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#thisiscomicsgate, Or; Gate Movements Are Stupid. Here's Some Proof. Part Nine.

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Stan Lee was dealing with comicsgate before comicsgate was a thing,

Stan Lee was dealing with comicsgate before comicsgate was a thing,

The Present Of Comicsgate.

(continued from part eight:

So far I’ve only talked about the movement's past, but what about the present? What is the state of Comicsgate now? Well…it’s dead, or at the very least, on life support. Before we go on, I need to clarify something real quick: at the time of writing, the events I’m about to talk about were still recent. As such, there sadly isn’t a lot of solid information available as to what exactly happened (and I need to point out that there still isn't), and most of what I do know comes from a buddy of mine who casually follows the movement from the outside. Although I did my best to verify what I could, everything after this paragraph should be treated as rumors for now.

The Last March.

So what’s going on here? Unsurprisingly, it involves our old friend Ethan Van Sciver. More accurately, it involves live streams, stabbing one of his own in the back, and his decision to leave the movement. After all the proselytizing for Comicsgate that he’s done, and all the declarations about Comicsgate being “the mainstream” and him showing off how successful the movement has been, etc, etc. Why would he do this? Well, here’s where it gets a bit confusing.

According to one article I found on the website Geeks and, Ethan and other high profile Comicsgate pros would regularly host a live stream on YouTube called ‘Comicsgate Live.” Where they would sit around and talk about the movement, whatever they were working on and what have you. During these live streams, they would often bring up-and-coming creators and talk about their own creative efforts that they were trying to get crowdfunded. For many of these up and comers, getting on these livestreams proved to be a very successful venture with many of these crowdfunding campaigns getting fully funded, usually within hours of appearing on the stream [100]. Needless to say, many others wanted a piece of that action as well.

Here’s where the trouble starts. You see, not everyone who wanted to could get onto the livestream for seemingly arbitrary reasons, and a lot of pro-Comicsgate creators resented that. According to the Geeks and Gamers article, many people started to accuse Ethan of “gatekeeping” – a term reserved for those who attempt to control access to something. This was an accusation that was furthered by Van Sciver’s trademarking of the words “Comicsgate” and “comics gate.” [100] Supposedly, Ethan filed the trademark to keep the movement out of the hands of political extremists such as Vox Day, whom the movement had denounced after an interview with Bleeding Cool News where Day’s true nature showed its ugly head [117].

Comicgate logo after EVS trademarked the term.

Comicgate logo after EVS trademarked the term.

To be fair, filing this trademark would seem to fall in line with Ethan’s original intent for the movement if he ever believed in it, and I honestly don’t think he did. Why do I say that? Well, recently, the accusations of gatekeeping seemed to be inadvertently confirmed when stuff like this started bouncing around Twitter:

Ethan claims that this is a fake. But given what we know, does anyone really believe that?

Ethan claims that this is a fake. But given what we know, does anyone really believe that?

Hypocrisy Naked On The Floor.

And then there are the political Comicsgate comics. I already talked about how most of Comicsgate's comics were stuffed with political messages, but the hypocrisy goes much much deeper than that. Pretty much since the movement began, Comicsgate associated creators have been pumping out such politically themed classics as Trump’s Space Force, Alt-Hero, and that divine masterpiece of “satire” known as My Hero Megademia, and those are only the ones that I know about.


Yup. All they want is apolitical entertainment *sarcasm*.

Yup. All they want is apolitical entertainment *sarcasm*.

I'm a Southern and I can not describe the unbridled rage I am feeling at seeing this TRASH!! ***ck you Vox Day!!

I'm a Southern and I can not describe the unbridled rage I am feeling at seeing this TRASH!! ***ck you Vox Day!!

I don't know how, but I'm pretty sure that this is violating Kohei Horikoshi's copyright somehow. Also if I was All Might and I saw this, I'd be pissed.

I don't know how, but I'm pretty sure that this is violating Kohei Horikoshi's copyright somehow. Also if I was All Might and I saw this, I'd be pissed.

Ethan, so far as I could discover, didn’t say one word against them despite his constant proclamations that Comicsgate was apolitical. Some might say “maybe he just didn’t know about they were doing this,” which is a charming idea that is literally impossible. Dear readers, Ethan personally knows at least half of all of the major pro-Comicsgate creators. Not only that, but he also follows them on Twitter & other social media platforms and quite a few of them have been guests on his livestreams including the creators behind all three of the aforementioned comics (Chuck Dixon, Vox Day, and Timothy Lim respectively). His social media following numbers well into the tens of thousands, and you expect anybody to believe that no one thought to inform him that these politically-charged comics were being made in Comicsgates name? Are you out of your mind?

