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3+ Famous Types of Shag Rugs

Shag Rug

Shag Rug

We are spending our lives in this era of technology and advancements. The progress in technology made everything easy and comfortable. The industries and businesses are revolutionized and digitized incredibly. The remarkable progress in sectors around the world increases production and helps people to grow their businesses. Interior designing and decoration is an old trend. It became more popular in the modern age due to technology and the internet. Online shopping is a hot trend in the present age, and people love it. Area rugs are the best decoratives that are available on the internet. They are adorable, and they have several types that are ideal for decorating any place in this world. They are readily accessible on the internet at reasonable prices. They are excellent for enhancing the entire look of your home. Shag Rugs are elegant and antique rugs. They are incredibly comfortable and soft and available in various colorful and striking shades that bring life to your dull movables. Their patterns are bold and classy that gives a perfect royale touch to your place and spreads calming vibes all around the site. We will discuss the features and types of shag rugs in this article.

What are Shag Rugs?

Area rugs are adorable, and they are available easily on the internet at affordable prices. They have various types, and they are all unique and wonderful. Shag rugs are a family member of the area rugs. They are notable and famous, and people like them too much. They love to decorate their houses with them. They have a funky and fuzzy look that illustrates your home and workplace beautifully. They have a furry texture, and they have a deep pile. They are incredibly soft and comfortable. Their patterns and color combination transform the whole area. The weaving of these adorable rugs takes place under the supervision of expert and skilled weavers. Wool and silk are the primary materials of these rugs, and people love these stuff very much.

Types of Shag Rugs

Area rugs are adorable, and they are available widely all over the world. Shag rugs are fluffy, and they have beautiful color schemes and patterns. They are accessible in varying shapes and designs. These rugs are adorable, and they create a lovely ambiance at your home with their features. They are warm, soft, and cozy. They are popular among people for their knotting techniques and intricate designs. Some of the popular types of Shag rugs are as follows.

Flokati Shag Rugs

Shag rugs are cool and famous. They are a perfect treat for all the rug lovers around the world. They are classy and elegant due to their composition and structure. Flokati shag rugs are the prime and the most expensive type of shag rugs. Their texture is like a sheepdog, and they are famous for it. They are the fluffiest type of carpets, and they are expensive too—about 90% of the flokati rugs made in Greece with the purest wool available on the earth. The prime colors of these rugs are white and cream. The colors are decent and sophisticated, and they look adorable when placed in a room or lounge. They are way too expensive than the other regular rugs. Their furry texture makes them unique and distinct from every different carpet. Their composition attracts the visitor's eye at first sight. They are excellent for warm footings in winters, and you will be delighted to feel the soft and fluffy wool under your feet. These rugs were not restricted to their prime colors. You can dye your favorite flokati rug to your preferred colors. It is easy to dye and use the carpets with your preferable colors to add charm and beauty to your house.

Flokati Shag Rug

Flokati Shag Rug

Leather Shag Rugs

Area rugs have a huge family, and they are in great demand all over the world. People love to decorate their homes and workplaces with these rugs. They are not so costly, and you can upgrade your home within your limited budget quite easily. Leather is the most luxurious and elegant material in the world. People love to use leather products around the world. Leather shag rugs are popular, and people are crazy about them. They are beautiful and elegant. Leather shag rugs demand great care and attention as compared to other area rugs. They create a calming and decent vibe at the spot, and people love them very much. They are not ideal for installing in heavy traffic areas because they are elegant and sensitive. Too much traffic can damage the leather rugs and spoil their beauty entirely. Always install the leather shag rug at a place with minimal traffic and choose the contrasting color for it to look good and beautiful. Keep an eye on your kids and pets at home, and you should keep them away from this beautiful rug; otherwise, pets will destroy the leather, and you have to pick a new one.

