturday or Sunday for a few hours. Last, there of those yearly chores that are done on a chosen month out of the year. One to a few for each month.

Get Organized

Before you can even think about cleaning your house, you need to have a goal and direction. This keeps you from being overwhelmed and wondering aimlessly.

Take out a piece of paper or you laptop and write down cleaning tasks that need to be done. Walk around the house and write down everything you can think of, no matter how big or small. Keep thinking of things you have been putting off or have done recently. Go room by room to make sure you don't miss anything.

One you have all of your chores written down, you need to categorize them by how often you need to complete them. I would choose daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Free Printable Cleaning Checklist does an amazing job at helping moms get organized and cleaning. They also provide advice and tips for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning. The best part about the site is you can find printable cleaning checklist that are perfect for everyone and can be saved on your computer in a PDF format.

My daily cleaning checklist looks a lot like this:

  • Sort the mail
  • Make the beds
  • Clean the dishes
  • Water the garden
  • Wipe down counters
  • Wide down sinks
  • Go through house and pick up and put away things that are out of place

Daily Cleaning Checklist

To decide what cleaning tasks need to be done on a daily basis, you need to think about what things in your house take constant upkeep. What gets dirty or unorganized every day? Your daily cleaning routine should only take you 20-30 minutes everyday. As long as you keep up with it, you will be shocked at how much easier and stress free it is to keep your house looking it's best.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

My weekly cleaning tasks are things that get dirty quickly but not every day. Things like the bathroom or the floors throughout the house. You can pick whichever day works with your schedule to do different chores. I personally, don't have a busy schedule on Sunday so I do all of my laundry that day.

My weekly cleaning checklist looks a lot like this:

Monday: Wipe down all appliances.

Tuesday: Trash day is Wednesday so today I go through the whole house emptying trash cans and putting the trash out by the curb.

Wednesday: Dust all furniture and window sills.

Thursday: Sweep, mop and vacuum all floors.

Friday: Scrub and disinfect the whole spare bathroom.

Saturday: Scrub and disinfect the whole master bathroom.

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Sunday: Sort, wash, dry, fold and put away clothes. Strip the beds and wash the sheets.

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Monthly cleaning tasks are those that your can afford to neglect during your daily and weekly cleaning but I wouldn't suggest doing so for more than a month. I will typically do these on whatever day I happen to be in a cleaning mood. I crank up the radio with surround sound and go at it dancing around my house.

My monthly cleaning checklist looks a lot like this:

  • Dust ceiling fans and vents.
  • Clean walls
  • Vacuum furniture
  • Clean windows
  • Check smoke alarms
  • Deep clean appliances
  • Check or change filters on air conditioning and vacuums.

Spring (Annual) Cleaning Tasks

Some cleaning and organizing tasks are not necessary very often. However, these are the things that are often ignored and put off for years. Most of the time, you don't even think about the need to do these things until they are really out of control.This is when they become a problem.

These are the kind of cleaning tasks that people usually delve into as part of their spring cleaning. Even then, Spring cleaning can become very stressful if you are trying to do all these things in a couple of weeks. The best way to tackle annual cleaning and organizing chores is to pick a specific month out of the year for each task.

Pick a month that makes the most sense to do the chore in. Typically, people go through their closets once or twice per year to rotate out warm weather and cold weather clothes. It wouldn't make any sense to do this in the middle of December. It would make sense to do this task in as winter is ending and spring is beginning.

You can also pick a different room of the house to dedicate yourself to each month. For example, if you chose the master bedroom to focus on for the month of June, you could expect for that room to be completely spotless and perfectly organized by the end of the month. You would do things like deep clean the carpets, go through your clothes and get rid of things you never wear or that don't fit, make sure your mattress doesn't need to be replaced, etc.

My yearly cleaning checklist looks a lot like this:

January: Clean and organize medicine cabinet. Throw away any medications that are expired or are left over from specific treatments like and infection. Antibiotics are very important to only take as prescribes.

February: Move furniture and appliances and thoroughly clean under and behind them.

March: Steam clean carpets and rugs. Hire a professional every other year and do it myself every other year.

April: Wash windows inside and out. Remove the screens and hose down and dry.

May: Wash or launder all pillows, curtains and any other fabric that doesn't get washed monthly or weekly.

June: Organize and clean your pantries. Get rid of any food that has gone bad and try to use up food that may expire soon.

July: Clean yard, decorate garden, remove debris or dead trees.

August: Go through closets and get rid of and donate items you never wear or are too small for you. Bring winter coats and accessories out of storage.

September: Pressure wash outside of the house and touch up paint if needed.

October: Defrost, clean and organize fridge and freezer. Deep clean stove and oven with oven cleaner.

November: Clean and empty out gutters on the roof once leaves have stopped falling.

December: Clean and organize personal files. December is a great time for this since tax season with be coming up and you will want to be able to find everything easily.

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