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5 Easy Habits to Keep a Clean & Organised Kitchen

Let’s face it the kitchen is probably the most important part of the house, in fact most would go as far as to say that it is the hub of the house, the part where every member of the family congregates, the essential heartbeat of a loving home. Then why is it that there are quite a few people out there (you know who you are!) that seem to leave the kitchen off the cleaning list? Now that is not to say that those people are lazy, I think it will be more to do with the fact of feeling overwhelmed from an accumulation of things.

After all we all know how easy it is to have cooked yourself a slap up meal, woof it down and then look over to the mound of dishes that have piled up and think I will tackle that tomorrow. The only thing is, that when it comes to dishes cleaning does not come tomorrow, just more dishes from breakfast, lunch and then once again after tea. This very quickly leads to a sense of being overwhelmed, almost clueless as to where to start, before you know it the rest of the kitchen gets backed up too.

Well not all is lost because if you develop even just one of these daily habits and maintain it consistently day in day out then you will begin to feel less overwhelmed. Even more so if you consistently complete all 5 of the habits you may even end up having a glistening kitchen like the ones in the Flash adverts!

These habits may seem like common sense to some of you, whilst others may seem like a revelation, all that I know is that they keep my kitchen looking fresh whilst being simple and quick to complete on a daily basis.


1. Clean As You Go

This habit is one that will more than likely have the most effect on keeping your kitchen squeaky clean, this is because if you clean as you go you will be reducing the amount of cleaning to be completed after your meal. The art of this is to chop and prepare everything in one go. I even have a plastic Tupperware tub to discard any waste, as well as additional Tupperware tubs or bowls/plates to put your chopped veggies, meats or fruit etc in. This means that you can easily discard your waste in a fuss free manner straight after you have finished all of your chopping.

Following that, the next part of cleaning as you go is to wash all your knives, utensils & tubs as soon as you have finished with them. If you are having cereal etc & not chopping anything then simply wash your bowls once you have finished with them, the rule of thumb in our house is whoever has not made the meal does the dishes!

2. Put It Away

The dishes that is, seeing as you have already given them all a good wash why wait an hour or two for them to dry when you have a perfectly good tea towel or roll of kitchen paper begging to be used! This will mean that there are no unsightly mounds of dishes on your draining board and will also mean that when you next come to use something that it will already be in its place waiting to be utilised.

The other element to this habit is to put back any spices or sauces that you may have used for your meals, everything should have its place and instantly be returned there once finished with, keeping your cupboards nice and neatly organised.


3. Wipe Down Your Surfaces

Once you have an empty draining board the next step is to give it a wipe down with a hygienic cleaning spray. Obviously when you are wiping down be sure to hit the kitchen counter tops & the cupboard doors. The reason why I say to clean your cupboard doors is because of any spillages that can creep down from your work tops, leaving a clean looking kitchen from waist height up but like a mess down below.

4. Clean The Floor

If you have not been totally careful in when you have been wiping down by catching any loose debris in a cloth or in your hands, then you may begin to notice your floor being a little bumpy. Well them bumps need to be removed and you can do this by simply sweeping up or using the hoover to get all those bumps of loose debris off the floor. Once you know you have a nice flat surface it is time to mop, my ideal mop to use in this habit is a steam mop, just because they are slightly less fiddly and virtually clean your floor completely, leaving it fresh and instantly dry. However, if you do not have a steam mop, a normal mop will be perfectly fine to use, the drying time may just be a little longer.

5. Eliminate Cooking Odours

You can do this by opening a window which will allow any smells from cooking to freely flow outdoors and be replaced with fresh air. If you find it too cold to be opening a window then I would suggest lighting a couple of unscented tea lights for 10 or 15 minutes as this will also help with any cooking odours.

Again if you cannot open the window and candles are not really your thing then you could always go to your chosen air freshener. Just be careful that the residue does not settle on your kitchen worktops, this is something that I do not really recommend doing due to the amount of chemicals found in some air fresheners however if you cannot stand the cooking odours then this may be the step for you.

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Another alternative would be to simmer some spices in a pot on your stove, you could use things such as cinnamon and cloves or even any left over citrus peels. With this you must keep an eye on your simmer pot to ensure that there is still a good level of water remaining and that it is not boiling over. A simmer pot will take slightly longer compared to the other steps in this habit, however the smell from it can travel all around your house keeping it smelling lovely!

Well there you have it, you can now stand back and admire your clean kitchen.

I know the above habits may seem like they will take a large amount of time in your already busy day, however they are quick to complete and are definitely quicker than trying to clean 3 days worth of dishes and food debris all at once!

As always if you have any habits that you do to keep your kitchen looking clean that I have not mentioned then please let me know in the comments box below. Alternatively if you have used or are going to use any of these habits to bring your kitchen back under control then please let me know how you get on with them. Thanks for reading!


John Brotherton (author) from United Kingdom on March 03, 2019:

Sarah G that sounds like a good suggestion! Thank you for sharing.

Sarah G on March 01, 2019:

I place a sheet of newspaper on the counter and work over that. All my rubbish, droppings, crumbs, bits then All get collected a go straight in the bin. Old envelopes are good for waste food off the plate.

John Brotherton (author) from United Kingdom on April 03, 2018:

Thank you for your kind words Haley! :)

Haley Kieser from Arizona on April 03, 2018:

I loved the graphics throughout this post. Very well done!

Thanks for sharing :)

Brenda on March 29, 2018:

Habbits I cherish you have had good upbringing it's so easy to walk away but if you do it straight away as you say you can relax with out thinking about it with a clear mind . Love reading your blogs so very interesting and helpful x

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