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4-Step-Guide To Making Your Bed

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How to make your bed?

A neatly made bed makes the room feel less hectic and can be the first step in getting a good night’s sleep. Here are a few tips and pointers on how to properly make a bed.

Gather Everything

A simple way to make the bed is to include fitted sheets, flat sheets, a blanket, a top sheet, and pillowcases. Gather all these supplies, and if needed for comfort, include a mattress pad. This all depends on the individuals sense of taste and style.

Remove your linens

First, remove all the used linen and place it in the washer. Next, shake the mattress to remove any dirt. Vacuum the mattress or turn it over to change mattress sides.

Place the Bottom Sheet.

After cleaning the mattress, place the bottom sheet on top of it. When using a fitted sheet, simply slip the corner pockets over the corners of the mattress and adjust the sheet so it fits around the mattress completely. When using a flat sheet, tuck in the sheet at the foot and then at each corner.

The Top Sheet

Finally, place the top sheet. The top sheet should be placed evenly on the bed. At the top, leave a few inches of the sheet to fold over the blanket, or place it evenly with the top of the bed. At last, place the blankets and pillowcases on top of the sheet, and get ready to sleep.

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