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8 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Desirability on the Market


You may not notice how aged your house has become because you see it every day

If you want your home to sell quickly, you'll need to give it that fresh, new look again.

You want prospective buyers to walk into a house that is bright, clean, and inviting. It should be as open and uncluttered as possible, so they can imagine it in their style, with their furnishings.

DIY Quick-Fixes

Many of the following enhancements are simple projects you can do by yourself, but if you’re too busy or don't have the proper tools, hiring a handyman will be money well-spent.

1. Tidy up the backyard

Prune trees and hedges, plant fresh flowers, and add some mulch to your gardens. Keep the lawn mowed and if needed, lay down some fresh seed or sod.

A cafe table with chairs or a bench in the yard will dedicate the backyard to be a place of enjoyment and relaxation.

2. Power-wash or Paint the Exterior, or Install New Siding

What the potential buyers and guests see when they pull up to your home will set the mood for the remainder of the visit.

Use a pressure washer on the siding and the windows and screens. A good cleaning or fresh coat of paint is like cosmetic surgery for a house! Repaint fences, shutters, railings, and doors. Invest in some greenery or hanging plants to brighten up the entryway.

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3. Carpets and Flooring

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to steam clean your carpet; not only will the carpets look newer, but the air will smell cleaner and fresher. Hardwood or tiled floors should be washed and shined. Place bright or decorative scatter-rugs throughout to make the darker corners pop.

4. Clean the Upholstery

When you have the carpets cleaned, the company will usually agree to do the upholstery too, if asked. If your furniture is old and worn, buy slipcovers. Add some throw pillows for a pop of color.


5. Deep Clean the Kitchen

Years of cooking cause a sticky, oily film to stick to cabinets, walls, and appliances. If your stove is especially dirty, an appliance company can replace just the window
on the door. If your cabinets are marred, repaint or replace the doors. Update the faucets and cabinet handles with new, modern ones for a quick fix. Brushed nickel is more modern than chrome or brass. Add a scented candle or bake a pie to make it smell warm and inviting.

6. Natural Lighting

Let in lots of light with sheer curtains. Venetian blinds that are old and dirty are a turn-off. Shades are outdated. Sheer curtains in a blight color will let in lots of light and really open up a room. Finally, change out your harsh white light bulbs for softer ones to make the rooms look more inviting.

7. Update your Bathroom

Make sure the tub is clean, sink, and any tile walls are clean and sparkling. If your bathroom is small or dark, strategically hang a large mirror (or a grouping of smaller ones). This will spread more light around, and make the small room look bigger and brighter. Swap out the globes on your lighting fixtures with stylish, modern ones.

8. Clean or Paint the Interior Walls

A fresh coat of interior paint can completely transform an old room. Choose a fresh, modern pallet to give all the rooms an updated look. Subtle, neutral shades with bright accent pieces are the rage right now. When you do this, don't forget the ceilings, they need a touch-up, too.

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