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5 Things You Need to Know When Moving to Dallas


Things are going great in Dallas. As a matter of fact, things are so good in Dallas/Fort Worth that the region is now included in the top 10 fastest-growing metros in the country.

Before you move your entire family there, it’s wise to find out a few things about the place where you’re going to live. It’s useful to know about things such as housing, schools, job market and other similar aspects.

Here are the top five things you should know before moving to Dallas:

Cost of housing

You need to be prepared to pay a significant amount of money if you want to buy a home in Dallas. Since more and more people decide to make Dallas their home, it’s only natural for the real estate market to go up. However, don’t panic! You’re still going to find affordable housing, especially if you’re not too picky or you don’t have a large family. The average value of a house in Dallas is $162,200. If you’re planning to rent an apartment, it will help you to know that a two-bedroom apartment can be rented for rates starting from $1,700 per month.


Attractive neighborhoods

The trendiest area where you can live in Dallas is definitely the downtown. However, popular neighborhoods, especially for families, also are Trophy Club and Colleyville. The young professionals and empty-nesters are moving to Uptown, a trendy area of Dallas, but they also love the Preston Hollow, M Streets and Lake Highlands. If you’re searching for a suburban vibe, you should consider neighborhoods such as Grapevine, West Plano, North Plano and Colleyville, where families come to raise their children and seniors to enjoy a relaxing rhythm of life.

Job market

Dallas has a very low unemployment rate – around 5%. The city is home to big company names, such as American Airlines that has over 24,700 employees, Bank of America, with 20,000 employees, and Texas Health Resources that provides jobs to 19,230 people. Dallas Independent School District is also a big job provider having over 18,000 employees, and the same goes for Baylor Health Care System that offers jobs to 17,100 people living in Dallas.



If you’re planning to move to Dallas, you’ll be happy to know that the education system here is one of the best in the United States. As a matter of fact, the Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas is the only secondary institution in the country that has given the United States two Heisman trophy winners. Famous names like Lawrence Wright, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and Steve Miller of The Steve Miller Band have also graduated this high school. You will find excellent schools in areas like Frisco, Central Plano, Highland Park and Southlake, while West Dallas and southern Dallas have made big improvements in the education sector.


Traffic is often an important part of people’s lives regardless where they decide to move. Some have the luck to live in areas where traffic is not overwhelming but, unfortunately, this is not the case with Dallas. Traffic can be quite merciless in Dallas, and the statistics confirm this. It seems that drivers spend 40 hours per year in traffic, which is quite a lot. That’s why many of the people living in Dallas prefer to use public transportation, especially when they are in a hurry and live outside the urban areas. Dallas Area Rapid Transit provides 72 miles of light rail and more than 100 bus routes. Moreover, the D-Link is a downtown bus service that can be used for free. The D-link will take you to districts famous for their culture, art and entertainment locations.

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