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Tips on "How to Write a Reaction Paper"?

This article will help you how to write/draft an article on Reaction Paper.

How to write a reaction paper?

Tips on "How to Write a Reaction Paper"?

A reaction paper is an assessment or an analysis, where one react and evaluate the material presented. Reaction paper can be written in different ways, based on the topics or requirements. Reaction paper can be in different forms such as, book, movie, journals, magazine or anything else. Reaction paper is generally ones opinion on something, however, one should be more cautious while drafting the reaction paper.

The final drafting should be coherent, well structured, should follow proper guidelines, recheck spelling mistake or any other kinds of errors. It would be better if you can proofread your reaction paper several times inorder to assure that you have not missed anything and does not contain any errors.

It is critical to connect with readers and entice them while providing just enough information to keep them informed.

You should also distinguish between objective facts and your personal beliefs. Use terms such as 'I believe,' 'I think,' 'In my opinion,' 'My first reaction was,' 'I was particularly moved by,' 'The author was successful in making me feel,' and so on.

In a reaction paper, you normally starts your own reactions to the author's primary ideas and supporting evidence after you have mentioned the author's main ideas and supporting evidence. In many circumstances, your instructor is expecting a specific reaction, such as a declaration of whether you agree or disagree with the material and the reason.

They will demonstrate that you are producing a reaction paper rather than a critical review, argumentative essay, or any other type of academic work.

In a reaction papers, it requires the writers to explain their opinion about something based on what they have learned or experienced, thought about, or witnessed. A reaction paper is very useful for both the students and the teacher. Student can express their opinions on a particular topic given by the teacher and also at the same time, a teacher can determine the skills and knowledge of each students based on the given topic.

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Following points are essential to keep in mind while writing reaction paper:

° Read the book first

Inorder to have a better understanding of what you are going to give reaction then you need to read first. Reading or preparing beforehand give a better understanding about the topic and also saves time while thinking and elaborating. You may also want to note down some important points while reading your book. So that you can use it while writing your reaction paper.

° Follow proper outline

Outline basically means the structure. The structure defines the outline that one have to follow while writing. It includes:


The first paragraph of your reaction paper is the introduction. Give a brief introduction about your topic on your reaction paper. Briefly mention the main concept of your paper. Do not make your introduction too short or too long.

Body parts

This is the part where one should explain the core idea in detailed and also provide arguments to define them. Body parts should be atleast three or four pages that explains your entire reaction paper.


Conclude your writings with proper analysis and arguments. Your conclusion should neither be too long nor too short. Your conclusion should include one or more sentences that summarize your entire paper. Try to maintain standard page. For example, one or two pages.

List of citations/Source

Includes proper refference while writing your reaction paper. Copying someone works without proper citation is plagiarism and therefore one should be very careful while refering to materials or any other sources while writing your reaction paper.

° Elaborate your ideas

Be more specific about what your ideas are. Make sure you express your ideas with proper precision so that the one who is reading understand what you are talking about.

° Give your personal opinion

Your personal opinion matters alot! The more you include your own opinion the better it makes the readers intresting to read. But while giving your personal opinion, you should keep it mind that the opinion should support with proper evidence.

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