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Five Easily Maintained Ornamental Plants for Your Home Garden

Why Should We Spread Green ???

The present modern world has a dark effect on surrounding environment.Industrial revolution , globalization and increasing urbanization has an equilibrium between merits and demerits so its crutial to increase the green cover on the planet to enhance the quality of the biosphere

5 Easily Maintained Plants for Your Home Garden

Plants are one of the man's best friends since the time immemorial but due to greed and lack of time towards environmental care since past decades, made the green cover of the planet shrink drastically so replacing it is quite important.Having a home garden may help in restoring lost glory.

plants can be grown with minute care and here are the five plants you can grow at home with a jiffy care


snake plant is a wonderful plant to grow with low care and within low light its one of the NASA's recommended air purifier so growing it indoors helps to reduce the indoor air pollution caused by volatile organic compounds, like xylene, methane ,formaldehyde etc . Its quite a beautiful plant with waxy leaves and leaves have a yellow colored border in one of its variety.It is a xerophytic plant it can tolerate high water scarce conditions it has a high resistance to pests and other aliments

Dracaena trifasciata SNAKE PLANT

Dracaena trifasciata SNAKE PLANT


zz plant is well suited for those who grows plants in low sunlight condition as well as indoors with a partial exposure to sunlight it is even a NASA's air purifier. It helps to cope up with indoor air pollution and it has a beautiful waxy leaves and can tolerate drought even if you do not water it regularly. Over watering can kill the past as its stem is modified as underground storage organ called rhizome. So water logging in the pot can lead to root rot and other fungal aliments henceforth water it when needed its quite better to grown in humid atmosphere as it flourishes in humid tropical climate.



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Dumb cane is beautiful plant for your cozy corners in indoors .It has an awesome variegated leaves and it grows tall with its broad slender leaves with coloration.It can't tolerate drought conditions but it grows well in damp soil and can even grow in ideal water with mineral content in it . It has raphides in its leaves so you have pets in there, then it is not a best plant for you as it have raphides in its leave. It helps to improve the air quality of indoor air its a better plant for your patios and lawns

Dieffenbachieae   DUMBCANE

Dieffenbachieae DUMBCANE


If you are a person involved in the act of killing plants or if you have a habit of chopping your plant than you must prefer the spider plant as it has the ability to rejuvenate to life.It has slender leaves with the yellow color border .Intrestingly it gives rise to its new plant in called pups from a stalk emerging from the center and this resembles as spider so it is referred as spider plant it is a plant best suited as an shade loving plant so those people out there having shaded areas in their patios can grow this plant without any drawback

Chlorophytum comosum  SPIDER PLANT

Chlorophytum comosum SPIDER PLANT


If you are looking out for a beautiful plant that grows on vine or for your drooping basket then pothos is your first option .It has an fast growth rate and grows as vine as well as a bush depending on how you portray its support .It needs persistent watering and requires more humidity so its good if you have more humid spots in your place.It has aerial roots emerging out from the node so support it with a moss stick and you will be blessed with a large green leaves.Its drooping leaves and vine is best suited for hanging pots from a height

: Epipremnum aureum  DEVIL'S IVY , POTHOS ,MONEYPLANT

: Epipremnum aureum DEVIL'S IVY , POTHOS ,MONEYPLANT


Every plant is quite different as grains of sand but few of them are quite good and look and other are hard to recognize with mimicry.The above mentioned plants has a better role in all factors of life and growing them enhances positivity in surrounding regions so if you are a passionate gardener then add these plant to your bucket list and improve your plant collection .

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