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10 Easy Houseplants for Beginners

Dasha is an avid gardener. She loves growing organic fruits and vegetables to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.


If you want your house to be really comfortable, indoor plants are essential. They please the eyes, and liven up the interior. Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to take care of our green house mates. We are busy with work, ourselves, children, the dog, repairs - anything except transferring and fertilizing flowers on our windowsills. In these circumstances, we need to choose easy houseplants which can survive in these difficult conditions.



This representative of the agave family has a well deserved reputation of being indestructible. If other plants do not work out for you - you should grow sansevieria. It is able to withstand shade and sun, dry air and cool, and is able to protect against the accumulation of harmful substances emitted by furniture and linoleum synthetics.

Transplanting of sansevieria is optional, except that the abundance of roots can split the pot. It can even bloom in bright sunlight, however, it does not tolerate over-watered soil and doesn't like to be kept at low temperatures very long. Reproduction occurs by dividing the rhizomes and leaf cuttings with mandatory pre drying the slice with the air. Long leaf is cut into pieces 5-6 cm long and planted in the sand. A few weeks later the leaves take root and produce small roots.



A rather undemanding plant, and is not difficult to grow even for beginner indoor flower lovers. It feels best in light or slightly shaded area. This can be attributed both to the sun-loving and shade tolerance, but in the shade it loses the bright colors on the leaves. It can tolerate direct sunlight for a few hours during the day.

Chlorophytum is a well-known and useful houseplant for the kitchen too. It can clear the room of harmful gases in minutes.



The most simple in its care - Dracaena Marginata and Dracaena Draco. They withstand neglect and shading. Others require more care, careful watering and frequent spraying. Nowadays, dracaena are ornamental decoration of houses and offices. Their exotic look attracts both professionals and amateur gardeners.



Overall, the Ficus - is the best houseplant for lazy office workers as well as housewives.



It is also called a money tree. It does not bloom, but it grows to an enormous size. The only thing it doesn’t like is being over watered and dark corners.

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If you have never grown a money tree, then it's time to fix it, because this houseplant brings prosperity, abundance and good fortune.



All common types of aloe - are typical succulents. Therefore they prefer bright direct light and do not like frequent watering. They prefer a sunny place, close to the windows, or on a bright veranda and in the summer the aloe can be taken out into open air. If the winter light was not enough, then in the spring the plant will have to be accustomed to direct sunlight gradually.

Also, do not try to create artificial lighting with fluorescent lamps during winter for them, this will only lead to elongation of the plants and the loss of decorative effect. It is better to keep it in a cool, bright place and watered once a month. Warm winter maintenance and abundant watering can cause root rot and death of the plant. In the summer Aloe is watered only after the top layer of the soil in the pot is dried.

This medicinal plant copes with wounds. Able to heal cuts and burns, can also cure a cold. A couple of drops of aloe in the nose during the day - and you can forget about colds.

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This Madagascan plant is quite indifferent to the composition of the soil. It can even withstand breaks in irrigation and poor lighting.



It grows up to 5 meters, so better "reserve" the required space under the flower. Monstera is not capricious, but requires light and periodic spraying.



These desert plants theoretically withstand all conditions - the bare sand, a complete lack of watering in winter and lack of light. Only with this approach do not expect them to have any color, or any significant growth.

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Living Stones

These unusually easy houseplants, from birth are accustomed to difficult conditions. Growing on rocks, in the winter do not need watering - they will fill your pot and in the spring will give flowers. Different in shape and color - "living stones" - are great collectibles.


Aloe Vera can help heal wounds, cuts and burns. According to US National Library of Medicine.

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