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A Beautiful Bedroom

01 What Makes a Bedroom Aesthetic?

The key to making your room your "happy place" is to make it aesthetically pleasing. Our bedroom is where we relax and escape the rest of the world for a while. Here are some ways to make your room beautiful and beautiful, and where you'll always want to escape.

  • Come up with a color scheme:

The first step is to come up with a color scheme. Stick to two or three major color patterns. My favorites are black, white, and gray. This gives the bedroom a more cohesive look because it is easier to see. Keeping the color scheme neutral allows you to add subtle color pops to the entire rest of the room!

  • Warm lighting:

Every time I redo the room, the white string light is my favorite. They are simple and cheap and add extra charm to your room. It's also perfect if you want to turn off bright lights for a more relaxed look.

  • Keep your bedding simple:

Minimalism, minimalism, minimalism! This is the key to an aesthetically pleasing home. Keep the bedding simple and instead, add a cute blanket and throw the pillow. Aesthetics also includes touch, so be sure to choose comfortable bedding.

02 How can you make your bedroom look attractive?

The bedroom should be a sanctuary that expresses your personal vacation, your favorite colors, emotions, and collections. Learn the main rules to remember when decorating your bedroom.

  • Choose a subtle color:

Instead of bold primary colors, choose subdued shades and monochromatic subdued tones. Remember color theory. Gentle shades of blue, lavender, or green are considered mild and mild. Rich jewel-like shades help set the mood of coziness and comfort. These may include toast brown, deep pomegranate, or topaz. In the bedroom, use the toned-down version of your favorite color. That may mean choosing mauve instead of eggplant, or pumpkin instead of mandarin.

  • Don't overlook the ceiling:

The ceiling is the fifth wall of the room. Do you see a bland, blank surface when you are lying in bed? Add subtle patterns and soft colors. Paint the ceiling with a slightly lighter version of the wall color. This helps to visually lower the ceiling and give the space comfort and intimacy.

Other solutions are to make the ceiling a stencil or wallpaper, add architectural elements in the form of beams or moldings, or use a decorative painting process. For the ultimate luxury silver leaf bedroom ceiling, a dressed canopy or tent bed hanging from the ceiling can wrap sensuality and warmth while adding texture, design, and color to the ceiling. .. Add molded medallions and chandeliers in crystals or delicate shades to bring colors, patterns, and textures to the "fifth wall" above.

  • Keep your bedroom simple:

The bedroom should look comfortable, simple, sophisticated, and elegant, no matter what style of decor you choose. Keep at least 3 feet between the bed and the side walls or large furniture and at least 2 feet between the bed and low furniture such as a table or dresser for ease of movement. If you have to walk around the bed to get out of the bathroom, think about how you can remove the bed.