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5 Common Causes of Air-Conditioner Breakdowns at Home

A house facade with an air-conditioner.

A house facade with an air-conditioner.


Having an air-conditioning unit installed in your house is definitely an investment. It does not only require a considerable budget out from your family’s savings but is also part of your everyday life for years. Hence, proper maintenance and care is a must to avoid unexpected sudden breakdowns especially in the summertime. You don’t want to see your wife and kids sweating in agony in the middle of the night because your aircon is broken. So make sure that you avoid the following mistakes.

#1 Skipping Yearly Check-Up

Although annual tune-up is a must for air-conditioning units, there are still homeowners who skip this and don’t seem to bother. Even if the unit is working efficiently based on your own judgment, it is still necessary to have it checked by the professionals in your area. This is to ensure that all parts of the system are working well. Comprehensive inspection should be done by those who are licensed, insured and experienced.

#2 Neglecting Air-Filter Change

Believe it or not, this is actually one of the top causes of air-conditioner breakdown in Dearborn, Michigan simply because most homeowners are too busy to check their units. Air-filters accumulate dust the most and you want to change them soonest in order to prevent airflow blockage that can result in machine overwork. If you are worried about your spending, try to check out washable air-conditioner filters. They are easy to maintain and can last for years. You just have to regularly wash them.

#3 Failing to Clear Up the Area

Your air-conditioner needs to breathe properly. There shouldn’t be any obstructions around it that may affect proper air circulation. So it is a big no-no to put anything above it or place it near bushes, grasses or worst, trees. When storms come, tree branches may fall off and hit the unit. So you have to make sure that the area around the aircon is clear, free from any obstructions. Also, don’t forget to check the inside portion of the unit. Some birds and other insects love to hide there because it is dark and humid and these creatures can cause blockage so eliminate them right away.

#4 Not Checking Leaks

Along with checking your unit’s air-filter, take time to inspect for any signs of water leak. Whenever you notice any signs, reach out to the nearest licensed and experienced air-conditioning technicians in your community to take a look at around the system including the condensate lines and drain pans. The sooner you report to them, the better; leaks can cause severe damage to your air-conditioning system if left unchecked or repaired.

#5 Not Replacing Old Unit

Old air-conditioning systems can actually cost you more in your electric bill than you think. Instead of saving, you are actually spending more for it. The older the machine, the harder it needs to work to operate as expected. Don’t hesitate to replace the unit. There are new aircons now in the market that are more energy-efficient, easy to maintain, and durable. So don’t wait for sudden breakdown to happen. Contact your preferred professionals to do this just like the most trusted air-conditioning Dearborn MI installers. They know the best aircon system for your house and most of all, they are experienced and insured to do the job.

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