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7 Ways to Make a Wish Come True

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When you were little, I am sure you began making wishes. You would find the pretty, almost magical things in life and wish your deepest desires on them. And, maybe even as an adult, these wishing practices still carry over into your everyday lives!

The act of wishing on something is sentimental, bringing you back to your fleeting childhood years. But did you know there are multiple ways to make wishes? Here are seven different ways you can make your wishes come true

1. Make a wish on a well
For centuries, people have believed in the power of wishing wells. These wells, which often have coins in them, are thought to have the ability to change your life if you make a wish and throw a coin into it.

While there aren’t many wells just out and about, did you know that you can put a wishing well in your own backyard? That way, you can make all the wishes you could ever want to! If you're going to find the perfect decorative wishing well for your yard, check out Beaver Dam Woodworks!

Beaver Dam Woodworks is an Amish-owned and operated company based in Lancaster County, PA. Made with various materials, you can find your perfect wishing well that fits your home and personality. Choose between a rainbow of colors or calming neutrals, all constructed masterfully by Amish craftsmen. Visit the Beaver Dam website today to order your perfect, new wishing well!


2. Make a wish and blow out all of the candles on your birthday cake
Of course, this is something we have all learned since the first birthday we can remember. Close your eyes, make a wish, and blow out your birthday candles! What a fun, annual tradition!

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3. Make a wish on a dandelion puff
Have you ever seen those puffy, white plants sticking out of the ground during summer? Or maybe puffy white seeds floating effortlessly through the air! Did you know that it is common to make wishes on them?

Dandelions in the summer seemingly carry our wishes far away when we blow their seeds into the wind. So next time you see a dandelion or some seeds floating in the air, try making wishes on them and sending them on their way!


4. Put a wish in a bottle and let it go
If you visit the beach, consider taking a small glass bottle with you! Write your wishes on a piece of paper, roll it up, stick it in the bottle, and let the waves carry it away!

5. Make a wish when you see a shooting star
We have all heard the song- “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you.” But, unfortunately, the opportunity to see a shooting star is rare, so when you get the chance to see a sparkly star streak across the night sky, take the moment to wish on it!

6. Make a wish when you find a four-leaf clover
Another infrequent occurrence to witness is a four-leaf clover! Finding one in the grass is a huge feat, so if you luck out and find a lucky four-leaf clover, take the rare moment and make a wish!


7. Make a wish and then tie it to a helium balloon. Let the balloon go.
Another way to send a wish far, far away is to write it down, roll it up, and tie it to a helium balloon. Then, let it float up into the sky, and watch your wish be carried away!

Wishing is a fun activity to perform. While we know these actions don’t necessarily make your wishes come true, they are fun and exciting to perform! So when you see the opportunity to make a wish, take it, and relive that childhood nostalgia!

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