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You Are in Love With a Fool Chapter 7

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You are in love with a fool - chapter 7

Hence William sprained his ankle and then he felt too lazy to go to work. So William decided to take a rest at home for two days.

The day before the exam, he was watching a movie on the couch when he got a phone call from Harrie.

William Glanced at the caller ID and pressed the mute button. He was too lazy to answer Harrie’s call.

Harrie didn’t give up. He kept calling.

Feeling so Annoyed, William answered the phone and answered lazily, “Can I help you? ”

“William, I heard from Evan that your foot got hurt. ”

“Yeah, I twisted my ankle. ”

“Are you feeling better now? How are you going to eat? ” Asked from Harrie.

William can feel the kindness from his young brother but he decided to be mean.

“How can I starve myself to death? ”

“Is there someone to take care of you? ”

“I just twisted my ankle, it’s not paraplegia. Why do I need someone to take care of me? ” William said impatiently, and ready to hang up the phone.

“Hey, William, Wait Up! ”

“What? ”

“Have you been medicated? Have you been massaged? If you don’t do something about it, it will take at least two weeks before you regain health. ”

“It’s not that much trouble. It’ll be over in a few days. ”

“Why don’t I bring you some medicine? People get hurt on our team all the time. I know how to deal with it. ”

William took a few days off and rested at home. He knew how comfortable he was,so he didn’t want to see Harrie at all.

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William simply rejected Harrie and said, “No, you’re taking the college entrance exam tomorrow. Don’t mess around. ”

“The teacher said there will be no class these days, I can stay at home. Please let me visit you. ”

“I Said No. ”

“William, please... ”

“Aren’t you being annoying? That’s What I hate you. How can a man be so long-winded? ”

Harrie gulped his words back.

“Take good care of yourself, don’t embarrass us at Brook’s!” William said curtly, and William Hung up the phone. He started to eat a snack.

William’s Foot wasn’t that bad. A twist wouldn’t hurt him very much.

He was in a good mood, but Harrie’s phone call makes him feel upset now.

He hurt his foot, so Evan should make a phone call himself, right?

What does Evan mean by letting Harrie make the call?

William couldn’t help but remember the redness in Evan’s ears and the way he looked that day.

William just couldn’t get enough of Evan. He wants to see him again.

William pauses the film, and the emptiness becomes even more apparent as the Silence Falls. He suddenly found the room too uncomfortable and too quiet.

He pulled his cell phone out of the crack in the sofa, found Harrie’s number, and dialed it back.

The other end answered quickly, “William? ”

“HMM. ”

“Do you want me to come over? ”

“No, I want to have a steak. ”

“Shall I pack it up for You from outside? ”

“If you don’t want to eat at home, come over and take me out for dinner. ”

“Yes, I’ll be right there. ”

“Hey, remember to get Evan with you. ”

“Ah... Evan? ”

“Never ask too much. ”

Harrie was silent for a moment, then hesitantly asked, “Why? ”

William stopped for a moment, then said firmly, “Evan is the Brown's grandson, it doesn’t hurt to get around. You two are on good terms now, so I want you to find me a suitable time for meeting with his big brother. ”

“Oh, I don’t know Evan’s brother. I’ve only met him a couple of times. ”

“I don’t know him very well either, so I’d better get acquainted with Evan. Why don’t you ask him out and have dinner with him? ”

“Okay... ”

A few minutes after he hung up, the phone rang again and William saw that it was Harrie again.

“Anything else? ”

“William. ” It's his father’s voice came over the phone.

“Dad? ”

“Hey, Harrie’s coming to see you. ”

“Yeah. ”

“I’ll tell him to grab his belongings and stay at your place tonight. ”

William said, “What are you doing here? ”

“You live in the center of the city, close to where he takes his exams, and tomorrow there will be a huge traffic jam. What if him being late tomorrow? ”

“You didn’t hear him that I had a sprained ankle and I couldn’t drive. ”

“I know. Even he takes a taxi tomorrow will be faster than going from home directly. ”

“Dad, I don’t have room for him here. ”

His father becomes angry immediately, “Damn it! let your brother stay a night with you will not kill you! ”

William rolled his eyes.

His father said, “William, you’re all grown up. He’s your little brother anyway. When we’re all dead, you’ll only have your brother. Do you understand? ”

His father had always wanted them to be brothers sincerely, and he always tried to keep them together in different ways.

None of this helped, William wondered, if his father understood that, from the moment he let that woman come into his house and drive his mother like that, he couldn’t be like Harrie’s brother for life.

It was generous of him to say so to Harrie.

