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Women Empowerment - The Grass Is Like Me

Misbah has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. She loves to do poetry in her free time. She loves to write on different topics...

Malala Yousafzai


Let women grow - Let her live on the same ground

The grass is like me,

The meaning of life is found...

Only by being underfoot

But what is the evidence of this soaking?

Flame of shame,

That the intensity of emotion

The grass is like me...

Just be able to lift your head,

So the cutting machine,

Make a deal to make it velvety...

Keeps smooth!

To smooth the woman too,

How do you do that?

Nor does the desire to grow

The earth dies!!

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Not of a woman,

The idea of ​​building the same trail was right,

Who could not bear the flames of defeat!!

That patch is ground,

This is how they make way for the oppressors...

But they are on no grass!!

Yes, the grass is like me...

Let her live,

Don't be rude, don't be cruel,

Let her live on the same ground!!

Some people do not respect women. They are killed every other day in the name of honor. Don't they have the right to live their lives? They do not get the real identity in society.

Some people consider them as foot dust. Is honor not a woman's right? It is said that when a person acquires knowledge, that knowledge lasts only for him. But when a woman acquires knowledge, knowledge goes enters society. Then why is it a woman's part to keep her head down all her life?

Is it not her right to get or ask for her rights. Is she born into the world just to do her duties? Doesn't she need freedom, is it not her right to live her life her way, to get what she desires? Is this the place wherein society, she stands.

Female Empowerment Organizations

Let's think of those women who in society are living this way. Let's raise our voices for their justice like Malala Yousafzai was given justice. She got educated and today she has her name in society, on the other hand, some women are dying every day because some people in society think they are not needed.

Let's think about it. Make their lives beautiful and stand for their rights. Society needs more women like Malala Yousafzai. Let them live, let them breathe. It's their right and should be given.

There are a lot of female empowerment organizations as humanity comes very first, We can aid them through female empowerment organizations so they can get help lives could be saved for a noble cause we should do this.

Women empowering women!!

He Named Me Malala

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Misbah Sheikh (author) from — This Existence Is Only an Illusion on March 02, 2021:

I updated this article for International Women's Day

Salute to all those females who struggle hard for their rights and justice

Malala Yousafzai was lucky enough who got attention from the world and her parents supported her well.

No doubt she fought well in very younger age.

A ray of hope for all struggling women

Misbah Sheikh (author) from — This Existence Is Only an Illusion on January 30, 2021:

Thanks Pamela,

But honour killings are very common in the Middle east countries.


Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on January 30, 2021:

I liked your article and your poem, Misbah. I don't see women being killed in the USA in the way you described, but women to work hard to be creatd equal to men i the workplace, ect. It has been a long battle. Women should be respected everywhere.

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