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How To Write Thank You Notes People Will Love

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Being creative is what it's all about. Let's make some cute stuff! I hope you enjoy these ideas and that they spark your own fun projects.

Send a Note of Gratitude

A vintage card, or one that you create yourself with a software program could be the perfect vehicle for your message.

A vintage card, or one that you create yourself with a software program could be the perfect vehicle for your message.

The Social Grace of Writing a Thank-You Note

My grandmother always said she loved to get my thank-you notes.

Over the years I would sometimes receive compliments from others, as well; but my "notes" were not perfect. They were more like thank-you letters, and grew quite long with the news of my life and family members. The trouble with this is that such long letters took much time and pages of stationary to write.

They also became more and more scarce as I became busy with life.

Maybe this is your story, too.

However, I started to pay attention to the thank you notes that I appreciated getting from others. As I considered why I appreciated them so much, it changed my perspective on what makes a good thank you note.

To Aid You In Writing Punctual Appreciation

  • Samples of writing
  • Quotations
  • Tips for overcoming procrastination
  • Etiquette and F. A. Q.
  • Useful guide and card suggestions

This is written to share some of those thoughts and observations with you. Perhaps we can revive the art of writing a real thank you note, and writing it well.

Revive the Art of Expressing Thanks

Nothing says appreciation like a handwritten note that includes personal thoughts. Feel free to personalize the expressions inspired by this article to craft your own unique "thank-you"s.

Victorians Excelled at Letter Writing

You don't need to be an accomplished writer to send a cherished thank you. Just include the right sentiments from your heart.

You don't need to be an accomplished writer to send a cherished thank you. Just include the right sentiments from your heart.

Good Reasons to Write your Thanks

Why it is a great social benefit to learn how to write a note of thanks.

  • People like to be appreciated
  • It lets the giver know you received the gift
  • It is good manners to thank the giver

Cute Note Cards

Send Thanks with Pretty Stationary

"Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you'll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you'll find that you have more of it."

~Ralph Marston

You are more likely to write a proper thank you note if you have pretty notecards on hand. They make sending the notes you need to write a cinch. Not just because they are so cute, but because the note size is just the space you need to write the perfect thank you message: not too long, not too short, and never impersonal!

Choose Stationary to Speak Your Appreciation

Gain Writing Skills

"Practice makes perfect" is the old adage, and repeated for a reason. The more often you put pen to paper, the more easily the words flow.

Become known for your thoughtful notes of appreciation.

Write Regularly

While you might take lots of time at first, as you become proficient, a  short and thoughtful note can be sent off quickly.

While you might take lots of time at first, as you become proficient, a short and thoughtful note can be sent off quickly.

Tips on Writing a Welcome Thank-You Note

Many people tend to draw blanks when looking at a plain white page. You are not alone.

While it may take a little more time to write a thoughtful, well expressed note, it will really show your appreciation. When you take a few minutes to write from your heart it conveys your gratitude for the kindness of a gift .

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Do You Draw a Blank when Writing?

You don't have to be completely original, but do try to personalize your notes to people. Specify something about the service or gift you are thankful for, the way it benefits you, and maybe a little something complimentary about the giver.

If you have a close relationship to the person, include something of your feeling for them: appreciation for their love and support, the way they knew just what to give you, or the fact that the time, gift, or service was all the more welcome because it was from them.

The key word in following all this advice is to "be personal".

People appreciate that you value them, their efforts, and their gift, and that means expressing your thoughts in your own words, from the heart.

Thank You Note Advice Summary

  • Start with greeting the person, most people begin with "Dear" and the name and then say something personal to them, such as enjoying seeing them recently, etc.
  • Say "thanks" for the gift you received, describe and name it in specific terms
  • Tell them what the gift means to you or how you use it
  • Express a cordial thought towards the giver, which is expressing your warm feelings for their generosity, in some personal way
  • Repeat your thanks
  • End with your favorite closing such as "Love" "Sincerely" or "Best Regards"

...and that's it!

