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The Child In Me.

reflections of the past

The Child In Me

The mirror taunts me
another fine line
though nothing is
fine about it
the once smooth flesh
marred by time
but in my eyes
I can still see
that little boy
that I once was
who is even now
chuckling at my dismay
cause he knows
it's only flesh
a wrapping to
temporarily house
the soul
and he is not gone
he waits in the twinkle
of hazel gently lashed
he is patient
he plays in my memories
awaiting the day
when the shell
crumbles and I am
rejoined to him
as one again
forever young
we will dance across
cumulus dodging
lightning and skipping
thru rainbows
we will run with
the others of my youth
in endless games of frolic
fresh blushed cheeks
and the glow of
incandescent on our skin
the mirror haunts me now
but behind it's silvered frame
lies only darkness..while
behind the shadows
of the sockets of my skull
not yet exposed
there lies a world
of being again
what I once so loved
the child...the optimistic
poetic dreamer
dancing with delight
singing and songing
eternally in the mists of time

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