“Yes, yes, ” said William lazily, “Let him stay with me as you wish please. ”

Then his father said, “HMM, ” and just as he was about to hang up, William said, “Oops. ”.

“What? ”

“Dad, Tell Harrie to invite Brown’s grandson. I’ve got plenty of room. I’ll take them together tomorrow. ”

“I'm not sure... ”

“Just ask. His dad and Big William have real powers, and you never know when you might need it. It never hurts to have a good relationship with the Browns. ”

“All right, I’ll have Harrie ask. ”

William hung up the phone, hoping that Evan would stay with him tonight, or it wouldn’t be any fun at all.

William waited at home for more than an hour until he was asleep on the couch and the doorbell rang.

Harrie did bring Evan along, which immediately lifted William’s mood.

Harrie came in and looked at William with concern. “William, How’s your foot? I’ll take care of you.”

“No, it’s all right. You’re not a doctor by the way. ”

“Let me see. I’ve got some oil. Let me give you a massage. ”

“No, no, come in and sit down. ” The polite words in the back were meant for Evan.

Evan greets symbolically, “William, How’s Your Foot? ”

“It’s no big deal. ”

Harrie sat him down, trying to look at his feet.

William was reluctant at first, but then, thinking that showing his swollen, steamed bread-like ankles would somehow stir up Evan’s guilt that it was okay for him to see them, he graciously put his feet on the couch.

Harrie rolled up his pant leg, looked at his feet, and frowned, “William, did you go to the hospital? ”

“No, no hospital. It’ll be over in a few days. ”

“You can’t do this, you can’t drive for a long time without dealing with it, ” he said, taking a bottle of oil from his bag. “I’ll give you a push. It hurts a little. Just Bear with me. ”

Before William could say anything, Harrie had already unscrewed the top of the bottle and poured a puddle on his feet. It was too late for him to say anything more.

Harrie carefully placed his foot on his thigh and began massaging his ankle gently too heavily, holding it in his hand.

Evan sat watching with a look on his face. He was a little stiff and didn’t feel comfortable in any position. He didn’t understand why Harrie was being so nice to this William, even flattering him.

He always knew what William had done to him, and it wasn’t Harrie’s fault that William had taken all his anger out on Harrie from an early age. He had always had a problem with William, and what annoyed him most was that no matter what William did to Harrie, Harrie would always say, “I William was really nice to me, ” and then go on to rub his nose in it.

Every time he watched William boss Harrie around, he felt that Harrie wasn’t worth it.

William doesn’t think so at all.

It seemed to him that no matter how much he bullied people, it was only natural that Harrie should try to please him. He was the eldest son of the Brook family, and he knew how to make a living, and how many people in the family lived high on him and his father.

Now his grandfather is old, his father is in charge, and he is the second one who can talk.

Well, to put it bluntly, one day his dad died, and he wasn’t in charge of Jane’s family. Harrie’s mother had no family background, and Brook had no one to look up to.

When the time comes for the mother and son to have a good life, it depends on his face, William Harrie is not stupid, he does not please himself.

So the last time Evan said Harrie adores him, he thought it was ridiculous. Harrie’s gonna wish he wasn’t in the world, William.

Harry’s hands grew heavy, and William bared his teeth in pain. “Ouch, Ouch, you’ve got a strong hand. ”

“If it doesn’t hurt, it won’t work. That’s the way to move blood. ”

“All right, all right, all right. It hurts so fucking bad. All right, stop. ”

“William, you have to hold it in so you can get better quickly. ”

“Fuck, I want to slow it down. Stop It! ”

William insisted on retracting his foot.

Harrie hugged him by the feet, almost coaxing him, “William, Will you just bear with me? ”

“No. ” William kicked him in the stomach, but he didn’t push hard enough to pull his foot back.

Unable to watch, Evan stood up, scowling. “Harrie, it’s for your own good. What are you doing? ”

When he said that, they both froze.

The Brook brothers had got used to the idea that one would fight and the other would suffer.

Harrie was embarrassed. “Evan... ”

Evan realizes he’s lost his cool and sits down frowning.

William frowned. I don’t know what he was so angry about, but did he kick Harrie? He pursed his lips, genuinely thinking it wasn’t a big deal, but Evan was a stand-up guy.

Harrie took a wet towel and wiped William’s feet. “William, don’t you want a steak? Let’s go. ”

“The driver’s license hasn’t come down yet. ”

“I’ve already passed the exam. ”

“Well, good. What kind of car do you want to drive for school? ”

“William, help me decide. ”

“Well, let’s see how you do. Take a good test and I’ll get you a nice car. ”

“Thanks, William. ”


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