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8+ Types of Oriental Rugs


Home decoration is at its peak nowadays, and people love to decorate their homes and workplaces. It is an old technique and evolved with time. Modern home decoration is different from ancient decor techniques and procedures. There are lots of creative and ideal decoratives available nowadays that can transform the space incredibly. These decoratives are available quickly, and you can get them within your limited budget. Area rugs are the best decoratives of the present age. They come in various sizes and shapes. They are available for decorating multiple areas of home and offices. They have different prices and qualities, and you can get them within your budget. Area rugs are perfect for adding charm and class to the place. Their coloring tones and bold patterns will add life to the dull interiors of the home as well. Oriental rugs are a kind of area rugs, and they are famous for their stylish and chic features and looks. They have symmetric and latest designs and color combinations that will match the interior perfectly. They are soft and comfortable, as well. The rugs are artistic and catch the attention of the visitors immediately with their class and uniqueness. We will discuss Oriental rugs in this article.

What are Oriental Rugs?

Area rugs are stunning, and they are available quickly all over the internet. Oriental rugs are hand-knotted with pure wool, silk, and cotton sometimes. These rugs originated from Central Asian countries like Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and India. These countries manufacture these rugs. That's why they are called Oriental rugs. These rugs have different sizes and shapes, and you can pick them according to your needs. These rugs are hand-knotted and often flat woven. The color schemes and trims of these rugs are bold and stylish. They are perfect for decorating the bedroom and lounge of your residence. Grab a stunning Oriental rug and enjoy transforming your space with it.

Types of Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rugs are bold and stylish, and they have a family too. These rugs belong to Central Asia, and people love them. The rugs have different types, and they have unique and specific features. They are all special and available on the internet at reasonable prices. They have a variety of colors and designs that you can use according to your requirements. The composition of these rugs is excellent, and their quality is unmatchable. They have different building materials, and you can get your favored stuff from the market. The following are some famous types of Oriental rugs.

1.Patchwork Rugs

Patchwork rugs are the most famous type of Oriental rugs. They are unique and have special features. Their composition is different from other area rugs, and they grab the visitors' attention instantly. Patchwork rugs are a unique combination of several Oriental rugs with bold and colorful threads with decency and elegance. They are ideal for decorating the room, lounge, and workplaces. They are stylish and look amazing on the floor. They are composed of pure hand-spun wool with hours of hard work and dedication. Their presence will create an engaging and calming tone in the entire area. You can create Patchwork rugs at home by combining the old rugs and transforming your space like a pro.


2.Overdyed Rugs

Overdyed rugs are the popular and classy type of Oriental rugs. They are readily accessible on the internet with various shapes and dimensions. The name overdyed is due to the dyeing techniques that involve their making. The making of these rugs is quite simple in which old oriental rugs are dyed in a bold color to add the vintage effect. The rugs are stylish and present a contemporary and vintage look at the place. Their quality is unmatchable, and they create a royal and classy ambiance in the area with their bold and poetic features. They are not so costly, and you can purchase them within your budget. Grab a poetic overdyed rug and transform your area into a royal palace.


3.Chobi Rugs

Chobi rugs are artistic and thick. They are an essential family member of Oriental rugs and readily accessible around the world. They have a wide range of muted and soft colors that creates a calming tone in the area. Chobi is a Persian word that means wood; these rugs have soft and dull colors similar to woods. That's why they are known as Chobi rugs. They are thicker than other area rugs and extremely comfortable. Their quality is unmatchable, and you can get them at affordable prices. They have low knots as compared to other area rugs. Grab an adorable Chobi rug and add class to your place.


4.Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are the most delicate type of area rugs. They are costly as compared to other rugs. They are in great demand, and people love them. These rugs are incredibly comfortable and contain servings of silk in them. Silk is an excellent material, and it is costly too. The silk fibers in the rugs make them more comfortable and fluffy. They need greater care and demand than existing types of Oriental rugs. They have different shapes and sizes. They are ideal to set a bedroom and lounge. Always install them in low-traffic areas to not get damage and stay with you for a long time. Grab a contrasting silk rug and enjoy transforming your bedroom.


