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Not About You

Daydreaming nihilist. Code maniac with a coffee addiction. Music, movie buff. High functioning alcoholic.


Sometimes when I open my eyes, I don't know where I end 
Where you begin. Whether it's you or I, the end is indefinite.

Sometimes when the tide is high, I can't tell if you had me swayed
Or was it I that swayed you off your feet? The horizon, infinite.

Sometimes when the galore runs dry, I don't know what ameliorates
Who held me back to mine. Was it my imagination that took wings

Sometimes I can't say if your breath has filled my lungs, my frame
Or was it mine that escaped yours? Reality isn't the same.

Until reality comes around like ouroboros. Love, you're incomplete.
I always held my own. But if it's any solace.
I am not even mine to keep.