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Sweet & Simple: Mini Crib Bedding Sets for Girls

Mini Crib Sets for Baby Girls

Image credit: Baby Girl mini bedding crib set shown here and helpful, tissue paper pom pom how-to video is available below.

Image credit: Baby Girl mini bedding crib set shown here and helpful, tissue paper pom pom how-to video is available below.

Simple & Sweet Decorating: Mini Crib Bedding Sets for Girls

Creating a tranquil space for your baby girl shouldn't be a chore, costing you in time, energy and money best spent for the bigger things involved with bringing home baby.

And keeping things simple ~ especially in a smaller, nursery room ~ can actually lend to the space's tranquility being on the less-extreme side of decor. It's very easy to get carried away with the impending arrival of a new little girl . . .er . . . princess where we want the biggest and best.

But keeping things simple is smart and best begun with your little girl's bedding, as many pieces are more for show than practicality. It may seem a bit harder to make a nice impression with less but with my decorating tips we'll take a blank slate and transform it into your little girl's first castle.

After all, she is a princess.

Scroll down for the sweetest in three and four-piece, mini crib bedding sets for your baby girl along with my decorating tips and helpful, how-to videos to make a plain space a great space you'll both love.

Baby Girls' 3-Piece Pink Mini Crib Bedding Set Under $50 : Bananafish 3 Piece Crib Set, Leopard Diva

Baby Girls' 3-Piece Under $50 Pink Mini Crib Bedding Set: Little Bedding 3 Piece Comforter Set, Miss Ladybug


Getting your Nursery Focal Point Started

Your crib will make the ideal focal point in your newly-appointed nursery. It makes sense to go as highly-visual as possible while keeping within your budget.

Ideally, you want your crib bedding to contrast against your space's wall color and command all the attention upon first glance. Bright pink is a good option if you want to go girly-girl.

Here's a mix of genres suitable for a baby girl's nursery. You can be as cute or 'fluffy' as you'd like; just study the design and go with what catches your fancy.

Using high-contrast, budget-friendly bedding-- albeit mini crib sets--like these bright pink ones, will make easy work of your first step at creating a spectacular focal point and lovely, finished nursery for your little girl.

Mini Crib Sets: An Extra Measure of Safety

Less is More

It's been well documented that less is best when it comes to in-the-crib bedding and crib safety for newborns. I shudder to think I was among the 'lucky' moms from decades ago where we were encouraged to put baby to bed on their abdomen.

Newborns don't have the ability to lift their head and reposition it if breathing is interrupted. Using >less bedding with these mini sets inside the crib is a smart start: you don't want a puddling of blanket material to gather around your little girl's nose and mouth. Very scary.

Here's a look at practical but lovely mini bedding sets ~ just enough for a dramatic impression but less fuss. And money.

Cute Owl Nursery Theme


Getting Baby's Wall Color Right

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Cute Owl bedding sets are very popular in nurseries these days. You've the option to create a woody look or keep to pastels for a girly~girl affair. Here's two such cutesy owl 3-piece mini crib sets for baby girls' nurseries with their tell-tale, pastel pink base.

Bathe walls in pink or opt for a color you've pulled from the bedding set, like greens, lavender or tans. Each color will produce a dramatically different atmosphere, so it's best to have several samples custom mixed at those big-box home improvement stores. Brush each color on all four walls and look at it morning, noon and night to get a feel for how the color plays with the day's light and shadow.

You'll find your perfect wall color if it's in keeping with the bedding set's tone. Decorating gets easier from here, I promise!

Baby Girl's Nursery Room Decor for Bedding

Baby Girl's Nursery Room Decor for Bedding

Budget & Brilliance: Wall Decals

The Versatile Cute Owl Design

Isn't this cute owl wall decal the cutest, ever? Making wall art work in your space is easy if you bear the size of the wall versus the art in mind. My biggest rule: go as big with the art as your wall area will support. Too many little pictures will result in a cluttered look that you don't want for a restful look and feel.

Wall decals are my absolute faves for art in most spaces ~ nursery rooms especially ~ they're removable, reusable, wipeable (BIG bonus in kids' rooms), easy-to-apply and are amazingly cheap.

You've also the option to create a huge mural by cutting or adding pieces from two or more wall decals. Draw your idea out on a piece of paper. Create a flower garden, magical forest, castle; the themes are endless.

I've included a Youtube video tutorial for applying wall decals below. Be warned, though: see how easy wall decals are and you'll be hooked!

Wall Art Decals: Simple Solutions to Your Nursery's Decor

Black, White & Pink Flower 4-Piece Mini Crib Bedding for Baby Girl

Black, White & Pink Flower 4-Piece Mini Crib Bedding for Baby Girl

Black & White: Formal and Boutique Sweet

Black and white is a perfect unique compliment for pink. This four-piece mini crib bedding set is perfect for a visually stimulating focal piece for your baby girl's nursery room. It's ideal for creating a more sophisticated but sweet ambiance if that's where you're going with the room.

Pair the bedding set with pink accessories and bathe the walls in lighter shades of pink for contrast and the pulled-together look you're after.

Add your baby girl's name in wooden letters above and behind the crib or an endearing or inspirational wall decal quote to finish the look.

