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Time Travel: A Dream in Our Time

The Author is an experienced Telecommunications technician teaching ICT at a Polytech Institute.

Can We Break the Bonds of Today and Go into Yesterday or Tomorrow?

Time Travel: A Dream in Our Time

The passage of time is nothing more than the passing moments of an inescapable present. This present is the boundary line between a constant vanishing past and a non-existent future, and it seems to be moving at a constant rate and in one direction only for all observers.

According to the Webster’s Family Encyclopaedia, time is defined as a concept that measures the duration of events and the periods that separates them. It is a fundamental parameter of all changes, measuring the rates at which they occur; it provides a scale of measurement, enabling events that have occurred to be distinguished from those that are occurring and those that will occur.

But if we put this definition to its simplest form without complicating this article, it is the present where our reality takes place, where time is executed or the future is programmed into schedules, where the past is written and etched into our memory, with our deeds and other natural changes as the catalysts that become the dynamics of its history.

This present is like an immovable vessel that takes us in one direction only, with the future like a light shining on the present and casting a shadow of the past. It is like that zero that separates positive numbers from negative numbers, with the negative numbers as the observed past and positive numbers as the unknown future.

This is the inevitable direction of the passage of time and no man has been able to break away from that bondage of slavery to it. Neither one can come after or go before this time capsule of the present. It seems also that your time and my time must be the same in the present in order for us to see ourselves, because a time traveler is an unseen and can only be seen by those when he arrives at their time, and it must be their present.

This is the defining reality of being in our time, the consciousness of our existence, and man is speculating that time travel is possible only if we can break away from the grasp of the present and go into yesterday or tomorrow.

Imagine if you can go back in time to the past to correct a flawed history if our present time demands it for the benefit of humanity. Will that rectification of the past effect history of the present – be it written, in living memory or still in the cradle?

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I tend to imagine, contrary to movies based on H.G. Wells Time Machine and Time Cop, that if we are visitors of a different time, we will be mere spectators only and not part-takers in its reality. But it is time only that will tell us when man finally shakes its foundations - by unlocking the secret of its speed and direction.

I was first fascinated by time travel when I saw the 1960 movie H.G. Wells Time Machine as a child. In that movie, the designer of the time machine explained why it had disappeared. “It is still there at the same place, but in a different time, that is why we cannot see it.”

In a universe of space, time and matter, matter will always move through any dimension of space at the cost of time. We can move forward, backward, up and down and do so by taking time. But it is possible too that we can remain in the same place in space and move in the dimension of time. But the grasp of the present is like the colossal weight of the total mass of the universe, dictating that we all move in time with one rhythm, in synchronization in one direction.

In Relativity, matter and energy are two different forms of the same thing as shown by Einstein’s famous mass-energy equivalence equation E=mc2, the single equation that led us to the dawning of the nuclear age – a direct evidence of man’s manipulation of matter of the highest order.

Space travel is another sure sign of man’s prying on our universe and does so at the expense of the energy of matter. But to man, time is still an enigma to meddle with it. But once he solves the riddle of time, a new age will begin.

Einstein, up until his death, attempted to unlock that tiny bit of God’s mind by trying to unify gravitation and electromagnetism into a single field. If he was successful, I believe that building a time machine would have been possible by now.

So far, matter and space are at the discretion of man for exploitation. But not time yet. And we do not know other consequences of time travel. It could be a catastrophic experiment because, what if the same matter separated by time go back in time and occupy the same space? This means that if you go back in time, for instance, and touches your past being; a probable catastrophic spontaneous reaction might be initiated meaning that negative energy chaos might be introduced to an orderly creation. So far, man is able to change matter into a multiplicity of commodities for his benefit, and will eventually conquer the vast space of the universe, but he cannot yet alter the course of time from now till the end because it seems at the moment that time still belongs to God.


© 2021 Rolf Roberson

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