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8+ Online Stores for Buying Vintage Rugs


There are lots of hot fashion trends evolving nowadays, and people are eagerly following them. These trends change with time and become a fashion symbol in society. Every fashion trend has its charm and class. People follow these trends and add them to their lifestyle and routine. They want everything unique and perfect to match up with society. Nowadays, people are into vintage themes and decorations. Interior designers worldwide are following this theme and making dream places for people to live in and enjoy. For implementing a vintage theme to the residence, designers use art crafts and antique Area Rugs. These rugs are available online, and you can buy them easily to transform your home. These Vintage rugs will provide the perfect vintage touch to your home. We will discuss top online stores for buying Vintage carpets in this article.

What is a Vintage Rug?

Vintage Rugs are classy and antique models of Area Rugs. They are more expensive than other regular rugs due to their composition and charm. They are soft and hand-knotted with pure wool. They have bold colors and striking patterns with a blurry effect that makes them even more special. The quality of the dye describes a lot about these rugs. They are perfect for adding class and life into your home. They are readily available on the online Area Rug store on the internet, where you can buy them. The following are some popular online stores to get Vintage carpets.

Revival Rugs

Revival Rugs is an online store that started back 20 years ago and still serves people with quality Area Rugs. The owners of this online store are from Turkey and the USA. This store also operates in India and Morocco and supplies the quality rugs to the different parts of the world. The rugs are smooth, comfortable, and affordable at Revival Rugs. It has an exquisite collection of vintage rugs with different stockpiles and appealing color schemes. The rugs are hand-knotted and prepared with dedication and hard work of thousands of skilled weavers. These rugs are available in various dimensions, shapes, and patterns. It is the right place to buy vintage carpets. You can buy these exotic rugs just by visiting their website. Explore the charming collection on the site and select your desired rug. You can also get a special discount on your selected rug at this store. Just select the rug, confirm your order, and wait for the shipment to arrive at your place. Enjoy decorating your home with this attractive rug.


Chairish is an online store with lots of products, accessories, furniture, Area Rugs, and much more. The store was established in 2013 and had four co-founders. They all combine their ideas and skills to make this exceptional online store in the USA. It has a vast collection of antique furniture, art pieces, and rugs. Chairish is serving people for seven years with dedication and love. If you love antique decor and accessories, then you are in the perfect place. You can buy high-quality vintage rugs from this store. Just dig into the rugs section on the website and explore your desires rug. The rugs have unmatchable quality, and their material is excellent. The rugs are available in multiple shapes and trims on the website.

Moreover, you can get discounted deals and offers on them. Just pick your favorite color and size of the rug and confirm your order. The shipping services of Chairish are reliable and fast. You will get the shipment in a short time. Beautify your bedroom with this unusual rug.


RugKnots opened its door for the public in 1994 by Naheed Mir and her father in Maryland USA. RugKnots has the best collection of Area Rugs. The quality of the rugs is unmatchable, and millions of people purchase rugs from this store. They have a diversity of rugs that no other online store has. They have a vintage, modern, stylish, traditional, natural collection of Area Rugs. The rugs are hand-knotted with different weaving techniques. The popular stockpiles at RugKnots are wool, cotton, and silk. It is a trusted platform to get the premium quality rugs. The rugs are hand-knotted and hand-tufted with a collection of machine-made rugs. If you want to buy vintage rugs for your home, then visit their walk-in store. If you do not have enough time to visit them, order the rug online through their website. You can select the rugs by color, size, and shape on the menu bar. The rugs are affordable, and their quality is outstanding. Just dig into the collection and select the desired rug for yourself. Confirm your order and wait for the shipment. If you are living in the USA, then you will get a complimentary shipment from the RugKnots. Decorate your home with this lively rug.


Benuta is an online shopping store with a massive collection of Area Rugs and accessories. Here you can find tons of quality home decor products and rugs that can transform your home into a peaceful place. Benuta is a trusted platform where thousands of people buy their desired products every month. It also has a sale on its lovely collection that encourages shoppers to buy more from them. It has a diversity of rugs with different qualities and stockpiles. The rugs are fresh, modern, and stylish that incredibly enhances the beauty of your home. The quality of the rugs is excellent, and they are reliable too. You can buy your vintage rug from this outstanding store. Just explore their rugs collection and search for your favorite pattern and coloring tones. When you find one, confirm your order on the website. The shipping and return services of Benuta are customer friendly and reliable. You will get the shipment as soon as possible.

