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Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables

5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables


Growing Upside Down Tomatoes

Upside Down Tomatoes Growing.

Upside Down Tomatoes Growing.

Upside Down Tomato ready to be hung upside down.

Upside Down Tomato ready to be hung upside down.

Upside Down Tomato Growing.

Upside Down Tomato Growing.

There are three key reasons to grow upside down tomatoes.

1. There is better air circulation around your tomatoes and therefor your tomatoes should remain disease free.

2. Your tomatoes won't rot hanging in the air the way they will laying on the ground. When your tomatoes are grown upside down you will find that your tomatoes will be much healthier.

3. Most garden pests and critters that would eat your tomatoes growing on the ground won't be able to get to your upside down tomatoes.

You can ask at some of your area restaurants and cafes if they will save some 5 gallon buckets with lids for you or you can purchase some at flea markets in your area.

When you have your buckets you will want to pull the lids off and wash them well with soapy water and be sure you rinse them well. You will want a 3 inch hole in the bottom and in the lid. Now fill your buckets full of good potting soil and black cow manure. You can get both at your local farm and garden store or at your local Walmart. When you fill your buckets you want them completely full. And you want the mixture to be 80 percent potting soil and 20 percent black cow manure. Use a piece of paper and duct tape and cover the hole in the bottom of the bucket. Now go purchase your tomato plants and plant one tomato plant in the hole in the lid in each of your buckets.

When your tomato plants are well started you are ready to hang your tomato plants upside down. If your buckets have handles you will want to check and make sure they are secured well so they won't give way and drop your tomato plant on the ground. If your buckets don't have handles you can cut or bore three holes near the rim of your bucket and use strong rope to make handles. Keep your holes small enough that the rope fills up the holes completely. And you can now grow up side down tomatoes and you won't have to purchase expensive upside down tomato containers.

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5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables

It was once common for people to grow their own fruits and vegetables but as time went by and as the modern supermarkets sprung up all over the United States even in the more rural areas people gave up on growing their own foods and started to purchase everything from the supermarkets.

In recent time however with the bad economy people have once again started to explore growing their own produce again. And here we give you five reasons for growing your own vegetable garden.


In case you don't know fruits and vegetables taste better and are much more healthy for you if you eat them as soon as possible after they are picked. However the produce you find in supermarkets is often picked half ripe to extend shelf life and this always has an impact on flavor. You can do your own taste test. Try a tomato that has turned ripe on the vine and one you picked up at the supermarket and see which one tastes better. If you've never tasted a tomato straight off the vine then you're in for a real taste treat when you eat the first tomato you grow. I promise you that your taste buds are in for quite a treat. Try a tomato sandwich made with slices of a tomato you grew and mayonnaise on good wheat bread accompanied with a glass of ice cold sweet milk and you will begin to understand why freshness is so important.


Supermarket produce is never going to taste as good as those fresh tomatoes you grow or that sweet corn from your own garden. I know I just simply love to grow my own squash because those shipped squash in the supermarket are never going to taste like those I get up early in the morning to pick before the sun gets hot. And let me tell you about those green onions. You will never in your life find a green onion that tastes anything like the one you pull from your own garden.


Supermarket produce is so overpriced its ridiculous. When you grow your own produce from seed its about as inexpensive as its ever going to get. And even if you buy already started vegetable plants for your garden your still going to save money and the taste of your own fresh home grown produce is going to beat the taste of any store bought produce hands down.


More and more people are starting to worry about where the produce they eat is grown and what kind of chemicals was used to grow it. When you grow your own produce you know exactly how your produce was grown and what chemicals was used on it. You can plant marigolds with your tomatoes and your tomatoes will be pest free. Grow a couple of containers of peppermint in your garden and it will help to keep your garden pest free and you will be able to use some of the mint in your cooking and you can make a wonderful tea from it. But be sure to grow your mint in a container or containers because if you plant your mint in the ground it will take over the whole garden. Rosemary is also another great herb to grow in your garden and it will also keep away garden pests. And you won't believe how great a pork roast tastes cooked with sprigs of freshly grown rosemary.


There are thousands of varieties of fruit and vegetables but your local supermarket only stocks the most popular fruits and vegetables. When you grow your own fruits and vegetables you can pick out and grow the varieties you like and you can also pick out and grow vegetables that you're never going to see in the supermarket.

Upside Down Tomatoes

Upside down Tomatoes are easy to grow and you can easily make your own upside down tomato containers and save the money you would spend for the manufactored upside down tomato containers. And the tomatoes grow much better hanging up side down. Post your comments below about upside down tomatoes.

Upside Down Tomato Being Grown In A Manufactured Upside Down Tomato Container.

Upside Down Tomato Being Grown In A Manufactured Upside Down Tomato Container.

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nathan on February 27, 2013:

its great thank you

mandymoreno81 on December 03, 2011:

Well written hub. There's nothing like making a stew with vegetables you grew organically and picked that day :)

psychotropia from United States on October 24, 2011:

Thanks for sharing very good information on 5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables.

kdupree on May 26, 2011:

Thanks for the information.

Ultimate Hubber on May 06, 2010:

Yup, freshness and quality is why I want to grow my own fruits and vegetables.

MCWebster on April 26, 2010:

Great hub. The reasons listed are all part of why I love growing my own fruits and vegetables every year.

couponalbum from Sunnyvale, CA on April 01, 2010:

I love tomatoes but growing them in a garden often creates and the problem and the quality is also not good. Growing tomatoes upside down has proved beneficial for me too! Liked your hub. I have joined your community and would like to invite you to join mine.

lee trim on March 09, 2010:

What is the most common excuse people use for not growing their own fruit and veg

bigmikeh from UK on June 01, 2009:

I've grown tomatoes some years, and never come across growing them upside down! I might just try it this year. Thanks for the info!

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