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The Best Freelance Writing Gigs in 2020

S.R. Stewart is a professional writer and nutritionist with over ten years of experience.

Crowd Content: Writing From Home

As a writer for Crowd Content, I can vouch for this company. Crowd Content offers a range of writing projects ranging from product descriptions to blog posts. The access to the jobs depends on your reliability and skill set.

Writers can get started by signing up and going through the initial on-boarding phase. Once a writer is established and has shown that they can write, and write well, more opportunities open up.

Crowd Contents pays in cents per word, and that rate increases based on the writer's star level. The pay structure is as follows:

  • 1 Star: 1.2 cents
  • 2 Star: 2.0 cents
  • 3 Star: 4.4 cents
  • 4 Star: 6.6 cents

For some writers, myself included, working as a 3 Star or 4 Star writer can quickly equate to an income of $500-750 per week. Of course, how much a writer makes heavily depends on the writers accuracy, efficiency, and time commitment.

Crowd Content can turn into a full-time dedicated writing gig for somebody who makes the company a priority.

Writing From Home in 2020 Is Easier Than Ever


Scripted: Ideal for Copywriters

Scripted is a company that brings together copywriters and clients. The company explains that getting started is easy. To test the site and company, I went through the process.

Steps to Working for Scripted

  1. Apply as a writer.
  2. Pass a proficiency exam.
  3. Submit writing samples, and wait.

That's the initial application phase. It took two months to hear back from Scripted and get approved, but once I was accepted, I was able to use the site. For new writers, the long wait time may not be ideal, so it's recommended that you apply, but continue looking for other work that sets up faster (Crowd Content and OneSpace are immediate).

Onboarding Process

After a writer has been accepted by Scripted, the writer creates a profile. The profile includes a bio, picture, and areas of expertise. The writer can include a link to their professional portfolio as well as complete financial and legal information.

Accessing Work

Scripted has a jobs database that includes various projects posted by clients. Writers can claim the jobs and complete them for pay. It's important that when you accept a job that you complete it—if you drop jobs repeatedly, it impacts your "Writer Reliability Score" and that can turn potential clients away from hiring you.

Getting Paid

Writers set their own pay rates and are paid upon project completion. Scripted uses Stripe to send payments to freelance writers, so you will have to set one up if you don't already have an account. Stripe accounts are free. Payments for completed work is sent 15 days after the date of acceptance.

I was able to secure and complete a few writing assignments, and attest that the site is legitimate and many of the clients are professional This is an excellent opportunity for the budding or experienced freelance writer.

Writing From Home Requires Confidence and Commitment

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Verblio: Blogging and Content Projects

Verblio states that writers can make their own schedules and can make a full-time living if they are dedicated to their craft. The main writing projects on this site are centered around SEO-powered content.

Sign Up Requirements

To sign up for Verblio, you must be a U.S. citizen, be 18 years old, and have "impeccable" editing skills.

Finding Work

After signing up and being approved, writers can use the job database to apply for various writing projects. The varying projects are posted by the 1,300+ clients that work directly with Verblio.

Doing the Work and Getting Paid

Writers can accept a project and work with the client to develop excellent content. Writers are rated on a star-based system, and the higher ranking a writer has the more likely it is that a client will want to work with them. Writers accept and complete the projects and get paid when a client purchases the content from the writer.

Blogging and Guest Blogging


Blogging is a massive writing outlet, but for the most part, bloggers aren't making money by writing. They are making money by using their blogs advertising hubs, and it's important to understand that these million-dollar bloggers aren't working alone. They hire folks. For the just-starting-out blogger, there's no money to be made. Not from a blog.

That doesn't mean a blog can't be a smart choice for writers. Writers can start a blog, whether it be part of a website or a stand-alone blog. A blog can be used as a writing portfolio and a demonstration of one's skills. A blog can also be a great tool when reaching out to other blogs and writing jobs (to show them that you are a writer and provide writing samples).

Guest Blogging

While blogging is a great resource for writers looking to establish themselves on the web, guest blogging is where money can be made in the blogosphere. Guest blogging is exactly like sending queries to in-print publications, except you are pitching well-known blogs. Most of the blogs that accept guest posts pay anywhere from $5-100 per post. Some pay more. Here are a few blogs that accept guest posts:

  • A Fine Parent
  • AutoStraddle
  • Chicago Parent
  • College Humor
  • Cooking Detective
  • Dollar Stretcher
  • Flywheel
  • Freelance Mom
  • Income Diary
  • IWA Wine Blog
  • Listverse
  • Make a Living Writing
  • MetroParent
  • Mold Busters
  • Money Crashers
  • Nutri Inspector
  • Screen Rant
  • StorkGuide
  • The Barefoot Writer
  • The Write Life
  • Wealthy Web Writer
  • Writers Weekly

Many many more blogs accepts guest posts. You can find them by doing online research.

Write Steamy Romance Novels

Romance novels gross more than a billion dollars each year in book sales. Freelance writers who are skilled in developing stories that follow a relatively regular formula, should consider writing romance novels.

One of the most popular romance novel publishers on the market is Harlequin and they are always looking for new submissions. The publisher has several different series with different romantic focuses (ranging from suspense to historical).

Harlequin accepts submissions from unagented authors. To submit, a writer must provide a synopsis and query letter.

More Amazing Freelance Writing Gigs for 2020

You've just learned a handful of the best writing gigs for 2020, but there are plenty of other outlets too! These gigs are all worth looking into:

  • Copify
  • OnPoint Advocacy
  • Upwork
  • A Pass Education
  • BookBrowse
  • Kirkus Media
  • SmartBrief
  • VQR
  • HubPages

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 SR Stewart

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