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50 Recycled Container Gardening Ideas


Wellie I Never!

50 Recycled Container Gardening Ideas

50 Recycled Container Gardening Ideas


Why Recycled?

For many who are challenged with space and lifestyle, container gardening for flowers, shrubs, vegetables and herbs provides the perfect platform to get the creative juices flowing. Apart from having a unique look, using recycled items will create a focus in your garden or living space that oozes originality, making the usual containers seem boring!

Ceramic Watering Can as Planter

Container Gardening Ideas

Thinking outside the box on what types of Containers can be utilized for gardening; can be enlightening, fun and very easy on the finances.

Household budgets are tighter with less disposable income available today. Different containers are all around us and are often everyday items crying out to be recycled and reused.

Before planting up your new containers, please do spare a thought for drainage issues and what the items are made of.

If there are any potentially harmful substances (e.g. residues from cleaning products), alterations and modifications may be needed as they were not originally intended as plant containers. With thorough cleaning, liners, drainage holes or other minor adjustments, you will be all set!


50 Of The Best

With so many possibilities are out there, here are 50 of my favourite container gardening ideas. Many may be hiding in your attic, garage or kitchen cupboards while others may be purchased at a low cost or even free. They are original, eyecatching and many would make great gift ideas. Look out for the slightly obscure, showing the sky’s truly the limit when it comes to imagination!


Containers From The Kitchen


1. Ice Cream Tubs – Given a wash, they make great starter plant containers.

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2. Tin Cans – All sizes may be used to give a kitsch look to an apartment for seedlings or starter plants.

3. Bread Pans – For seedlings they are a great, easily got and budget friendly container option.

4. Coffee Bags – If you are a caffeine addict (like me), this is an inventive idea for recycling the bags for hanging plants in. Many coffee bags are attractive and are made of durable plastic.

5. Juice Cartons – Yes, even Capri Sun cartons may be used as a starter plant idea!

6. Water Bottles – Ideal for seed planting with some minor adjustments.

7. Lunchboxes – Perfect for seedlings and starter plants.

8. Kettles - Old stainless steel ones work well with herbs displayed in your kitchen.

Oversized Coffee Cups

9. Porcelain china – White jugs or even soup bowls on a plate make very eye catching centrepieces for your patio tables with pansies, herbs, trailing Ivy or many low growing or trailing annuals. Oversized coffee cups planted look funky as centrepieces in cafes and coffee shops.

10. Mop Bucket – Stainless Steel or bright plastic, they are so versatile for indoor or outdoor.

11. Weaved Baskets – Attractive containers for indoor use planted up or look gorgeous holding small pots of herbs in the kitchen.

12. Picnic Baskets – With minor alterations, baskets look so inviting when full of plants and are ideal for indoors or outdoors depending on what material it is made of.

13. Plastic food trays (e.g ready to go fruit salad comes in these) – Ideal for starter plants or seedling trays.

Excellent Tutorials on Unusual Gardening Containers

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14. Colanders – The stainless steel ones are best but you could use brightly coloured plastic ones for bursts of colour. The beauty of a colander is it has the drainage holes already in place!

15. Recyclable Shopping Bags – Excellent if they are the waterproof kind with the liners already inside.

16. Old Sacks – Small ones such as sugar or flour sacks will give a beat up charm to any kitchen when planted.

Newspaper For Seedlings . . . Toilet Rolls For Starter Plants