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Your Love My Life Chapter 3 (Those Captive Eyes)


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So much that we will sink into your heart... !!!
The continuity of your heartbeat will get worse .. !!!

What is my princess doing? Can I come inside? yeah! sure You may come, of course...but what is it? Nowadays, you're really busy, you come home late for work, so now there's no such thing (Sanam says mischievously). Yeah, owing to the reality of work, I used to be busy in the closing few days. The pressure used to be too much, and now Baba and Taya didn't go along with Abu so... (Muzammil talks while sitting on the couch)
Abu is the very lucky dad of two daughters

Okay! Okay!
Yeah, Muzammil, kisses Sanam's face and says lovingly... What time is it for the test? It's two o'clock to have a look at.

Okay, I'm going to come home by 1:15, and then I'm going to drop you both to at work, OK. Yeah, it's real, Sanam says happily, let's go downstairs now, everybody's ready for breakfast. Let's go, Muzammil grabs the hand of Sanam and brings her down.


The breakfast table

Nadia Begum Azharan is no longer up, however (Shabbir Sahib asks while sitting at the breakfast table) Yeah, he's up.

Peace be upon you, Mama Baba (Azharan enters the drawing-room and greets Nadia Begum and Shabbir Sahib loudly)

Come with us, my hero, get some tea.

Well, thank you, my superhero. By the way, you have to be on the job at this moment with my valuable watch, My gift to my son. Now go what are you doing at home? You will get late for work. I love you my dad.

Yes, guy, this is an excuse for me to be late because your mother, who has to be allowed to go to work except for breakfast for a day, doesn't depend on how late it is, she just breathes after breakfast.

Loves me... Yes, this is what Shabbir Sahib says with love.

Wow, Al that sounds a lot like nonsense to me, seems like it's not for me either.

Yeah, Mommy is right. By the way, I can't see the place this princess is? She's not likely to have breakfast?

It's her entrance exam today. She's not even excited about it now. I even had breakfast in my room. Oh, there's a marvelous battle going on to satisfy Lala's wish. Only look, Baba, how much of my princess loves me...Yes, this is what Shabbir Sahib says with love. Dad love me, she says proudly

Well, Azi, what do you think of the future? You're telling Nadia Begum. Mom, I got the money from one or major hub. I'm asking you to join the Express. Nadia is asking Begum and Shabbir about the layout... I'm proud of the idea of my hero, looking at Shabbir Sahib Azharan, she says happily. Asked about your marriage, not all of them in Azharan, Nadia Begum appears in Azharan, and she states.

Please, I'm not in favor of worrying about this Mama. It's hard to hear the name of marriage in the accent of Azharan, Nadia Begum and Shabbir Sahib feel. But Azi, the age is also rising. You've spent several years in isolation, and now Samarin is just going to be three years old. Before she gets married, your dad and I want you to get married. Show the urge, too...

Mom, I don't want to talk about it, please. I don't have much experience in love. I'm really glad that I don't want to be frustrated with you and Baba in my life. So, under all conditions, I would not allow her marriage to happen. Yeah, when her dream comes true and she becomes a doctor, then, of course, I'm not going to discourage her from getting married, but not because she's still a child. Shabir Sahib and Nadia Begum go out and look at him. (regretfully)

Hurry up Saba, we're going to relax now. Sanam had been waiting for Saba for a long time, but Saba's training had not stopped. Sanam, it's just two minutes. Saba dear, we're not going to the wedding because you're getting so ready we're going to take the entrance exam now if you're not out in two minutes, then I'm going to leave you (Sanam threatens)...

Why is the frustrated girl getting so angry, Saba says when she's leaving the room... Let's go to bed now......

Sanam, this isn't your car buddy. How are we going to college? Yes, they're going to call Ali. He's going to go with us, too.

Why is he coming with us? ...

Since Grandpa told us not to go alone, so Baba said he would sit with Ali, why doesn't he drop us off and go to the office?he is the worried dad of two daughters

Time has gone and our grandparents have been left behind. Any time anyone sends us, there's a possibility we'll be able to go alone. Keep prohibiting all the time... Saba claims that, sadly...

Saba says we're going to be just fine...


What will your ideal husband be like?

My dream husband is meant to be like (Sikandar Shehryar)...

Please, I'm not in favor of arguing about it. It's hard to hear the name of marriage in the accent of Azharan, as Nadia Begum and Shabbir Sahib both sound.

Sorry, he's now a part of Lisa. You can't get him there. Saba says a bit mischievously.

I know that, too, but you asked for "an ideal husband"
I have clarified after I read the novel " My love dairy " (Sikandar Shehryar) that has been my ideal...

Now Saba is about to say something that Muzammil and Ali are coming to the car. Once it is seen, that becomes quiet...


Bro, I'm so afraid. I don't know how the exam is going to be?

(Samreen approaches and stares at the university anxiously.)

Relax Princess, don't think about it, you'll see very well. Well, you're off and to your lesson now. Take a look at this is about to begin soon. By the time I reach Asad, sir, you are now in the leading role. Just as quickly as your check is done, please take me. Okay, princess, Go now

This Saba wouldn't have known. I sent her to find out about a class. This lady is going to vanish by herself. Now, can I find the place? Just 20 minutes are remaining before the check begins. Sanam strolls so carelessly that she strikes the character in front of her, and the collision is so robust that Sanam sees the stars all day. Sanam looks like she's stuck with a rock for a minute.

My brain is now spinning because of the fear of the exam. I don't get where this stone wall comes from. In the middle of the flames, Sanam mutters as she caresses her head. However as easy as the character emerges in front of her Tall, strong frame, broad shoulders, white complexion, hazel novice eyes, maroon lips, dark thick hair with a smooth curl, A white T-shirt with a black leather jacket and blue jeans, with all its rationale, with demanding arrows. Have been watching.

Azhar, who is on his way to his pal Asad's workplace after losing Samarin in training, is approached by a guy coming from the front. He's been caring about what happened for a minute. The standing little lady has a creamy cream-like skin that was red in the light. Deep brown eyes with the artwork of harming someone.

A steep nose with a white diamond nose pin looks much more stunning. Once upon a time, there was a crimson lip with a mole that could only be considered for closer inspection. Honey-colored heavy hair, which was then stuck in a high-tailed pony, wore a long brown shirt and a brown belt. Undoubtedly, she used to be the Queen of Doomsday Beauty, but she used to be in front of her. Azhar Mirwani hated stunning girls.

I'm sorry, I was once involved with someone else, but I didn't see you, then I got here and I was in disagreement with you.

In response, he totally ignores her, has a look, except to make a mistake, except to answer her, walks out of Sahid in a rather arrogant way, and Sanam feels the smell of his Cologne around her...