The Case of Nerkish.

Anyway, many of the pro-Comicsgate professionals were enraged by this trademark and this perceived effort at gatekeeping. Not only did it potentially destroy any chance (as they saw it) to get their work funded, but they also argued that they had to put their political views into their work to act as a kind of counterbalance to the liberal-leaning industry. In other words, those political comics were not an accident, the creators wanted to shove their political views down their reader’s throats just like the "SJW's" they hate so much. Only now, they basically needed Ethan’s permission to do so, and he apparently wasn’t giving it. The pot very quickly boiled over on November 6, 2018. Comicsgate creator Timothy Lim announced on his Twitter page that he and his collaborator, a YouTuber going by the name of Nerkish, were leaving a project that they had been working on, a comic called Cash Grab, much to the shock of their fellow collaborator, Cecil Falls (AKA Dick and Comix). Shortly thereafter, Cecil canceled the book outright, seemingly for no other reason than to spite Ethan, whom he obviously blamed for all this [102].

Cash Grab cover.

Cash Grab cover.

What exactly transpired immediately following the book's cancelation isn’t really all that clear. There’s very little information about it in official news sources and most of what I was able to learn originated from Ethan himself, which is already a red flag for me, because at this point I trust that man about as much as I trust a rabid dog to not maul me to death, I did try to verify what I could but still, take this information with a lot of salt.

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What is certain is that it involves Nerkish, Ethan, accusations of anti-Semitism and Nerkish’s Discord server[103]. According to Ethan, Nerkish was someone who believed absolutely in the right to free speech, regardless if it was, political, hate speech, or whatever and this belief was reflected on his Discord server. Supposedly, Ethan had gotten wind that a Twitter user going by the name of Jason Youngbluth was going to dox Nerkish, and when Ethan investigated this and found a thread on Jason’s Twitter page that included several screenshots of Nerkish’s Discord, and what he claims to have seen were pictures showcasing just how rampant anti-semitism was on the server[103]. Jason’s plan, or so Ethan claims, was not only to dox Nerkish but also to tie all the hate speech to Ethan and Comicsgate as whole, and get them all permanently banned from Indiegogo (the website that hosts all of Ethan’s and companies crowdfunding campaigns), YouTube, and other social media platforms[103].

Ethan, in something of a panic, contacted Nerkish and told him about this supposed threat and that he needed to reign in the hate speech or be kicked out of Comicsgate. Nerkish allegedly reminded Ethan that he wasn’t a part of the movement and anything anyone did to him, wouldn’t affect the rest of Comicsgate[103]. At this point in time, Ethan’s ego and sense of self-importance was a quarter way to the moon, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He just kept pushing it, saying that Nerkish is a part of Comicsgate whether he likes it or not and that he needs to accept it and do what he’s told. Ethan kept stressing how this threat would affect him, that if he was effectively de-platformed, then no one would ever be able to get their projects crowdfunded and that would effectively wipe Comicsgate out of existence[103]. Never mind that this threat, if it ever existed (more on that in a bit), would shred Nerkish’s privacy into tiny pieces and potentially open him up to actual real-world harassment or worse. No, it's all about how important and irreplaceable Ethan is. So protect him at all cost and screw everyone else.

After some more back and forth, Nerkish apparently caught the sent of bull crap and told Ethan to shove it. Shortly after this conversation took place, Ethan sent several of his followers onto Nerkish’s Discord and got him banned from his own server, at least presumably. While I was getting this article ready for publication, I stumbled upon a Reddit thread that said that Nerkish's discord was actually run by a friend of his and that Nerkish himself had no connection to it, other than the branding. And that what Ethan actually wanted was for Nerkish to take his name off the server, as some kind of petty revenge against Cecil and Lim for canceling Cash Grab [178]. And Nerkish appeared to give in, I think. It's not entirely clear.

Any way you look at it, however, the result was the same. Nerkish apparently shut down all his social media accounts, closed his Youtube channel and Patron, and effectively went off the grid for a while, with his former collaborators effectively leaving comicsgate shortly there after[178].

The Other Side Of The Story.

This incident effectively divided Comicsgate down the middle, with one side rushing to defend Ethan's action for wanting to avoid controversy.

