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8 Steps How to Build a DIY Greenhouse


Do you have a green thumb? Are you interested in growing more plants then you can get in a short season of the year? Do you have the room to build a small enclosure to allow those plants to grow? If so making a do it yourself green house might be just what you are looking for. I’ll help you along the way and discuss some of the needed materials and options you may want to consider.

Green houses are something that you may enjoy and allow you to have a go to place to be yourself or relax. They provide healthy alternatives in lifestyle and are extremely relaxing. If you are really getting the itch to get back into the natural world indoors this is a great opportunity for you.

It is a lot easier then you may be thinking right now to build your own green house. It does not take a degree in environmental sciences to build one and with a few simple steps you will be the proud owner of one. Let’s start by going over the 9 basic steps that will allow you to enjoy a piece of that tranquility.



The 8 Steps:

What to use to build a greenhouse.

1.       Well first thing is that you can always go down to the local lumber yard and purchase what you need. Or better yet most people use materials that others are getting rid of as scrape to help recycle the material. Salvaging what you need is a great way to save cost as well as to help the earth without filing up the landfills. Then as the construction goes and you think about irrigation and heating then you can put your money into a better system.

2.       The first things we need to consider is the climate that e live in. It is important to keep that in mind because if you live a cold region compared to a hotter region your construction will limit the amount of insulation that the green house will need. Consider building your green house in a shadier area if in a warmer climate. If you live in the desert will you will need both shade and insulation.

3.       While still in the planning stage of materials and climate requirements we also need to have adequate ventilation and humidity control for our green house. Depending on location and the types of plants or food you intend to grow in there planning the correct ventilation will give you the best looking plants.

4.       We all know the idiom of real estate, location, location; location. Building your green house in a spot that receives the most natural sunlight and having a western/eastern direction is perfect. It is really good for a multitude of plants including many fruits and veggies. Using shaded areas that are partial shaded is a good idea as well.

5.       Deciding on the construction materials you will use in the process as well as the scrapes the siding is also very important to have. Most greenhouses built use glass as a insulator and a siding it can be quite expensive. An alternative to glass is fiberglass. It is durable and much cheaper to purchase. They are not as flimsy as a plastic siding which will break down and need to be replaced every year.

6.       The foundation of your green house is just as important as the walls and insulation. Most greenhouses can have a basic concrete foundation. I have seen some with old railroad ties that have been salvaged or even plywood that has been cut into smaller sections.

7.       Of course the best place to put your money in the green house is in the irrigation and the heating that you will need. This makes your plants receive the watering and nutrients they need as well as make your greenhouse much more comfortable. Of course in colder climates it is essential.  Adding places to sit and enjoy your plants also adds a element of relaxation. Or even a little extra room for the occasional garden party to show off all your blessed work.

8.       Of course the last thing is to make sure you keep the pest out because they will want to be part of our garden as well. Having natural predators is a plus maybe even a bat box if you live in part of the country that has bats. It will also prevent the spread of plant killing dieses so make sure you have adequate plans for the pests that will also enjoy your green house.

Of course you can always by pass these steps and just by a greenhouse but that puts a damper on the do it yourself American attitude. You want something you can be proud of and allow you just the right amount of bragging rights that you so richly deserve because of it. So sit back relax and enjoy your new found sanctuary. All you have to do is stick to these guidelines and you will be Growing wild in no time!

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