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6 Reasons to Plant Your Own Organic Vegetables and Fruit Garden at Home

The author him self is planting vegetables garden at home, because of the artificiality in large scale forming these days.

Learn how to cultivate your own vegetables and fruits garden.

Farming your own food is a cost-effective and straightforward answer to a variety of health, environmental, and economic issues. It is helpful to your health and the environment whether you are cultivating a single tomato plant or a huge backyard garden.

Growing your own organic vegetable garden is a sensible option if you have space for a few pots or even a small plot of ground. I'm going to give you six reasons why you should do it today:

easy gardening

easy gardening

1. It's Easy to grow "Food" at your backyard and it's "Fresh" too.

It's Simple and Easy to do:

Growing your own food isn't difficult. “Growing food is extremely simple,” explains Jessica Martin, managing director of Boston Medical School's Center for Environment and Food Resources. “It takes a little effort, but basic culinary crops like tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers are quite easy. Anyone can learn to grow food rather quickly.”

Foods are at their best of freshness:

It's not hard to grow a juicy tomato or a delicious blueberry straight from your own backyard, especially when you know you're getting fruit at its purest.

When you go to the store, you never know how long your produce has been on the shelves. Sure, it's fresh, but you can't be sure your celery or apples didn't spend days being trucked across the nation unless you buy from local growers.

Even the produce in your local supermarket isn't always picked when it's ripe. If that was the case, it may spoil before it ever reaches your purchasing cart.

2. More nourishing and healthy food.

As you cultivate your own vegetables, your diet becomes more varied and nutritious, with so much more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Food in its most natural, unprocessed state is not only the tastiest, but also the most nutritious. The bulk of food offered in supermarkets goes through a lengthy process of gathering, transporting, and distribution. After being distributed, food might sit in storage or on the shelf for a long time before being purchased, decreasing it's nutritious quality. This can be avoided by planting your own food.

4. Spend Less money on buying groceries

Growing your own foods can help you save a lot of money. You can raise plants that will yield pounds of produce in the year by investing a few bucks on seeds, plants, and materials in the springtime.

You can choose exactly what you require from your garden. When you simply need a few carrots for a salad or to add to a substantial stew, you won't be stuck with a bunch. You can grow your own organic vegetables and save money by having a home garden.

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3. Environmentally friendly

Organic farming is environmentally friendly. You won't hurt the soil or the air with the chemical components since you won't use pesticides or other similarly harmful items on your crops.

Fossil fuels are widely used in long-distance produce transportation. Growing your own food can help you cut down on your dependency on environmentally damaging transportation. Furthermore, producing your own food eliminates the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides.

Environment and health friendly

health friendly

health friendly

5. Protect your health by healthy activities.

Taking care of plants in your yard, believe it or not, offers its own set of health advantages. Gardening allows you to breathe fresh air, receive some safe sun exposure, relax and unwind, and even strengthen your immune system.

Gardening is a great way to do exercise while having a good time. The physical activity of growing vegetables has been proved to be good to one's health. Gardening promotes cardiac health and immune system response, reduces heart rate and stress, and enhances fine and gross motor abilities, flexibility, and body strength. Regular exercise helps reduce stress, worry, and sorrow while also boosting overall health.

6. Grow more tasty and pesticide free food

Your organic vegetables can be much more flavorful. As Pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, hormones, and antibiotics cause vegetables to grow abnormally and diminish from their taste. Your cuisine will be enhanced when you use organic veggies since their flavour will shine through.

Another advantage of producing your own food is that you have total control over the pesticides and chemicals you use. You have complete control over what your plants are exposed to in your own garden. Traditional insecticides can damage birds and other creatures, but there are numerous environmentally friendly alternatives to consider.

Home Gardening at urban spaces

The Modern Homestead Garden: Growing Self-sufficiency in Any Size Backyard

Last month I brought a book from Amazon about home gardening called "The Modern Homestead Garden: Growing Self-sufficiency in Any Size Backyard", and this book helped me very much in my home gardening setup. I have personally benefited a lot from this book, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to grow food in their own backyard.

I am giving this book five stars for its awesome content.

Home gardening simple guide for any one

The Modern Homestead Garden: Growing Self-sufficiency in Any Size Backyard

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