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10 Ways To Achieve a Nordic Style Home Office for You

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Wide space, snow-white walls, panoramic windows that allow you to see the horizon and the incredible landscape, simplicity, and, of course, wooden material! Do you already understand which style are we talking about? Yes, it's all about Nordic style in the interior. Nordic style is one of the most popular modern trends in interior design today. Such popularity was ensured by its versatility and affordable solutions. Concise and cozy, this style looks equally good in large areas and in small apartments. How to create a good-looking office in the above style? Let's look at some ideas!

1. Add Light and Soft Colors with Bright Accents

Winters in the Nordic countries are long and dark, so the interiors are usually painted white to make the house as light as possible. This technique allows you to have a clean interior background and visually expands the space.

Nordic style in the interior is also light walls. An office with light walls always looks neater than a similar one in dark tones. And, of course, cooking in a kitchen with a Nordic design is much more pleasant.

2. Wood and Other Natural Materials

Wood in Nordic-style interiors is used to decorate floors, walls, furniture, and other items. In general, Nordic design has a lot of wood. But it’s some peculiar wood. It is usually the lightest tree, such as beech, ash, and pine.

In addition to wood, the Nordic design uses natural textiles, such as linen, metal, glass, fur, ceramics, leather, etc. Although, if you are against natural fur and leather, they can be replaced by high-quality artificial counterparts.

3. No Carpets Please!

Carpets are not popular in the Nordic interior. Instead, a "bare" (usually wooden) floor is predominant, covered in small places with rugs and skins. Skins give the interior a look of originality, right? Some kind of a modern cave.

4. Simple Lines

Nordic furniture design does not have exquisite shapes and unnecessary details. Modern simple oversized functional products with clean lines are much more common and are a defining feature of the Nordic style in design.

The furniture that is recommended to pick is very simple but multifunctional. The nordic style of the office is a simple solution not only for renovation but also for furniture. Of course, this also applies to the interior design of the living room and bedrooms. And any room! Although the balcony or veranda.

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5. Not Cluttered Space

Traditionally, many Nordic homes were small and could not accommodate many things. Now, even when there is a lot of space for things, the idea of ​​keeping the space clean and uncluttered remains an integral part of Nordic design. And it's not just about a stylish home, but also about a clean one. Agree with us on the point that keeping a minimum of things clean and tidy is much easier than a maximum.

Even psychologists recommend not to clutter your homes with things that are not used. According to these experts, the order in our heads can often be restored simply by cleaning the space. So Nordic style is not only about interior design, it's also about health.

6. Natural Lighting

Due to the fact that most of the year in the Nordic countries is quite dark, "preservation" of natural light is an important task. That is why Nordic interiors usually have large panoramic windows. They are either left as is (without curtains or drapes), or light transparent curtains are hung to get as much light as possible.

7. The Truth is Simplicity

The idea of not cluttering the space starts with the idea of having fewer things, this also applies to the decor. Therefore, in Nordic design, it is interesting but restrained and few. If we are talking about wall art, then try to pick some minimalistic or vintage items. For example, it can be a world map black and white that fill the office space look more classic.

8. Artificial Lighting

For the same reason, artificial lighting plays an important role. Artificial light is used a lot in that style. Nordic interiors have several types of lighting: pendant lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, candles, and more.

9. Cozy Textiles

Nordic style is about a lot of textiles: blankets, blankets, pillows, small rugs, and more. They add warmth and interesting textures to the interior. These items can be bought in stores, but handicrafts are especially valued in Nordic interiors - things made by the owners themselves, or received by them as a gift from some masters. In fact, such things are valued everywhere, not only in the Nordic countries.

10. Go Green!

In order to enliven the space, Nordic interiors usually have a lot of living plants. They decorate not only the interiors of kitchens, living rooms, or bedrooms but also bathrooms and… offices! A few green mates will help to make your working space more productive and positive.

After all, the details make the interior. It could be sculptures, different figures, or a special for you picture. By the way, a number of paintings can be selected on, which offers many variations, among which there are Nordic ones as well. Small details make the north interior as it is - special. Dare and everything will work out!

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