If you keep thank-you messages in a short "note" form you are more likely to write them. That is all people really want anyway: just a short expression of appreciation.

Keep your notes brief and you will write more punctually, and procrastinate less.

Giving Words to your Gratitude is an Art

As in all writing, tips and prompts can make a difference.

Sometimes it is hard to begin, and words can escape you. But writing well, including a finely crafted "Thank You", does not have to be difficult.

A guide to writing thank-you notes may be a fount of inspiration for you, and is an excellent etiquette resource. You don't need to be at a loss for the right words when you wish to express your gratitude in writing.

Masterfully Said

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.

— William Shakespeare

Old Fashioned Graciousness

Men can write these, too.

Men can write these, too.

Thank-You Etiquette

Thank You Note F.A.Q.

Q: I procrastinated, is it too late to send my note?

A: No, go ahead and write; late thanks is better than none at all.

Q: Do I have to hand write the thank you?

A: No, you don't have to, but taking the time to write something by hand expresses your sincerity and feeling in the best possible way.

Q: Is a long letter better?

A: Actually not. Not only might you put it off always looking for "enough time", but you risk rambling on, instead of focusing on the message of gratitude.

Q: I already told the person "Thank you", do I still need to write a note?

A: In a word: Yes.

Q: I was sent some money in an envelope, how do I handle this?

A: Just simply state your gratefulness, maybe mention something it will go towards, but it is bad form to write down the exact amount you received.

The Manly Art Of Writing Thanks!

Use Quotations of Gratitude

On-Topic Quotations:

Appreciate good people. They are hard to come by.

One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others. -Lewis Carroll

My world is brighter and more beautiful because of you. Thank you.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

-Oscar Wilde

Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever.- Nicholas Sparks

By the way, I’m wearing the smile that you gave me.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. ~A.A. Milne

It only takes a moment to say thank you – but your thoughtfulness will be remembered a long time.

If you only knew how much those little moments with you mattered to me. Thank you.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust

Tactful Phrasing


What if You Didn't Like the Gift?

A common challenge for those who wish to be honest, and not hide their true feelings is the unwanted gift. There are many reasons to not appreciate a certain gift, but the goal is to appreciate the gesture.

How to Appreciate a White Elephant Gift

Did you ever receive a "white elephant"? That phrase denotes a present that is in some way unwanted. Wrong size, style, or just wrong for you in some way? We all receive a present like that at one time or other.

How to respond, and be honest at the same time?

  1. Say thanks with love and kindness - Even if you are a bit ambivalent about the gift
  2. Try to be sincere, yet give the gift-giver your thankfulness for their efforts. "Thank you for your thoughtfulness." may be the best you can muster, but that is a kind expression.
  3. Take note of their time and efforts, or of the fact that they showed generosity. It is always good to note a person's thoughtfulness and generosity.

If you are an enthusiastic person, just be you, but try not to go over the top since it might sound insincere. "Words cannot convey my gratitude."? Well, you are trying to do just that!

It isn't a terrible thing to say, but choose words that match the gift. I don't think I would say "You shouldn't have" when receiving a tie, for instance.

Make It Easy on Yourself

If you struggle with procrastination, as I have, then this list is to help you overcome one barrier to writing the important notes of appreciation and gratitude to those thoughtful and kind enough to give you something. A gathering of supplies in one place is sometimes all that is needed to accomplish this task.

I cannot stress this enough, if you are a person who procrastinates.

Gather All the Supplies Together

Organize these writing supplies all in one place:

  • Stationary and thank you notes
  • Pen
  • Stamps
  • An Address book
  • Special stickers

It can all fit in a document box or a drawer.

It Bears Repeating:

Simple, heartfelt thanks are the best ones.

Give a Heartfelt Message with a Pretty Thank You Card

One of the joys of writing a nice than you is the choice of a pretty card.