Set The Mood: Cute and Cuddly or Prim and Precious? - 3 & 4-Piece Mini Crib Girls' Bedding Sets

Love Bird Banana Fish Pink and Lime Bay Girl Crib Set

Love Bird Banana Fish Pink and Lime Bay Girl Crib Set

Love Birds: A Visual Treat

Bedding sets are highly visual when placed in the room's focal area. They've the ability to make a huge impact on the room's 'flavor' ~ its message. Will your nursery be cute and fun or posh and princess?

Pink & Green Lovebird 4-Piece Mini Crib Bedding Set for Baby Girl's Nursery Room by Bananafish

Luxury-Style Paisley Mini Crib Set


Your Nursery Set: Express Your Room's Voice

Your crib bedding will be your biggest indicator of the room's decor palette, introducing and defining its theme.

While you may have your sights set on a color and even a themed subject, crib sets can have quite the different personality. Can you see the difference in the 'messages' each bedding set proffers?

Pink & Lime Mini Crib Set with Pleats

Wall Paint: Use Color to Betray Your Nursery's Vibe

Decide your space's personality early on ~ before painting, even. Then, proceed accordingly, keeping with the same genre and color tones. Pastel or primary hues, sophisticated or simple, fun or fussy. Stay on board with your decor and you'll have a cohesive, pulled-together look you will both love.

Aren't the green and pink paper pom poms adorable? While they make quite the impression, they're easily handcrafted if you're up for a few minutes of creativity. Very easy to make, I was happy to find the tutorial and include it in video collection below.

4-Piece Mini Crib Animals Bedding Set for Girls

4-Piece Mini Crib Animals Bedding Set for Girls

The Value of Color ~ A Happy Medium

Pink Jungle Theme Mini Crib Bedding Set

Infants are attracted to color and an animal or jungle theme is a great way to stimulate your baby girl's interest with its many colors and characters.

With jungle themes, you've the option to go pink or brown, cutesy or earthy and the walls can go any way you want as well.

Here's one such jungle theme mini crib bedding set that has all the elements of versatility. While pink and likewise pastel colors are often the favored color choices, really the brighter colors are more stimulating for infants visually and cognitively. This multi-color set may be the happy medium you're looking for.

Flora & Fauna Baby Girls' Crib Bedding

4-Piece Lizzie Mini Crib Bedding Set

4-Piece Lizzie Mini Crib Bedding Set

Bedding Safety: Why Less is More

I just love color! As I mentioned above, color is important for newborns. Their eyes don't sharply focus; studies have shown they greatly appreciate patterns and contrasts over solid colors or low-contrasts design.

It's best to paint walls a less bright color, as oranges and reds are stimulating colors and baby may have a tougher time settling down come naptime where you're not able to block those lively walls (at night, just turn out baby's light) . Not good.

I love this sweet, Cotton Tale Designs Lizzie 4-piece mini crib bedding set. It has a spirited and artsy look to it that's quite unique and will certainly steal the show, earning it's keep as the main attraction in your space.

Easy~Peasy Wall Art

Cute Baby Girl's Tree Wall Decal

Cute Baby Girl's Tree Wall Decal

Easy-as-Pie Wall Decals: Create Your Own Space

The Versatility of Wall Decals

Mix & Match Ideas for a Spectacular Wall

Creating your own wall art from decals as I've mentioned is very simple. Take flowers and arrange them in any position that suits your space and taste. If you'll have a crib in the way, simply snip the flower and reposition it elsewhere.

I like the look of this tree decal paired with the crib bedding sets above. It will pair perfectly with flower, owls, jungle, and other bird design bedding. You can opt to use more than one set, using the flowers around the room for a spectacular mural effect.

The budget-friendly price makes it easy to go ahead with your plan to make a good element great.

Baby Girls' Pink Drum Shade Chandelier

Lighting Up Your Baby Girl's Nursery

Lighting is so important to your decor; it can make or break a space's ambiance. Overhead lighting can brighten a dark corner, rendering it a cozy reading nook where you and your baby girl can share a bedtime story.

Table lamps can serve as task lighting, illuminating the area you're most focused on.

Baby Girls' Pink Nursery Lamp

Use Lighting to Build Your Nursery Color Scheme

Lamps can also support your color scheme with whimsical shades and sparkling crystals absorbing and casting light and color about your room. I've included a few striking lighting fixtures above that will lend an extra air of sweetness to your baby girl's nursery.

If you're on a tight budget, I've included a video on down that you'll love. It's full of ideas for a beautiful nursery for next to nothing.

Lavender Butterfly Nursery Set for Baby Girls

Lavender 4-Piece Mini Crib Bedding Set

Lavender 4-Piece Mini Crib Bedding Set

Mini Baby Girl Nursery Set

The Lull of Lavender: Light Purple Crib Bedding

Lavender is the color of choice for lulling your wee one into naptime submission (oh, that sounds like music to us mom's ears!). It's quite the hue of royalty, sugar and spice.

If you'll be painting for the long haul, consider lavender, as girls love the purpley hue for some time to come.

I can see a white crib dressed in this 4-Piece mini crib bedding set with some decoupaged wooden letters above and behind the crib or a handmade natural mobile made from a tree branch with butterflies affixed to it with ribbon or fishing wire.

You'll love the ideas in the how-to videos below.

Decorating for Less Tutorials - Yes, You Can!

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