While the other side says that that is horse shit. Pointing to the fact that Ethan had been a fan of Nerkish's risque YouTube content and never had a problem with it before [179]. And they believe that Ethan had threatened to Dox Nerkish[179], and that the story about Jason Youngbluth scheme was a lie. And given what I've learned about this, I'm inclined to believe the latter, and I'll explain why in a second.

But now, some of you might be wondering, what Nerkish’s side of the story? And the answer is no one really knows. Nerkish has never spoken to the press about what happened. The only thing I could find where he talked about it was a couple of screenshots of some comments he made during a live stream, allegedly mixed together with some tweets (see below):

Anything else I could find relating to him doesn’t even mention Comicsgate at all. Based on that, it’s safe to assume that he’s washed his hands of the whole affair, and honestly who can blame the guy? Ethan had essentially blackmailed him.

Why do I believe that it was Ethan who threatened to Dox Nerkish? Simple. I found Jason Youngbluth's original thread [180] [109]. Just to be sure it was the right one, I rechecked Ethan's story, and I went looking for any other Comicsgate Youtube channel who talked about it. Well as luck would have it, I was able to find an archive of it over on Thread Reader and one video by a Comicsgate YouTuber going by the username ‘ThatUmbrellaGuy,’ that had actual footage of the thread[110]. I compared them all together and while Jason does talk about Nerkish, it's more like a silly introduction to who he is, what Cash Grab (as the book had yet to be canceled when the thread went live), and a little speculation that Ethan had forced Nerkish to delete half of his vidoes[180] [109]. There's no mention of his discord, or of doxing him, or of this mythical grand scheme to destroy Comicsgate. Yes, IndieGoGo is mentioned, but only in relation to Vox Day, who at the time had just been banned from the platform for violating their rules [180] [109].

So unless I'm missing something, Ethan was definitely lying here. I can't say i'm surprised.

Nerkish Fallout.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if the threat was real or imagined. Ethan’s credibility in the eyes of most of Comicsgate’s supporters was utterly shattered, as many of them now realized just what it was they were supporting. Ethan tried to damage-control the situation when he and Jon Malin participated in a live debate with the internet critics Unranked Chevron and Englentine via the YouTube Channel known as Rekieta Law. The nearly three-hour debate quickly went pear-shaped for Ethan and Jon, however, as Chevron and Englentine smashed every defense they put up into tiny pieces[108][100]. The two critics even went so far as to claim that Ethan, Jon and many of Comicsgate’s major supporters no longer cared about the movement's original goal of consumer advocacy as opposed to their own monetary gain, and that their live streams and videos were now just infomercials for their comics, to the exclusion, if not outright detriment, of everyone else [108][100].

It wasn’t long after this debate that Ethan announced that he was leaving the movement, distancing himself from it and starting over with a new YouTube channel called ‘All Caps Comics,’ where he does the same kinds of things he did on the old channel, without the Comicsgate name attached[100][101]. He claims that he did this because he realized that he was in over his head and that he didn’t want to the head of a political movement (even though he’s stated numerous times that Comicsgate wasn’t a political movement, but whatever)[100][101]. Honestly, I don’t believe his reasoning at all. You know why? Because after the death of Stan Lee, Ethan seemed to return to Comicsgate and used fear-mongering tactics to make the microscopic number of slimeballs cheering and/or making money off of Lee’s death look like an SJW horde. Ironic, when you consider that moments before Stan’s death was announced, Ethan and a few of his cronies were publicly wishing for him to die so that Ethan could be the most popular man in comics.

After Lee's death was made public, Ethan made a video and live stream about it on his old channel and monetized both of them. Both of these videos, so far as I can tell, were since deleted.


It Never Ends.

Not long after this, Richard Meyer left Comicsgate. Why Meyer did this isn’t known, but many speculated that the legal battle against Mark Waid wasn't going well for him and he’s trying (unsuccessfully) to distance himself from the group.

Regardless, with Meyer gone Ethan swooped in and took his place as the sole “leader” of Comisgate. Since then, Ethan has taken the movement into a far more radical and creepy direction. In doing so, he has stopped effectively stopped trying to hide just how big of an egotistical cancer-ridden asshole he is. He’s continually making videos pushing his bigoted viewpoints and self-aggrandizing himself. The man has even built up what can only be described as a cult/personal army--called "War Campaign"-- in where he fashions himself as a "Ceaser" straight out of ancient Rome. And that, Dear Reader, the doesn't include the uncountable number of videos where he proudly shows off his homophobia[188][189], ignorance [184] [190], and sexism[12] [14] [185] [186].

