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7 Steps to Make a Mood Board for Your Bathroom

How to Create a Mood Board for Your Bathroom

Making up a mindset board before you start to revamp a restroom won't just assist you with concluding the plan of your format, however, it will likewise urge you to infuse the room with style, character, and shading, which could some way or another be ignored as you continued looking for apparatuses and viable purchases like tiles. Here is a manual for following for making a valuable washroom temperament board.

1 Find Pictures of Bathrooms You Like

You can fin pictures on Instagram, Facebook, magazines, Pinterest and books, and, surprisingly, on inn sites. Detach, take a shading duplicate, or print out any you like and stick a couple of top choices to the board; you might need to take various components from a couple of pictures as motivation for your plan. Note down what you don't like with regards to your present washroom so you don't rehash similar mix-ups.

2- Do You Have a Key Item

Do you have a key item at the highest point of your list of things to get an unsupported bath, a fashioner shower, flawless divider tiles, or a lavish sink that you currently own, instance, that you truly should incorporate? Utilize this piece as motivation for the remainder of your plan.

3-Choose Your Fixtures

beginning with the bath, which will direct the shape and finish of both your latrine and sink and the spigots and shower apparatuses, as well. Before you go any further with your plan, you want to finish your decision of these things.


if a large percentage of your bathroom walls will be tiled, pick the tiles first since they will greatly influence other colors in the room. Your main consideration should be to make the room light and bright enough so that you can see clearly to put on makeup or shave. If your bathroom receives lots of natural daylight or you install effective lighting, you can choose darker wall tiles or paint colors.

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  • Stick an example tile, or an image of the tiles, to the state of mind board as a shading reference.
  • Select potential tones for any untiled dividers, picking either nonpartisan, conditioning, or differentiating conceals.
  • Choose a few tones to give yourself a few choices.


Introducing accent colors into a bathroom doesn’t have to be complicated. Ideally, there should be two accent colors and no more than three—with the third as a washcloth, perhaps, or an arrangement of pretty bath bottles. Experiment with the proportions of the color combinations to see if they work together using tile or paint swatches and floor samples.


Choose storage whether you have room for freestanding or built-in furniture or just storage boxes. Bear in mind that any mirrored or reflective surfaces will make your space feel bigger. Shapes and size are important, too: figure out whether the pieces you like will be a comfortable fit.


Such as towels, pictures, and bath mats. These items don’t have to coordinate exactly with your main theme, but they do need to lift the look of the room and highlight particular areas, such as a stylish sink or shower. These final touches will seal the room’s success; the mood board will help you get this last element right.

Hope that you guys found this helpful – leave me a comment or shoot me an email if you have any questions!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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