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5 Beautiful Ways To Use The Kitchen Apron


Don't you just love aprons?

By Candace

For centuries aprons have been used for obvious reasons in the kitchen "to protect clothing," but today women have enjoyed some fashionable frills with a touch of the past and found other uses as well, than just soap bubbles and flour dust.

Classy Cook

  1. Of course I mention first the use of the apron in the kitchen, but "Hey girl, you don't have to wear rags these days, there are so many amazing designs for the classy, savvy, frilly or traditional chic." The old-fashioned concept of the apron can live on in a fashionable way, you can serve in style during these upcoming holidays.

Cute Aprons For Holiday Gatherings


Display Aprons In Home Decor

2. Yes, aprons can add a lovely, tasteful touch to your decor----Don't be shy about displaying them; even the more plain, vintage and worn aprons that have been through a few years of pie baking and tidying, can creatively be shown.

Displaying in decor is a great way to showcase an heirloom apron. Just say it was grandmas-- you will feel warm memories every-time you walk by, remembering her scurrying about making cookies for her well-loved grand-babies.


Apron Party

  1. 3. Start a new unique tradition with your girlfriends. "Have a apron party." Seriously?? Yes, this can be so much fun and less expensive than a night out on the town. It will be a delight to see all the different kinds of aprons worn to the party, you could even do an apron exchange to make it more of a game.
  2. Have guests bring a recipe.
  3. Have a fashion show.
  4. Give prizes to the funniest, fanciest and frilliest apron. (or freakiest maybe)
  5. Apron parties are also great outside on a warm, sunny day in the country with horseback riding, music and food. (two different venues, but both a blast) You can call it a prairie party.
  6. This is a great idea to do for a little girls birthday party as well, you can include a cooking show and creative creations of their own to share.

"Have lots of fun sharing and making memories with friends." :)

Apron Party

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Make Cash Dough Making Aprons

4. Make $$: There is a market for good quality, hand-made items these days, designing aprons can put some extra cash in your pocket and be allot of fun.

Fair, Flea Market and Expo Booths: Setting up an attractive booth with your lovely aprons will turn the eyes of customers, especially because its something affordable that they can walk away with without lugging around a heavy purchase. (Aprons are inexpensive and easy to make; so profit is more inevitable).

Selling Online: Aprons sell great online at places like Etsy, Ebay, Facebook etc. Lots of people are seeking unique one-of-a-kind or vintage things for themselves or for gifts.

Selling Aprons


How To Sew An Apron


Give A Gift

5. An apron makes a fine gift and there are many ways to give one.

  1. Apron in a jar: Roll up a cute, simply made apron, place it in a mason jar, add a tag that tells the sentiment and give as a hostess gift or any occasion you'd like.
  2. Crayon or craft apron: Your little girl would be delighted to see she gets a special apron for her craft time that holds her crayons etc. You can add the craft supplies as part of the gift as well.
  3. Nursing apron for baby shower: Bless a new mommy with a nursing apron, keep her discreet while she cares for her beautiful baby.
  4. Gift Basket: Put apron in a neat roll, slip in a hand-made card, then place in a gift basket with other kitchen goodies.



"Take time to slow down and have some fun with even the simple things in life."

I'd love to hear from you some more great ideas how you like to use aprons. Candace


Apron String (poem)

Mama flew by like a heavenly being

While I hung on to her apron string

Dinner was cooked the dishes were done

My tummy so full I felt like a ton

Her apron was hung in the very same place

I thought it was pretty all trimmed out in lace

Now time has past and here I stand

By my little shadow with a string in her hand

By Candace Green (c) 10/29/14

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