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When I Just Say


When did I realize the life we had
It's still happy even when we don't pretend
A place where a home like a cake
A beautiful taste I don't regret

When did I start to be mature but not enough
I led my own way to a big stand
Where all the lies and fake was my all part
Just to stay in not my art

When I start to plan my life
I think what I think lead me to the dark
I just speak the words that just come to my mouth
Defense myself but my pride is just my guard

When I think to move forward
But then my movings become backwards
It's like I bury my own self in my life
Now it's like too late to step again by the time

When did I realize all this playtime
I should have realize this sooner when I have time
But I think I'm late so I just play the part
It's very not my wants but I started something I couldn't found

When did I just start the start
It's like I'm playing my own life
My words are wealthy but not my life
When I just say all about this life


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