Leather Shag Rug

Leather Shag Rug

Synthetic Shag Rugs

Area rugs have a big family, and they have lots of unique and distinct features. Synthetic shag rugs are one of them. These rugs are impressive, and they can transform the area incredibly. Synthetic carpets are popular among people, and people love to use them due to their friendly nature and features. Synthetic rugs are popular because of their material and composition. Synthetic fiber is an excellent material, and it is easy to clean and maintain. Synthetic carpets are more durable and practical as compared to wool and other kinds of stuff. You can place them in heavy traffic areas, and they will not get dirty too quickly. You can wash them once a month, and they will stay at your place for a long time. These rugs are readily available in different colors and trims. Their coloring tones and patterns are more bright and unique than other regular mats. Choose your favored color and enjoy transforming your area with this exquisite synthetic shag rug.

Synthetic Shag Rug

Synthetic Shag Rug

Acrylic Shag Rugs

Area rugs are cool, and they have distinctive types and features. They have lots of options that help you a lot in home decoration. These rugs are incredible, and they help you a lot in cleaning and maintaining them. Acrylic shag rugs are popular, and people love to decorate their homes and workplaces with them. Acrylic rugs consist of artificial fibers that look like natural wool. They are cheaper, and you can get them quickly from the market. They are the most affordable of all the area rugs available on the internet. They are excellent to install at your home. You can put them anywhere in your house. You can dye them with your favorite color as well. They are perfect for drying, and the color will remain on them for a long time. They are easy to wash and clean. Try installing them in heavy traffic areas so that your house will not get dirty too quickly. You can use them in the washroom and kitchen also. They will provide foot grip and do not get wet soon from the water. Pick a contrasting color of the acrylic shag rug and transform your home with it.

Acrylic Shag Rug

Acrylic Shag Rug

Wool Shag Rugs

Area rugs are in great demand all over the world, and people love using them. Top designers and decorators of the world recommend using area rugs to stunning and decorate your place like a pro. They have many types and features that are readily available all over the internet. They have different materials and colors, and you can get them as per your needs. Wool is an excellent material, and it is ancient too. People love to use thread, especially in cold areas, to stay warm and normal. Wool is famous for clothing and decoration in older ages. The wool shag rug is an artistic kind of shag rug that twisting yarn represents a noodle-like structure of the carpet. The carpet is not too costly, and you can get it from the market within your budget. It is easy to clean and maintain, just like the acrylic shag rug. It is exceptionally soft and comfortable as compared to other regular mats. They are available in different sizes and shapes, and you can get them according to your requirements. Always pick a contrasting color for your room and lounge so that the entire spot will look classy.

Wool Shag Rug

Wool Shag Rug

Tips for Maintaining Shag Rugs

Shag rugs are special and unique. Their composition and structure are a bit unusual as compared to the other area rugs. They require special attention and care; otherwise, they will damage in no time. You have to take great care of them because they are sensitive and classy. Maintaining these rugs is always a challenge because of their composition and texture. Here are a few suggestions that will help you to clean and maintain them easily.


The vacuum is ideal for cleaning area rugs all over the world. But cleaning the shag rugs is always a challenge for people because of wool and its structure. You do not have to clean it as you clean the other area rugs. You have to be careful while cleaning it. Clean them row by row and slowly. It works only in low pile rugs. Shag rugs with high piles are not cleaned properly with the vacuum.

2.Synthetic Material

Synthetic material is excellent for cleaning and maintaining. If you have an acrylic shag rug, then it is easy for you to clean and maintain the carpet. You can wash it once a week to make it look fresh and new. The freshness of this material stays for a long time if you clean and rinse well.

3.Steam Clean

Steam clean is another way that will help you to clean and maintain the rugs effectively. It cleans the carpet efficiently and does not damage the material of the rug. It is a more manageable and effective way to clean the rugs.

Shag rugs are incredible, and they are unique. They are soft and fluffier than the traditional area rugs. They are sensitive and beautiful; therefore, you have to choose them wisely. People get confused and do not know much about these rugs and purchase them aimlessly. Purchasing an irrelevant carpet will result in a loss of money and time. We suggest the top online stores on the internet where you can get the premium quality shag rugs to beautify your home and workplaces.

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