Keeping a box of artistic cards on hand makes it easy to take up your pen and give a thoughtful note of thanks.

Metropolitan Museum of Art stationary cards have always been some of my favorites for cards and notes. Beautiful fine art cards!

Make Instruments And Supplies Special

  • A good quality pen that feels comfortable. There is nothing worse than a pen that runs out of ink, or is uncomfortable to use.

    Consider this one:

    Uni-ball Vision Stick Fine Point Roller Ball Pens, 12 Black Ink Pens

  • Pretty notecards with envelopes.

  • Be sure to have all the addresses you need.

    Make a list in a notebook or on a sheet or two of paper; keep the list with your cards.

  • A roll of special stamps.

    Find your own perfect stamp.

Do You Write Notes Of Appreciation?

Send snail mail? It has become a rare art, but writing and receiving hard copy thanks you notes can be a much appreciated gesture. You will be surprised at the happy responses it evokes.

Send snail mail? It has become a rare art, but writing and receiving hard copy thanks you notes can be a much appreciated gesture. You will be surprised at the happy responses it evokes.

Selection of Artful Notecards

Keep a selection of beautifully crafted notecards on hand to encourage writing, as well as delighting the recipients of your efforts. I like to keep a supply of the notecards which can be used on different occasions, but are perfect for jotting a note of thankfulness.

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Great art from some of the most famous art museums in the world. They always produce products of fine quality with the most beautiful art in the world printed in gorgeous color.

One of the premiere art museums of the world has has a curation of some of the most beautiful of its collections on paper product done with excellent printing that brings a sense of luxury to cards, stationary, calendars and other such things.

Great Art Appreciation

A Short Writing Guide

Special Cards and Postage Convey Your Thoughts

Zazzle Specialized Stamps and Cards

Here are a number of cute Zazzle stamps. If you don't find something you like in the selection go on to Zazzle and make your own custom stamp, or choose from literally tens of thousands of stamps designed by artists on the site.

A well chosen, bright stamp is just an extra special touch. I really like the stamps that say "Thank You" on them and have the colors of the cards and envelope. With Zazzle, it is so easy to do.

How to Find Well Chosen Cards

Maybe you love a certain design style, or want a well-done design that has a certain look. You can peruse the "best seller" lists or take a chance on one of the featured shops.

There are no lack of designs and many ways to find them.

What about you? Do you take the time to send a handwritten thank you note?

Take a couple seconds to answer the poll. Make a note to yourself to buy a few supplies to be prepared.

Use online calendars to set alerts, too. Often, I found that if I let too much time go by, it was much harder to remember to write and send off thanks. If we appreciate the gift and the fact that someone thought of us... we should also care enough to thank them.

Sample Note

From me to you:

Dear Hubber Friends and Wayfaring Websurfers,

Thank for your comments, here. I appreciate the fact that you took time from a busy day and read through this article, and that now you are leaving me a comment.

So often your time to comment goes unnoticed, or seems to, but I would like you to know how much your notes mean to me. They are bright spots in the day, and allow me to understand the impact my words have had on your life.

And now, you know the impact your words are having on me!

Thank you so much for your time, which is one of our greatest resources to share with each other.


Ilonagarden on Hubpages

Thank You Notes For Wedding Gifts Are Vital

Especially for Wedding Gifts

A Very Important Time To Send Thank You Notes

If ever there were a time that thank you notes are important it is after the wedding. It is also one of the most challenging, since the number of notes to write are far more than for most occasions!

Learn how to write gracious thank you notes, and set aside a block of time to write them all at once, if you can. Like anything else, you get into a "flow" that makes the writing go more smoothly.

You can match your wedding stationary or use harmonizing colors and motifs. Or perhaps order some cards with the new "Mr. and Mrs." custom names.

More Writing Help

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QuizSquid on February 23, 2014:

Thank you, Ilona1. What a lovely, thoughtful lens! I'm confident that you've served not only your readers, but also those who give them gifts.

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