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5 Ways To Fix Up Your Garage


One part of your house that probably doesn’t look all that pretty is your garage. Garages tend to be where people stick the things they want to forget about. While you may store important things, like your car or tools, in your garage, it can also quickly get cluttered with junk. Garage cleaning isn’t something many people look forward to, but fixing up your garage can be quite satisfying once the job is done. Below are five ideas for doing just that.

Empty It Out

In most cases, an awful garage is awful because it’s filled with junk. There’s a good chance that you don’t actually need the vast majority of the items that are stored within your garage. If you want your garage to stop looking like an episode of Hoarders, it’s time to just clean out everything you don’t need. You can make three piles for items: a pile for items that can be donated, a pile for items that can be recycled, and a pile for items that should just go into the trash.

Update Your Garage’s Flooring

Something else that may be a mess in your garage is the floor. Over time, the concrete flooring that exists in most garages can become cracked, damaged, marked, dirty, and just plain ugly. Even scrubbing it with soap and water probably won’t do that much good. Instead, consider upgrading to an option like epoxy flooring that will create a smooth, flat surface that’s both attractive and easy to clean.

Repaint Your Garage’s Walls

Chances are the walls in your garage aren’t looking that pretty after so much time either. In many cases, homeowners don’t even bother painting the walls of their garage. Take this as an opportunity to beautify the space by adding an attractive pop of color to your garage’s walls. It can make a huge difference.

Add New Cabinets and Storage

While a garage is a big space, many people often feel they don’t have the ability to store things inside their garage like tools, motor oil, weed killer, or whatever else they may have. This can probably be attributed to how their garage is organized. Many times, these items are just placed on any flat surface available, and that can produce a rather ugly aesthetic. Instead, you can consider installing some new cabinets and other storage space options to help with organization.

Add Air Conditioning and Heating

The garage is a great space to complete work. Unfortunately, it can be too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter to use as a workspace. You can solve that problem by installing options for air conditioning and heating inside your garage. Just make sure the heater you use is not gas-powered, or it could create a suffocation risk.

Most people’s garages can be eyesores. However, with a little work, you can transform your garage into a beautiful and functional space that you’ll actually want to spend time in. The options above can help you to do just that.

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