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A List of Vintage, Collectible Magazine Titles


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Magazines Are A Great Thing To Collect

Reading and collecting old magazines versus reading them on a computer screen has a certain charm that can't be easily described to someone who didn't grow up before the age of the internet. My hope is that this article will help younger people discover the joy of the many amazing pulp magazine covers of the past and take the opportunity to peruse such periodicals, because it truly is a great way to relax while learning a little bit about the time the magazine was printed in.

Collecting vintage magazines is a great hobby that doesn't have to break the bank. With magazines, you usually don't have to worry about paying "mint condition" prices because they all have been read often. In fact, I would urge you to look for mags that are complete and readable, but very affordable due to their poor condition. You'll get a lot more joy out of them if you don't have to pay a lot. Enjoy the article.

Ninja #29 and Rue Morgue #161

Ninja #29 and Rue Morgue #161

  • Sadly, Ninja Magazine is no longer being made; I can remember buying issues on a regular basis during my youth at my local grocery store. The 1980's and 90's were all about ninjas, which is probably the only reason this magazine existed. Though they did contain some fiction, they were mostly made up of practical know-how from people who actually practiced ninjutsu.
  • The horror magazine Rue Morgue is named after one of Edgar Allen Poe's short stories and is one of the better magazines of the genre out there right now. The covers can be a bit hit or miss, but the content is mostly solid; this magazine would make a great gift for any horror fan.
  • Though Eyeful Magazine was marketed towards men, it played more on risque content than anything else. Using pin-up style covers and articles such as "Brunettes Preferred" that piqued the curiosity of males.
  • Las Chambeadoras Magazine is one that I recently discovered. I don't know a lot about it yet as I haven't been able to find issues to buy, but they have some amazing covers. One warning... they are for adults. I'm keeping my eyes open for them.
  • Lui was a French adult entertainment magazine whose original (and most successful) run began in 1963 and ended in 1987. The word "lui" means "him" in French. There was a second series that ran from 1987 to 1994 but was no where near as popular as the first one.
  • Playboy is a magazine I rarely have a desire to own. Usually it's the covers and not the content that makes me want to get a certain issue. There's lots of value in old magazines; and to me at least, the earlier issues seemed to have a little more class than the most recent.
  • All Man was a 60's action and adventure magazine with covers to attract a male audience. The covers to these magazines are a bit hit or miss, but there are definitely some that I would like to have in my collection.

Magazines Worth a Lot of Money


Satan #1

Feburary 1957

The Title

Playboy #1

December 1953

Marilyn Monroe Cover

Beeton's Christmas Annual


1st Sherlock Holmes

Sport's Illustrated #1

August 16, 1954

Contains baseball cards

A Vintage Magazine Collection

Cook's Illustrated #120 and Famous Monsters of Filmland #90

Cook's Illustrated #120 and Famous Monsters of Filmland #90

  • Cook's Illustrated Magazine has some of the most beautiful food covers you'll ever see, and picture from the Web doesn't do them justice. If you see them in person, you do take notice. There's also amazing interior artwork that are worthy of picture frames, in my opinion.
  • Famous Monsters of Filmland is a great horror magazine that lasted from 1958 - 1983. I inherited the ones I have from my dad, and have tried to fill in the gaps to complete the collection.
  • Sports Illustrated Magazine is a must for collectors if you're a sports fan. I love the covers that were clearly taken from actual games, especially from memorable games that I either watched on TV or in person.
  • Martial arts magazines were plentiful during the 80s and 90s, and Karate Illustrated was just one of many I used to buy on a semi-regular basis. One of the joys I get at looking through them nowadays is perusing the vintage magazine ads; you'll often find lots of interesting weapons you've never heard of or forgotten about completely.
  • ESPN Magazine has a lot of really cool covers, but the oversized nature of them makes me apprehensive about buying them. Finding bags and boards big enough to protect them is quite a hassle.
  • National Lampoon magazine has a lot of crazy covers, but if you're a dog owner, this one probably got to you a bit... hence the controversy.
  • Business magazines don't often have compelling covers, but this one from The Economist does stick out. I will say that the cover fits the article, as mergers between companies can be quite complicated at times.
  • High Times has gotten quite a boost from collectors in the past few years with all the talk about legalizing marijuana. This particular issue is one that I am constantly on the look out for because of the cover artist... Frank Frazetta.

More Very Collectible Vintage Magazines

  • An Illustrated History of Heidi Saha by Warren Publishing (1973): This rare magazine is highly coveted by certain collectors with estimates of only a hundred or so in existence; by the way, Heidi was an early Vampirella model for Warren.
  • Drag Cartoons #27 (May 1966): Adam West / Burt Ward Batman and Robin cover.
  • Island Magazine (October 1983): 1st Madonna cover
  • Mad Magazine #1
  • Monster Parade #1
  • Nomenus Quarterly: This is an extreme low print run magazine by Erik Madigan Heck with a cover price well over $2000.00.
  • Sensation Magazine #4 (Feb 1942)
  • TV Guide is one of those publications that is a pretty big draw for collectors that love the entertainment industry. While the covers weren't always great, there were certain covers highlighting stars or shows you wouldn't find anywhere else.
  • The Saturday Evening Post and Norman Rockwell go hand in hand. Rockwell did well over 300 covers for the magazine and almost all of them look great and are worth having in your collection. A lot of his magazine covers are also frame worthy.
  • Moviemaker Magazine may not be all that well known, but I'm a huge fan of Robert Rodriguez and this cover stood out to me on the rack. I bought it, enjoyed reading it and will probably read it again at some point. Bottom line... collect magazines that you like.

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