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3 Things No One Tells You About Moving to Hawaii—But They Should!

The endless beaches and flowers in your hair, amazing waves to catch and being lazy on the beach, great cocktails, great food, great people, great ambiance! It seems like you’ve just hit jackpot! But, there is more to Hawaii than what you see in postcards! After all, Hawaii is a real place, and like all real places, it has its issues. It’s true these issues are not deal breakers for many, but we thought it’s just best you should know about them, before the movers come to your door to help you move to Hawaii.


1. It Will Cost You

Moving to Hawaii might seem like being similar to moving to another state, but it will feel like moving to another universe. After all, you have waters to cross, and this will certainly add to your moving bills. You can use a moving calculator to get an estimate of costs, but don’t expect to pay less than $1,000…just to transport your vehicle to Hawaii. To this add the costs incurred by the actual moving vehicles that will take your “home” on the island. So, it will really cost you to move there.

Now, if you have pets, things will get even more complicated. Since this is a rabies-free state, your pets will have to be tested and quarantined before finding their way back to your comfortable coach. It will be stressful for both you and your pets, but once your pets pass the tests you will live happily forever, running on the beaches of Hawaii—although not many of them actually allow pets on their sand. Also, if you’re planning to rent a place in Hawaii, it will take you a while before finding an owner who will actually allow them inside.

Add to this list the fact that living in Hawaii is a bit pricier than living in pretty much any other state, and prepare your wallet. For example, if you are moving here from California, expect an increase of at least ten percent in the cost of living.


2. Everything Moves Slower

You don’t have to rush in Hawaii. No one else does it! After all, you’re living in paradise now, so there’s no need to hurry to get anywhere. And this applies primarily to traffic! If you were under the impression that traffic is light here and you can get everywhere on time, you’re wrong. Traffic is so much slower in Hawaii than in many other parts of the country. As a matter of fact, Honolulu has been awarded the prize for having the second-worst traffic in the USA, after Los Angeles. It seems that the average Honolulu resident spends about 50 hours annually in traffic, so prepare your audiobooks and motivation CDs, because you will have plenty of time to listen to them while being stuck in traffic…in paradise.

The slower part also applies to shipping your favorite products from the mainland to the island. You don’t have to be surprised if you won’t be able to find your favorite toothpaste or face cream in stores. An encounter with them might take even a few weeks due to the slower pace of the island. The Internet might not be slower here than in other parts, but it can suddenly disappear due to numerous power outages. Nobody knows exactly why electricity goes rogue, so there’s no cure for it.

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Honolulu Beach

Honolulu Beach

3. Cockroaches, Allergies, Tsunamis and Shark attacks

Well, yes! You need to think if you can face the stress of living on an island because, besides the waves and beaches, there are also all that mentioned above and more. Bugs too live on this beautiful island, and it seems that they love it here, because they are everywhere, including your hair, clothes, and plates. Accept them, embrace their existence and learn to live in harmony with them!

The weather is perfect for swimming and surfing all the time, but it also a great environment for sneezing and wheezing, the vog allergy really hitting those sinuses, as well as for itchy throats and scratchy eyes. This is also the place where tsunamis and shark attacks become real and, although they happen rarely, you will have to live knowing that you’ve just added one or two more possible death causes to your list.

One thing is sure—you will be very busy in paradise, with all these scratching and sneezing, categorizing bugs, hiding from tsunamis and avoiding sharks.

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