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8 Ideas for What to Do with an Extra Bedroom

Got a little leftover space at your house? Make the most of your home by transforming that extra bedroom into a dream space. While there are endless ways to use your own space, here are the top 8 ideas on how to utilize your unused room:


1. Create a Home Library

Book lovers, rejoice. Use your extra bedroom as a space to escape into your favorite book. Install a large bookcase for the books that you already own. And, of course, an extra for the ones you will stock up in the future!

You should try to organize the room by genre so it’s easy to find your favorite reads. You’ll also want to plan for surface lighting as well as plenty of lamps so you can read at any time.

Then purchase the biggest and most comfortable seating you can find. Add some throw pillows, blankets, a comfortable rug, and your reading nook will be ready.


2. Make a Creative Art Studio

One attribute of a perfect home studio is a room with lots of natural light, as natural light will reduce eye strain, reduce drowsiness and boost productivity. As long as you have access to that, the size of the space is not as important.

As an artist, dedicating a special space in your home will help you hone your craft. Opt for a neutral wall and floor color as to not distract from your work. Then, put up some nice cabinets to store all your supplies and keep the space as tidy as possible. Natural maple kitchen cabinets look great in a variety of spaces, and will make your art studio feel more organized and clean. Include a work table, easel, and canvas and get your creative juices flowing.

If you’re a musician, this room could be a music studio to practice and record in. Include a thick rug, soundproof treatments to reduce echo (and make your neighbors happy), and any upholstered furniture that can help buffer the sound. Then, simply move in all your amps, recording hardware, sheet music, and of course, your instruments.


3. Transform it into an Office

Working from home and making money remotely is easier to do now than ever before. And sometimes, you just need to continue that big project at home in the evenings or on the weekend. Dedicating a space in your home to work productivity will help you focus on the task at hand, and keep it separated from your play and personal space.

Outside of bringing your work home, running a household often requires a quiet place to think. Having a workspace to take care of bills, housework projects, and anything else that pops up will increase your productivity immensely.

Furnish the room with a nice desk, efficient shelving for organized file storage, and a back-friendly chair. Keep the decor pieces simple, such as inspirational quotes or a couple favorite pictures of your loved ones. You want to keep this space simple, comfortable and purposeful so when you shut the door, your work gets done.


4. Design a Home Gym

No more excuses for not hitting the gym! An extra room in your home is the perfect opportunity to fill it with your favorite exercise equipment, from cardio machines to yoga mats and exercise balls.

This gym will be open 24/7, so you can work out on your own time and not feel rushed or embarrassed for trying a new technique. Install some floor length mirrors and good lighting. Then fill the room with yoga mats, some weights, a bench, and anything else you’ll need to get to start a sweat.


5. Setup a Spare Guest Bedroom

If you love having friends and family visit, you may want to consider turning that spare room into a guest bedroom. This way, you’re always prepared for whoever comes through town and avoid making them sleep on the couch.

A loft bed is also a great alternative if you don’t have room for a traditional bed. If you have space, go big, but otherwise, a twin bed will suffice. And of course, a sofa bed is always a great option if you frequently use the room for other purposes like watching TV or reading.

You can also toy with the idea of installing a Murphy bed, a bed that neatly folds away when it’s not in use. This way the room can double as an office or entertainment space. You’ll want to plan for about 6 or 7 feet of space, including the cabinet where the bed is stored and the space of the bed when it’s extended. Be sure to leave enough room for your guests to walk about the bed when it’s out.


6. Remodel a Man Cave

Fellas, if you have an extra room (and permission from your spouse of course), then it’s time to transform your spare room into a man cave — a haven for all things manly. Whether you want a room to work on your projects, or a comfy couch to watch sports from, your options are limitless when it comes to choosing a man cave idea. Check out this resource if you are looking for modern man cave ideas and tips. From sports bars to game rooms and cigar lounges, you can transform that spare room into the peaceful haven of your choice.


7. Build a Hobby or Storage Room

For those of us with limited or non-air conditioned garage space, converting your indoor room into a work room or storage area is a useful option. Laying down durable, waterproof flooring instead of carpet, adding a sturdy workbench or table, and installing some shelves or wall-mounted cabinets is all you really need to transform your spare room into a functional work room for your projects and hobbies. You can use this room to store spare project materials or random items you need to stow away.


8. Convert it to an Airbnb Rental

If you’ve gone with a guest room in your home, another great option is renting the space out on Airbnb. Decorating for this is even easier (and cheaper) than if you were going to use the room on a regular basis because of how simple things can be. You want to appeal to as many people as possible at the best price.

Start by choosing neutral colors for the walls and natural woods for the furnishings. Then, choose a few accent pieces that show the character of your home or the city you live in. Your guests will appreciate the authentic atmosphere. It’s always a bonus to provide sufficient electrical outlets, phone chargers, and extension cords if need be. And most importantly, keep the space clean and comfortable for all your rotating visitors.


Brennan Flentge (author) from Phoenix, AZ on August 09, 2018:

Thanks David! If you have the space for it, it would be a nice spot to relax in or do some evening reading. Congrats on your new home too!

Brennan Flentge (author) from Phoenix, AZ on August 09, 2018:

Thanks Jayson! A home gym would be a nice convenience. Especially here in the AZ heat...it's tough to get back in a hot car and takeoff to the gym. Let me know if you ever get a home gym set up!

Brennan Flentge (author) from Phoenix, AZ on August 02, 2018:

It sure is a great look and still has functionality if you have the space to do it.

David Allen Sievers from New Jersey on August 01, 2018:

Nice Article and very timely for me because we recently bought a home in Naples Florida that we are in the process of decorating. Had not thought about creating a super comfortable seat for reading. I like that idea.

Jayson Goetzz from Phoenix, AZ on July 31, 2018:

Excellent ideas here. I think if I had an extra room, I would turn it into a home gym. Getting to the gym is half the battle...dealing with rush hour traffic after a long day, waiting for people to get off a specific machine, etc. all take a lot of energy and time. Having my own home gym would be perfect!