5.Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara rugs are the famous and antique type of Oriental rugs. Bokhara is an old city in Uzbekistan that is famous for its unusual rug-making techniques and weaving methods. They are in great demand, and they are not so costly. You can get them quickly from the internet at reduced prices. They are readily accessible in various sizes and shapes. The prime colors of Bokhara rugs are red, navy, and brown. These rugs have both symmetrical and asymmetrical knots. You can get your favored style quickly. They are bold and artistic. They are excellent for transforming the place into a cultural site. Grab a beautiful Bokhara rug and beautify your home with its intricate features.


6.Ikat Rugs

Oriental rugs have many types, and they are all special and unique. Ikat rugs are the attractive and poetic kind of oriental rugs. They are not so costly, and you can get them with ease. The Ikat rugs have bold and tribal patterns, and they are known to have the oldest rug designs in the world. These rugs perfectly depict the historical significance with their appearance, while some of them are purely aesthetic. The prime trims of Ikat rugs have diamond-like patterns and lines in them. Grab a beautiful Ikat rug and add beauty to your home.


7.Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are bold and poetic. They are a family member of Oriental rugs, and they are in huge demand. Kilim rugs are excellent decoratives, and they can transform the area magnificently. Kilim rugs are accessible in multiple shapes and dimensions. The rugs are thin and light, so they are easy to carry and install. The rugs have geometric patterns with square or rectangle shapes in the center of the rug. The prime color scheme of these rugs is blue, gold, forest green, and red. The rugs are hand-knotted with pure wool and extremely comfortable. Grab an adorable kilim rug and enjoy using it.


8.Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are lyrical and dramatic kinds of Oriental rugs. They are known as the oldest type of area rugs. They originated from Iran, and they are entirely hand-knotted with pure wool. The rugs are not so costly, and you can get them from the market quite easily. Persian rugs have pure classic and traditional motifs like fruits, combs, plants, etc. They are available in multiple shapes and trims all over the internet. The prime colors of these rugs are gold, red, beige, and blue. They are slightly expensive from other area rugs due to their quality and knot count. Grab an aesthetic Persian rug and transform your home.


9.Modern Rugs

Oriental rugs are attractive, and they have branches too. Modern rugs are the family members of Oriental rugs, and they are in great demand also. People love to buy and use them due to their features and qualities. The rugs are durable and can stay in your area for a long time if not treated properly. Modern rugs have a lower knot count than other area rugs. The coloring shades of these rugs are striking and vivid. They are perfect for adding life to your dull interiors and enhance their charm with their features and looks. They are hand-knotted and extremely comfortable. You will enjoy using these adorable rugs.


10.Vogue Rugs

Vogue rugs are the elegant models of Oriental rugs. They have a mixture of traditional and contemporary styles, and people love them. The rugs are hand-knotted with pure wool and provide soft footings to you. The rugs have a western touch; that's why they are in great demand in Western countries. They are readily accessible in varying shapes and trims. They are available in both low knot count and high knot count. They are incredibly durable and stay with you for a long time if treated properly. Grab a contrasting Vogue rug and enjoy transforming your place.


Maintenance Tips for Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are attractive and traditional. They are a mixture of traditional and modern styles. They are in great demand and excellent for decorating the home and workplaces. They are unique and demand great care and attention. Here are some tips that will help you to maintain the Oriental rugs.


Oriental rugs are adorable, and they need proper care and maintenance. If you do not look after them, then they will be ruined in a short time. A vacuum is the best thing to do with them to make them fresh and neat. Vacuum regularly or twice a week, and your rug will stay neat and clean with you for a long time.

2.Avoid Traffic

Oriental rugs are adorable and sensitive. They need proper care and attention from the owners. These rugs get dirty quickly, and they are hard to clean and wash. Always install these rugs in low-traffic areas; otherwise, they will get damaged quickly. Dust particles settle in the rug that comes from people coming at the place. Avoid these rugs from heavy-traffic and enjoy transforming your home.

3.Clean Regularly

Oriental rugs are cool, and they want outstanding care and treatment. People must clean and look after them so that it would stay with you for a long time. If you do not clean them properly, then the rug will be wasted in no time.

4.Avoid Water Spillage

Oriental rugs are sensitive, and they can transform the area with their features and looks. Water spillage damages the rug instantly and destroys its beauty. If you want to stay with your rug for a long time, keep it away from water and other fluids at your home.

Oriental rugs are stunning and attractive, and they are widely available on the internet. They are available in varying forms and shapes. Their color tone is bold and aesthetic. They can transform the area beautifully with their stylish appearance. Here are top online stores from where you can get the top quality Oriental rugs.

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