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The Therapist


My first impression

When I first saw `The Therapist' while browsing around a local book shop, I found the cover and the title caught my eye , and this made me think that this would be an interesting story. I had some book tokens to use up, so I decided to exchange them for this book.

The title `The Therapist' gave me the impression that this would be a story about people who had needed the services of a therapist of some sort. As we all know, therapists cover a lot of different conditions, some physical, some mental, but I suspect that many people who work as therapists come across a wide range of different people throughout their careers.

The Plot

This story begins with a young couple who have recently moved into a house in a gated community in London. This rather upmarket housing estate is known as `The Circle' , it is so exclusive that residents have to know a passcode before they can even get through the gate and visitors have to be let in by the owners of the house they wish to visit. They soon find out that this is a close community where all the neighbours know each other, and they have done for some time .The new couple soon find out that although most of the neighbours are friendly, they are actually keeping a dark secret about the people who lived in the house that the new couple have moved into.

Who are the new couple?

The new people to move in are a young couple called Alice and Leo who are living together but not yet married. They met when they had a minor accident involving their cars and they got together soon afterwards. At the start of the story, Leo has brought this house so that they could try living together while Alice had her own cottage which she rented out when she went to live in London. They both agreed that Alice would keep her cottage just in case she did not like living in London, or if things did not work out well between the two of them.

After moving in, Alice soon wanted to get to know her new neighbours and to be part of this community. She found most of the neighbours to be very friendly, but she felt that one woman was determined not to like her for no apparent reason. So, to help to get to know everyone better, Alice invited all the neighbours round for drinks one evening. She thought this was a good idea and she was disappointed when Leo did not seem very enthusiastic about it.

However , even though the party went well, they had a mysterious gate crasher who Alice mistook to be a neighbours husband. When she discovered that this mystery visitor was not who she thought he had been, Alice started to suspect that there was something very wrong with her new home. This was not helped by the neighbours acting as if they were hiding something from her.

Alice also found out that Leo had got the house at a very reduced price and that it had been on the market for a very long time before he brought it. This fact also roused Alice`s suspicions about her new home because she could see that it was a lovely house in a nice area of London. She was also surprised that Leo had made a lot of changes to the layout of the house before she moved in. He told her that he wanted to make some of the rooms bigger.

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Leo`s job took him out of London for most of the week which meant that Alice would be left on her own for several nights until he came back at the weekend .After finding out about the mysterious gate crasher and also having a feeling that she did not like her new home , Alice could not relax at night while Leo was away. She started to become very anxious and she was determined to find out who the uninvited guest had actually been and why he chose to gate crash her party.

Who was the Therapist?

The Therapist, who the title of the book is based on, was the previous occupant of the house that Alice and Leo are now living in. This therapist is a big part of the story even though she is long gone before the story begins. Alice tries to find out exactly what happened to her by asking questions to the other people who knew her in The Circle. But the more Alice finds out, the less she believes in what she is being told. She is not sure that she can trust her new neighbours at all .

Alice had moved into a house which had a dodgy past.


Thelma Alberts from Germany on September 25, 2021:

Wow! It sounds a very interesting and thrilling book to read. Thanks for the review.

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