Not only that, he has started to pal around with Alt-Right personalities such as YouTubers Coach Red Pill [182], and sends out violent and offensive Tweets to people he doesn’t like.

just a sample of the kind of crap Ethan sends out daily.

just a sample of the kind of crap Ethan sends out daily.

Wasn't He Supposed To Be Making a Comic Book?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, In January of 2019, Ethan announced via Twitter that independent comic creator, Dave Sims, would be working with Ethan on his crowdfunded comic, a revival of Cyberfrogs [183]. When people pointed out that Sims was also a pedophile who had publicly spoken at length of his relationship with an underage girl, Ethan’s responded by proclaiming that he didn’t care, and seemed determined to push ahead anyway. The very next day, however, Ethan Tweeted that he would not be collaborating with Sims[183]. While at the same time inadvertently admitting that, despite raising $628,834 US dollars across two crowdfunding campaigns in the Summer of 2018 and being several months late, he had done little to no work on Cyberfrogs, aside from some promotional images.

And THEN on March 12, 2019, Ethan decided to launch a third Crowdfunding campaign for Cyberfrogs. He claims its for an alternate cover and giving people one more chance to support the book. Keep in mind, that Cyberfrogs was supposed to come out in November of 2018 but did not, and it has missed every release date that Ethan set. Understandably, this new campaign has many backers rather angry. One follow suggested to Ethan that maybe he should finish the book first before asking for more money. And Ethan had the audacity to ask “why?” And yet...this one also attained its goal of $196,811. Which would now bring the total that he's raised for a single comic to $825,645.

When he's called out on this, Ethan either lashes out or he makes up excuses. Not unreasonably, many have begun calling this a scam. As if in retaliation, several things began to happen all at once. On May 1, 2019, Bleeding Cool News reported that Ethan had commissioned Dynamite Entertainment to let him draw Cyberfrog crossover themed covers for several of their books, beginning with Dynamite's Vampirella [196]. Around the same time, he also launched another Crowdfunding campaign for Cyberfrogs, this time for the Vampirella/Cyberfrogs alternate cover. Against all logic, this campaign was also successfully funded.

And finally, as if to say "see, I'm not running a scam," Ethan released a public update to Cyberfrog's first Indiegogo page on June 3, 2019. He claims that the book was finally done and on its way to the press for printing (though he still hasn't set a release date). He also posted the first full chapter in the update, which left many backers feeling understandably cheated [197].

I've read this chapter, dear readers, and...well, let's just say that I feel sorry for the poor sods who paid for this atrocity.

And then I heard rumors that Ethan is trying to start another Cyberfrog Crowdfunding Campagin. But I can’t confirm it. And as far as I’m concerned, even if the crap book does get released, this is still a scam. So Comicsgaters, hear me loud and clear. Ethan dosen't give a damn about you or your cause. He never did. STOP. GIVING. HIM. YOUR MONEY!!!

I Could Be Here Forever.

Dear Readers, I could literally sit here and list off the despicable things all Ethan and Comicsgate has done (and is still doing) for years, and I still wouldn't be anywhere near finished. And there's still say so much I could talk about, like how Comicsgate tries to silence its critics by falsely accusing them of crimes[192], doxing, death threats (and gaters encouraging said threats [193]), and even the most recent controversy (at the time of writing) in where they exploited Twitter's rules about Misgendering individuals[181]. Taking all of this into account, I don't think it's hard to see why the movement is labeled as a hate group, and why so many people don't want to be a part of it anymore.

Final Thoughts.

I’ve heard that the people who have distanced themselves from the likes of Ethan and Richard are still calling themselves Comicsgate and trying to get back to the movement’s roots of consumer advocacy, but I have to ask, what is the point?

I hate to tell you all this but, deserved or not, every member that identifies with Comicsgate has been tainted in the eyes of the industry and the public at large. It doesn’t matter if you’re radical or a moderate, you and this movement are forever associated with the absolute worst aspects of geek culture, and nothing you do is ever going to change that now. The movement has failed. Hell, I would argue that Comicsgate was doomed to fail from the start. If you take out all of the egos, politics, bigotry, harassment, and so on, what you’re left with is a movement puffed up on nostalgia for a past that never truly existed. Linkara’s speech during his review of Infinite Crisis explains this better than I can.

Nostalgia Can Be Toxic.

Comicsgate is dead. Let's hope it stays that way.

To everyone who read this essay to the end. Thank you.



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