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5 Big Ideas for Small Apartments


1) Divide and Conquer!

A shelf is great in a studio apartment for books and as well as being a storage solution, acts as a fantastic divider.

In the picture, the owner has chosen to place nice ornaments strategically, but if you prefer the whole unit could be filled for maximum privacy.

If you want to go funky with it, an idea would be to paint each section in different colors to really make a statement piece of it.

Fairy lights can be added to make the shelf double up as a light source too and depending on your ornaments could actually enhance the aesthetic value of the piece.


2)Office Space

An office space is possible when you match practicality with design.

In this case, the client has used book shelves to make a desk either side, so for example you can keep your necessary files on the shelf for reference when sitting at your desk.

Also the accessories such as cushion covers have been matched to the blue wall and this gives a lovely harmony for your working environment.

The symmetry is also nice for aesthetic purposes and means a couple can happily work here- provided there's no fights over who's on coffee making duty!


3) Room with a view

Remember that point about about making the most out of every nook and cranny?Most of us don't even realize the treasures our places hold.

The window is such a social area that it makes sound sense to have a window bench seat.

In addition to this it makes the space seem bigger as you are looking outdoors.

They are relatively easy to make and cushions can be purchased cheaply from the bargain store.

A table can be added to make it your eating area and lifted away again if you want a more open style plan.

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4) Dark versus Light

With a smaller space it is helpful to define areas with dark and light colors which makes the room seem bigger.

In the picture for example the kitchen has black black accessories, while the sitting area is painted white with matching white furniture.

Psychologically this helps the mind make that mental break between sitting room and kitchen even where there is no dividing wall.

This in turn automatically helps to lift the area and highlight boundaries.


5) Scandinavian Supreme

The Scandinavians bathe their homes in white as they know this is the key to making a place look bigger and keeping it fresh in those long dark winter months.

Scandinavian style decor looks crisp in a small space and can be borrowed from to brighten up your studio apartment.

Another very clever idea would be to add big mirrors opposite windows as this is a great visual trick to make your room seem much larger than it is.

As well as a pallet of mainly white, they bring earthy tones such as wooden accessories to add warmth to your white interior.


Stephen Kelly (author) from Ireland on September 28, 2013:

Thanks Ezzly, it's amazing how many great ideas there are for small spaces!

ezzly on September 28, 2013:

Great tips and very helpful ideas, thanks ! Think I'm going to try to recreate the home office

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