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4 Rooms That Need Decoration Before Summer Starts


Your family might be looking forward to summer as a time to spend outside. The days will be longer than any other time of year, and in many places, kids will be out of school. Whether it's just relaxing in the yard by yourself or having friends and family over for a cookout, a lot of time will be spent outside. That doesn't mean you should ignore your home's interior, however. Here are four rooms that need decoration before summer starts.


You might spend a bit more time than usual here just washing off the sweat from the heat, humidity, and outdoor activity. If you have a darker or heavier shower curtain, then it's time to swap it out for something lighter or even solid white. A linen robe is a great thing to have to hang nearby for that classic staycation look, and waffle towels match the season well for their casual aesthetic, fast-drying action, and light touch.

An interesting addition to any bathroom would be a collection of seashells. Seashells speak volumes when it comes to a summer vibe. If you aren’t in the mood for the sea, or if you just live far away, you might consider a simple collection of stones. If you made a basin for the stones, it could serve as an excellent place to hold soap or to put under your towel to catch water.

Living Rooms

Think natural wood, organic weaves, and light textiles. The natural quality of these materials will lend itself well to the heat of summer. Also, look for woven baskets that are a good touch that can work with many existing decor elements. Sheer window coverings are great for letting in a lot of light while supporting the seasonal vibe of the room.

Bring in some spark with a bright throw blanket and pillows to match. The colors will add to the warmth of the room and will add a nice setup for anyone taking an afternoon nap. And for a creative piece to add to the living room, look no further than a fountain. The gentle flow of the water will add to the feeling of the room and will create a calm atmosphere.

Eating Areas

Your kitchen and dining room should reflect the light and warmth of the season. If your current 5 piece dining room set doesn't quite match this, you can simply put a light-colored table cloth over it to change the whole room's vibe. The table is the centerpiece of the room and should get the attention that it deserves. Add decorative elements on top of the table to give it some dimension.

Flowers and fruit bowls are definite seasonal touches, and a bar cart for drinks and snacks can come in very handy when anyone comes in to cool off. Another fine addition to any eating space is art. Find suitable art for the summer, and add it to the room. And if you are feeling crafty, why not make a custom piece of art for your dining room? Then it is sure to have your personal, unique flair.

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What goes with the summer season? A nice bedroom. Breathable cooling fabrics help you sleep well at night, while a large mirror makes the most of the sun when it's out the longest each day. A potted plant is just the right touch to signify nature's leafy life when it should be at its annual zenith.

Another, albeit practical, addition to a bedroom’s decor is a fan. While most fans are industrial by design, you can find several that have a more relaxed feel to them. And with the summer heat approaching, you will thank yourself later.

No matter how much time you plan on spending outdoors during the summer, you're not going to live out there 24/7. You'll come in when it finally gets dark, when it rains, or when it's just too hot. Having these rooms decorated before summer starts frees up your actual free time in the summer. And gives you comfortable and stylish places to relax when not having fun outside. So take a look around, pull out those decorations now, and get crafty when you need to.

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