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5 Beautiful Bathroom Renovation Ideas


Rustic Bathroom Remodel

This style has a feeling of a space that has existed years ago and transported into a new renovation.

The aim here is to find items from architectural salvage shops which specialize in the area of antiques.

Remember, the older the piece feels the better for this themed bathroom remodel.

Think of period dramas rather than MTV Cribs for example.


Charming Eclectic

A cocktail of styles creates the eclectic revamp that your bathroom needs.

The best thing about this theme is that it never really goes out of fashion.

So whether you want to mix coastal style with rustic or industrial with modern there are no real rules to it.

In the photograph, the owner has mixed farmhouse with rustic and the blue wood gives an interesting hue to the space.


Natural Elements

By using richer finishes such as stone and wood , you create a lovely warmth in your bathroom.

It is possible to find such items in homeware catalogues and need not cost the earth.

Wooden furniture mixed with limestone tiles also has a clean sense to it and is great for minimalist lovers.

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As an added bonus this kind if bathroom is very easy to clean and looks welcoming when guests come to stay.


French Fancy

With so much history and culture, it's little wonder why many people choose to go with a French themed bathroom remodel.

This French style inspired bathroom is based around a cream and black palette with use of the typical black and white tiles.

The mock fire place gives a sense of antiquity while the curtains around the bath add drama and almost feels as if Queen Marie Antoinette herself would be bathing in this room.


Country Chic

There is something very inviting about country style decor that appeals to everyone.

In this case, the client has used dark oak in the washroom which evokes images of a quaint country cottage.

The wooden frame with double sinks is great for a couple, each can have their own basin and that means clean up too.

The white walls are great for a big space and makes the room look even larger than it actually is.


DraftingSPACE on October 23, 2014:

I love the rustic style. Is that whole room a bathroom though?

Emma on August 10, 2014:

Hi the grey times on the walk behind that bath, do u know what they're called please?

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