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#thisiscomicsgate, Or; Gate Movements Are Stupid. Here's Some Proof. Part Five

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And now we return to the depths of depravity that is is Ethan Van Sciver.

And now we return to the depths of depravity that is is Ethan Van Sciver.

Ethan Van Sciver, Geekdom's Biggest Jerk.

(Continued from part four:

Remember when I said that DC Comics wanted Ethan gone because no one wanted to work with him and he was being hostile to fans? Yeah, now it’s finally time to talk about that hostility. The document I cited only mentions one incident that happened right before he left DC comics in May of 2017. What happened was that Van Sciver posted a political cartoon in a now-deleted Facebook thread that showed someone about to commit suicide. When two other users (one of whom was actually suicidal) objected to him posting the cartoon, his response was, “Kill yourself loser.” Classy. In all fairness, he did apologize later…but only after other creators (and DC Comics executive, Diane Nelson) called him out on it [99].


However, that was only the last act in a series. As we've seen, Dear Readers, Ethan Van Sciver has shown himself time and time again that he’s a manipulative bully who only cares about himself, and he deserves no one’s loyalty. While researching Ethan for this essay, I discovered an archived four-part blog post from June of 2015, written by a man named Alfie Norris (owner of a blog called Phenomenal FX), and what it had to say about Ethan shows how truly despicable he is. These posts report that Ethan orchestrated a number of his fans to stalk, harass, and bully Alfie for a number of years. Why? According to Alfie, it was because he wasn’t “conservative enough.”[89]

The post recounts how Ethan would often post insulting and/or controversial messages to his Facebook page meant to get his fans arguing and debating. It was during these times, Alfie writes, in which Ethan’s cronies would pick out a target and attack. Alfie says that after one such post, this group began shooting baseless accusations at Alfie, and bombarded his Facebook page with thousands of abusive posts. He goes into great detail describing how they would launch personal attacks not only against him, but also his loved ones, such as how he once received a post in which the harassers described how they would give Alfie’s ex-wife “a torture-porn facial.” [89] After his divorce, he says that they sent similar posts about his girlfriend. “These “men” really like to beat up on women who have done nothing at all to deserve any sort of harassment.”[89] Alfie writes, “They have also placed vulgar, pornographic posts on the websites of my girlfriend’s family who have no idea who these people are or why they’re doing this. They did the same thing to wedding photos a friend of mine posted on his Facebook page.”[89]

Alfie also adds that they followed him to other Facebook groups and continued to insult and harass him. He also writes that they sent harassing messages to his employer’s Facebook page (and did the same to the page of a side business that he runs) and that they created several false Facebook accounts in his name, posting the same kind of abusive messages elsewhere. When Alfie confronted Ethan about the harassment he’d been receiving, Ethan feigned ignorance and was quick to dismiss the abuse as a joke on the part of the harassers. He also tried to court Alfie back to the discussions on his page and told him that he would put a stop to it. Ethan did nothing of the sort. “He thinks it’s funny,” Alfie wrote, “and in some way, I guess it feeds his sociopathic narcissism and enormous ego.”[89]

To my utter disgust, dear readers, Alfie provided names of friends of his who have been harassed in the same that way he was and even provided a link to an IGN forum post from 2012, and the third notable incident of Ethan's hostility towards fans. The post is titled “Artist Ethan Van Sciver: Internet Bully?” I'm not going to go into as much detail this time, because it's more or less the same kind of thing Ethan subjected Alfie too, but I will give you the gist of it. The poster, a man named Jeff, writes that he first befriended Ethan and his wife, Sharis Van Sciver, in 2006 at a book signing. For a few years, Things seemed to be fine. But then in 2011, things started to change.

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Just Say No, You Fool.

The trouble began with an article on Bleeding Cool about Moose Baumann’s wife medical problems and how Moose was selling prints that he had inked over the years to help pay for the bills, "I was moved because of his situation" Jeff wrote, "and bought five or six prints from Moose’s site, all of Ethan’s work. I even talked about my intention here on this site (IGN) to send them to Ethan and get them signed, so we could raffle them off and raise some money for Moose’s time of need." [165]

To this end, he attempted to contact Ethan and his wife via Facebook and explained what he wanted to do. He assumed that Ethan and Sharis would be onboard. After all, Moose and the Van Scivers had been friends (still were so far as Jeff knew), and who wouldn't want to help them given the circumstances. However, he makes it clear that the option for them to say no was always there. Jeff had sent this first message in September. Two months of Silence followed. Until finally in early December, he mailed the prints to Ethan, and sent them another message on Facebook informing them that they were on their way.

Months passed. Jeff sent another message regarding the prints in February, and finally, Ethan responded by saying that he hadn't given Jeff his permission to mail the prints and that he would soon be sending them back. Jeff apologized for the misunderstanding and emphasized that he only wanted to help Moose and that he would wait for confirmation in future [165]. Ethan never replied. Time passed and, despite repeated attempts, Ethan and Sharis continued to be obstinant. At one point, Ethan even implied that he had lost them [165].

This went on for a few more days. And in a moment of clarity, he suddenly realized why. Ethan had stolen Jeff's property, because he had originally drawn the artwork, and he didn't want anyone else to have it. Not even for a charity. Ethan doesn't believe in charity [165], not even for a friend. When Jeff confronted Sharis with this, she angrily shouted that he was out of line and told him never to contact them again.

The next day, Jeff logged into Facebook to discover that both Ethan and his wife had unfriended and blocked him...and then the abusive messages came flooding in. Just as he would do had done with Alfie years later, Ethan had sic-ed his fans on Jeff [165]. Later, thanks to a friend taking screenshots, Jeff learned that Ethan and Sharis were talking about what had happened, painting themselves as victims and Jeff as a liar, a harasser, and a stalker, putting on a show for his followers at Jeff's expense. Because holding someone's property hostage and then directing harassment at them when they ask for it back is totally what well-adjusted adults do.

Two days later, Jeff finally received his prints back. God only knows why. All of this could have been avoided if Ethan had just said "No, I'm not interested" in the first place.

As terrible as Alfie’s and Jeff's stories are, however, they turned out to only be a prelude of what was to come. Buckle up, everyone, this is not going to be pleasant.

(Continued in Part Six:

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