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9 Bathroom Upgrades That’ll Make You Want to Stay in There


Every bathroom should be functional enough to let people who use them clean themselves and feel refreshed physically. However, with the right upgrades, you can turn your bathroom into a place you actually want to stay in longer than might be necessary just to be clean. These eight upgrades below are bound to bolster your bathroom breaks.

More Storage

Bathrooms can be tiny and cramped spaces so using every square inch to its fullest is a necessary task. The more storage you can add, the more things you can keep in there to make life easier. Not to mention the space you will save by keeping things organized and put away.

Dual Vanities

If you share your bathroom with anyone, then dual vanities are the upgrade for you. Dual vanities are a set of mirrors and sinks so that you have two instead of one per bathroom. The advantage is that it will save you both time and keep the peace. There will never be a competition or hassle over who gets the sink when.

Better Bathtub

Getting a new bathtub can be a major overhaul of any bathroom. There are a lot of options to make your bathtub better. Jets can help soothe muscles. Doors and handles will help with mobility if that’s what you need. And if you want you can even get a larger tub for more room to breathe. Check with a local business like Midwest Bath Company for options local to your area.

Super Shower

Bathtubs aren’t the only thing you can upgrade. Some bathrooms only have a shower anyway so what can you do with your shower? The first and foremost change you can make to your shower is the showerhead. With so many options for showerheads, it may be hard to choose just one you like! Another simple option is a rack that hangs from the showerhead. Having storage so close to the showerhead makes things a whole lot easier.

Tile Replacement

Another option to up your bathroom’s game is to get the tiling redone. Tiling can get very old and dirty over the years and a new set of tiles can go a long way to renewing the look and feel of a bathroom. And the value they add to your home cannot be ignored.

Master Bathroom

The most likely bathroom you'd want to spend more time in would be a master bathroom as part of your master bedroom suite. Whether it's converting a hallway bathroom or jack-and-jill bathroom or even expanding a powder room, a full bathroom with tub and shower gives you options about how to spend your bathroom time.

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Replace or Enhance the Toilet

The toilet is undoubtedly the place you spend the most time in the bathroom, so upgrading it is not a stretch. The idea of an in-toilet bidet might not appeal to you, but you might also wind up loving it. You can also look into things like padded or even heated seating so you are more comfortable using it on a cold night. You use this fixture multiple times per day, so anything you can do to add to your comfort will make every day better more than once.


While you might not think it, there are a lot of opportunities for technology to come into the bathroom. A simple tech upgrade for your bathroom is a charger for your phone. It’s a poorly kept secret that we all use our phones while in the bathroom. Adding a charger can help you keep your phone’s battery up throughout the day.

Speakers have come a long way. There are a variety of waterproof Bluetooth speakers that could add a sing-song attitude to your showering. Since many Bluetooth speakers also have built-in controls, you can easily take charge of the music you listen to while keeping your phone dry.


No one likes a poorly lit bathroom. Having more lights can help not only with visibility but also with mood. Darkly lit bathrooms can be hard to be in. Another thing to consider is separate lights. That way you can have just the right amount of light. Lights over a bathtub can make it more pleasant to be in. On the other hand not having to light the whole bathroom at any given time can help you save on your energy bills. Another idea would be to have a night light of some sort. That way you don’t have to run into things in the middle of the night.

Most bathrooms serve as a place of pure function. But turning one into a spa environment or just an oasis of tranquility means you don't just clean your body but also rejuvenate your mind. Use these potential upgrades to customize your bathroom just the way you want it.

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