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5 Ways to Add Plants to Your Home

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Adding plants can be of more than one benefit, plants bring in positivity, freshness, calmness, and beauty. I am so much in love with plants and therefore I have 100s of plants in my home already and making space for the new ones.

People often ask me how I manage to have so many plants and prevent it from looking like a jungle? Well, here are my secrets. Listing 5 easiest ways to incorporate plants in your home without creating clutter.

Stick to this article to know what can help you achieve the perfect plant vibe for your home without making it look like a mess.

  • Create a plant cart

Some of the plants need sunlight, some of them do not, and some of them need a mixed environment to grow properly. I know this is a lot of confusion and seems like hard work too. What if I say I have got a solution for you?

Yes, you read it right. plant cart is a solution for this, group the like-minded plants together and create a statement cart. arrange them height-wise for a more elegant look.

  • plant a big plant in a spot.

It is not necessary to have a Ficus tree in every room. However, going big in one location, such as alongside your couch, beside a favourite recliner, or in front of a picture window, pays off. This serves as an anchor for a huge room and provides a focal point for your space.

While Fiddle Leaf Figs are a popular design trend right now, there are plenty of alternative options. Plant an Arcea Palm, Dracaena, Monstera, or White Bird of Paradise for a statement item that's also beautiful. If you do put one in front of a window, make sure it's designed to handle the amount of light it'll get.

  • Be very selective and creative with the planters

Don't forget to pay extra attention to the planters you use when looking for the perfect plants for your location. Make a statement with patterns or bright colors to brighten up a place that might use a little oomph.

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You can also keep things simple by using only white pots. Look for planters with unique textures or detailed embellishments in a variety of shapes and sizes. To amp up the effect, group them together on top of your bookshelves or at the end of a long table.

I have been shopping the planters for my space from this place called Ikiru they have the cutest collection and offer an affordable range of all the home decor products. You would surely enjoy their theme-based collection.

  • Try Hanging Planters

Do you have a small home and can not add multiple planters and vines in the space, don't worry try hanging planters.
Hanging planters are a great solution to modern interior challenges, they help to save the limited square feet and also enhance the look and feel of the room.

Try beautiful hanging capsule shape planters for your home that are a real space saver and also add a calming vibe to your space.

  • Go easy with succulents

Got a busy schedule? No time to take care of plants, but still want to have them in your space, because you can not resist the beautiful greens?

No worries, Succulent is frequently the best option. Most are hearty and sturdy, with straight designs that perform particularly well in modern dwellings, and require little water, sunshine, or maintenance.

Paint and pattern small planters, then fill them with as many succulents as you desire. Try arranging a couple of cactus together for a Southwestern look.


Plants aren't a precise science to decorate with. Consider your personal tastes as well as the precise upkeep that each new plant will necessitate as you build your setup.

After all, you want your house to be a refuge and an extension of your personality. So, no matter how little or large your area is, look for kinds that fit your aesthetic and make sense in it.

I would be delighted to assist you when you're ready to fill your rooms with vibrant greenery. Please ping me here in the comment section with every doubt and query you have about adding plants to your space.

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