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9 benefits of Using a Squat toilet


It is a dream of everyone in life to live a lifestyle with comfort. Most of the comfort is achieved in our homestead. One of the stuff that brings comfort is a Squat stool. Online reviewers who use or had used the toilet stool absolutely commend it. With time, it will not be a surprise to witness the toilet stool gaining much popularity over ordinary toilets. But what would make most people to prefer toilet stools over ordinary toilets? On deep review, here are the circumstances that make people prefer squatting when defecating rather than leaning forward.

Squatting Puts One in the Right Position

Squatting aids in relaxing the puborectalis muscle. This is a muscle located around the rectum that helps to control bowel and bladder movements. When one squats, the puborectalis muscle straightens the colon. As a result, the feces get a straight path of flow making defecating easier. This is not a similar case when you use ordinary toilets.

You Don’t Strain

Studies done using X-rays show that the rectum straightens more when one squat. This means you will apply little force to thrush out the poop. With an ordinary toilet, the rectum is not straight and one will apply a lot of force to expel the poop.


Most Squat Potty are Located in Bathrooms

This means you can access the squat potty and the bathroom at the same time. Additionally, you will also be able to observe health hygiene since in a bathroom you can access a water point. This is contrary to the normal toilet that is located at different points from the bathroom.


When using a normal toilet, you cannot do anything else rather than defecate and pee. Well, in the squat position you can do several tasks, like reading a novel or chatting.

Relieving Constipation

Constipation refers to difficulties in emptying the bowel. Possibly due to hard or slow-moving feces. One of its conditions includes feeling the stomach being full. It is a condition that is very familiar and many suffer from it knowingly or unknowingly. Well, With the use of the squat potty, one can relieve and prevent constipation in the following ways;

  • Placing the body in a squatting position, allows the puborectalis muscle to relax and in turn, the colon straightens. This gives the hard or slow-moving feces a straight path of flow. Therefore you will be able to relieve constipation within a very small time.
  • Squatting helps you to relax because the entire weight of the body is supported by the potty. The relaxation helps the bowel muscles to move, as a result, the stuck feces are able to flow.
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Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are also called piles. They are swollen and inflamed veins around your anus or in your lower rectum. One of the causes of hemorrhoids is straining when defecating. The symptoms include:

  • Itching in the anal region.
  • Discomfort.
  • Blood in the feces.
  • Constipation
  • Swelling around the anus.
  • A lump near the anus

When you squat on the potty, these symptoms can be evaded. Simply because you don’t strain a lot on the squat position.

Prevention Against Colon Diseases

scientific studies have shown that when feces are not emptied for long, the colon and the rectum are at risk. This is because they are exposed to carcinogenic material from the feces. The carcinogenic materials are potential in causing colon diseases. Well, squatting eliminates all the risks of colon diseases since the feces are fully removed.

Prevention Against Urinary Tract Infections and Difficulties in Peeing

The urinary flow for women is easier to maintain when a woman crouches. When a woman crouches the bowel muscles relax and therefore only a small force is needed to expel the urine. As a result, this reduces the risks of urinary tract infections and improves the ability to pee.

Remedy for Pelvic Floor Issues

The pelvic floor muscles are located between the tailbone and the pubic bone within the pelvis. These muscles support bowel and bladder movements. Crouching plays a huge role in initiating these muscles to work.

Note; the pelvic muscles can also be activated through exercising.


The creativity behind toilet stools has played a very huge role in our lifestyles. Its numerous benefits have really helped the aged, and the ones with posture problems. Furthermore, this super amazing tool puts our health in a better state. Get one now so that you can live to enjoy its benefits.

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