Rugs Direct

Rugs Direct was established back in the 1980s in the USA and Canada. It has various rugs, including kitchen rugs, bathroom mats, runner rugs, kids rugs, and much more. It is a trusted and authentic online store to buy the best rugs in the market. The quality of the rugs is outstanding, and they are reliable and soft as well. The rugs are hand-knotted and made with devotion and hours of hard work by experts. The store has excellent shipping services and a 30 days guarantee that urges the shoppers to buy and trust their services. Explore the collection of rugs on the website and search for your desired specifications. Grab the discount on the selected rug and wait for the shipment. You will get free shipment if you are in the USA in two or three days. Set up your home with this fantastic rug and enhance its beauty and charm.

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane is home to decorative goods and home accessories. It also has a considerable collection of area rugs that are beautiful and charming. Ali Pincus and Susan Feldman founded this store in 2009 and gained popularity and admiration over time with their hard work and dedication in the USA. One Kings Lane is providing quality over the years to its valued customers, and they appreciate it. The rugs are hand-made and machine-made with diversity in colors, sizes, and shapes. The rugs are soft and have various stockpiles. You can explore different models of rugs at this store. You can buy vintage rugs from this store as they have an antique collection with special discounts and sales. The shipment services and return policies of this store are friendly and co-operative. Pick your favorite color and size from the collection and add it to the cart. Confirm your quantity and put all the necessary details. Your shipment will arrive within four days. Transform your place into a classy one with the bold appearance of this rug and enjoy it.


Started in 1914, Safavieh became the biggest store for area rugs and home furnishing accessories and furniture. The store is operating in various countries and providing premium rugs and accessories to millions of people. It is an all in one store where you can find all the essential products and items for decorating your home. It is a trusted and authentic store that believes in quality and customer satisfaction. The shipment services and policies are solely dedicated for the ease of customers. The rugs are unique and stylish, having various color schemes and sizes. The patterns of the rugs are bold, and they are quite comfortable as well. They are perfect for adding life and colors to any place in the house. Discount offers and deals are always there for valuable customers from Safavieh. You can easily purchase vintage rugs without getting your budget upset from this store. Explore the collection of rugs on the menu and look for your favored color and size. Pick the right material and add it to the cart by confirming the quantity. Wait for the shipment to arrive at your doorstep. Ornate your area with this charming rug and add life to your area and movables.

Old New House

Old New House is a platform to purchase new and old rugs with various other home decor accessories. Melissa and Dave Dilmaghani started this online store in 2011. It was a unique idea to create a platform to buy and sell old and new rugs online. You can find tonnes of antique rugs at this store with varying coloring tones and patterns. The shipment and other services of Old New House are seamless. People trust and appreciate this store very much, and millions of people shop from them. They have a special sale on furniture, rugs, and other accessories to encourage shoppers. You can find vintage rugs with various stockpiles and qualities at this store. Just visit the website and explore the rugs in the menu bar. Pick the required color and size of the rug. Grab a discount and add the rug into the cart by mentioning the quantity. The shipping service is fast, and you will get the shipment in two or three days. You are all set to beautify your home with the blurry and bold vintage rugs.


irugs is a famous and exquisite online store for area rugs in the UK. It has a fine collection of stylish, modern, and vintage rugs. The rugs are smooth, beautiful and their quality is top class. They have various models of rugs with affordable prices and discounted deals on the collections. The rugs are hand-made and hand-tufted at this store, and people love to shop at their store. The return and shipping policies are customer friendly and fast. The rugs at this store have different stockpiles and weaving techniques. You can find your preferred vintage rug at irugs. Explore the collection of rugs on the website and pick the required color and dimension. Add to the cart after confirming the quantity and grab a discount on your order. You will get free shipment if you are in the UK. Enjoy decorating your home with the charming vintage rug.

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