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4 Signs You Might Need to Have Your AC System Repaired


Every homeowner hopes that their air conditioning unit will take them through summer without breaking down or increasing energy bills. Besides, no one wants interruptions to their home’s cooling in those hot months. Therefore, AC repair is the last thing you would want to put off unless you want your unit to run efficiently. It’s wise to call a technician immediately if you notice anything wrong with your AC. The following are some of the telltale signs you are due for AC repair and it’s time to call in a professional.

Increased Utility Bills

One of the obvious ways to tell that your air conditioner needs repair services is an unexplained spike in the utility bill. A faulty air conditioner is forced to work harder than it should cool your home, so it drains more electrical power. Therefore, if your current month’s utility bill has spiked compared to the previous month, consider calling a repair technician for immediate repairs. It’s a good idea to always review your electricity bill to see how much energy you are using each month. Always know what your typical usage is so that you are able to spot an issue when you receive your bill. Compare your current electricity bills to last month’s to notice any trends in increased use. This is one of the best ways to take responsibility for your AC repairs.

The AC Is Cycling on and Off Rapidly

It’s also known as short cycling. If you notice that your AC runs for a short time and cycles right off without completing its full cooling cycle, there’s a problem. The air conditioner doesn’t cool down your home as it should because short cycling prevents it from running long enough. That’s a telltale sign that you need an AC repair technician to inspect the unit and fix it. This is a sign that can easily go unnoticed if you aren’t paying attention. It’s always a good idea to listen for your AC to come on and see how long it stays on. Don’t just avoid this problem with your AC and always be on the lookout.

Strange and Loud Sounds From the AC

Air conditioners make some sounds as they run. However, weird and loud sounds shouldn’t be ignored, such as hissing, rattling, grating, or clanging. They are warning sounds that your air conditioner is failing. Also, overlooking any strange noise from an AC could break down the unit completely. Even if the sound might seem like it isn’t too concerning, call a professional just in case. The repair technician will inspect the unit to understand the causes of the weird sounds and fix them before the issue extrapolates. This is another sign that you might not be able to catch unless you are listening for it, so it’s another reason to always be aware of how your AC is running so you can catch issues early on.

Insufficient Airflow

Poor or insufficient airflow is a sign of a failing air conditioning unit. It shows that the unit has a blockage that prevents the ductwork from circulating air in your home. Some possible causes of insufficient airflow may include clogged air filters or a broken motor. It’s advisable to hire a repair technician to determine the cause and to fix the air conditioner. Remember that insufficient airflow could cause poor indoor air quality. If you notice your home isn’t getting as cool as it normally does, this is a sign of insufficient airflow. If you find yourself never being able to feel cool enough, make sure you have your HVAC serviced. The solution could even be something as simple as having your ducts cleaned out to eliminate any blocks in airflow.

Ensure to hire a licensed and experienced technician to fix your faulty air conditioner if you spot any of the above signs. Call a repair technician right away if you have noticed signs, such as strange sounds, short cycling, or insufficient airflow. Regular AC maintenance can also help to prevent most air conditioning issues. Getting your AC system repaired right away will help you prevent more serious and expensive issues with it down the road.

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