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5 Things to Check to Get the Most Comfortable Couch Possible

Who Doesn't Want A Comfortable Couch

When shopping for a couch, you of course want it to be stylish, to fit your space, and to be durable. But don’t forget it also needs to be comfortable! Finding the most comfortable couch for you can require a bit of hunting, but once you know what you’re looking for, it’s a breeze. As you begin your couch search, look for these top five things that will help you find a couch that is the best seat in the house!

You Can't Put A Price Tag On Comfort


1. Down (Or No Down!)

Couch cushions can be found in 3 basic forms: All Foam, Foam/Down, and All Down. All foam is the firmest, and down is thought to make the most comfortable couch. So it's true, if you want a comfortable couch, better be sure to check those cushions.

Couch cushions that are filled with down are very comfortable due to the natural softness of the feathers. Down comes from the plush underbellies of geese, and it feels luxurious and soft, like you’re lying on real pillows! With a little fluffing they are ready to be lounged on for years, and if they ever feel saggy, you can always add more feathers. Down pillows also have the added benefit of being made of natural materials, so you can trust it’s comfortable and good for the planet.

You’ll need to decide what you want for the back of the couch, and in all the cushions including the seat and back. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for in terms of down cushions, try out a few couches that have all down cushions, no down cushions, or something in between and see what feels best. It all comes down to what makes you the most comfortable.

2. Seat Depth

Seat depth can typically be found around 21”-23” but there are couches of all sizes out there. And if you’re designing a custom couch, the options are limitless! Seat depth makes a difference in terms of back support, and what you’ll be using the couch for. Deep couches are great for lounging and lying down, perfect for cozying up to watch a movie. It might be more difficult to get proper back support if you want to sit up straight, but that can always be adjusted with throw pillows. Consider what you’ll be using the couch for as you select your seat depth.

Attention To Detail Matters


3. Seat Height

Seat height describes the distance from the seat to the ground, and its typically around 16”-17.” Varying seat heights can make it easier or harder to get out of the couch. A super low couch may require more maneuvering or bracing yourself on an arm rest in order to stand up. If someone has difficulty standing from low seats, a taller option might be a more comfortable couch for them. Based on your own average height, you might want a taller or shorter couch as well.

4. Back Height And Angle

Make sure you take back height and angle into consideration when you purchase your couch. If you’re looking for a couch with ultimate comfort, a higher back that is angled will let you easily relax. Low back couches are nice for sitting in waiting rooms, but not the ideal situation for watching a movie. So look for a couch with a higher back that lets you sink into the couch and provides amble back support. A couch that is close to a ninety degree angle, such as a couch with a tight back, also might not be comfortable for long periods of time. A larger angle already puts you in a reclined position

Pay Close Attention To Heights And Depths

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5. Fabric

The final element that can truly make or break the comfort level of your couch is the fabric. It should be soft and not too stiff, so you can cozy up for hours. Look for fabrics like microfiber or soft wool that is durable but still comfortable. Make sure you test the fabric against your bare skin when shopping for a comfortable couch. The fabric should also be easy to clean, so if there are spills, you won’t ruin your couch.

After your bed, your couch is probably where you spend the most time in your bed. Investing in a high quality couch, and spending time to design or search for one that you find most comfortable is well worth it. You’ll be glad you did, every night that you end up bringing the family together to watch TV, play board games, eat dinner, or just enjoy each other’s company on your comfortable couch.

Final Say

I know how important it is to find the right couch. While some of you may not be after the world's most comfortable couch, others won't stop until they find it. If you can focus on the 5 tips above, there's no question you're going to find yourself a comfortable couch.

In the end, it'll all be worth it!

Let The People Speak!


Frank Atanacio from Shelton on July 02, 2018:

things to check .. I agree with you... if you want comfort these helpful hints are useful...

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on June 27, 2018:

Nice tips and suggestions to select a comfortable couch!

Comfort, style and price, everything has to be taken into consideration.

Thanks for sharing these important points for selection.

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